Yorkshire views

You have to laugh don’t you?


You have to laugh at the ageing process don’t you? Laugh loud and marvel at it all… or else you may crumble and cry! ‘Passage to Power’ that’s what my wonderful acupuncturist said when I was discussing this next life stage with her… certainly there are some super podcasts and articles out there delving into the menopause more than ever before, I have a selection to read up on and listen to… just not yet the time to do so.

One teeny little thing at a time though, teeny little things though add up and let’s face it an ocean is made up of teeny tiny droplets…

One of the many changes to us during all this MP stuff is that where you have hair you wish you didn’t and where you are meant to have it… it seems to change its mind having served you well after all these years …and boom it disappears! Brows I’m a speaking of, those all-important, expressive things which we trim, pluck, shape, wax, pencil in, brush, thread, blimey there are soooo many things we could do to them I’m quite exhausted! But then we look away and they have packed up and gone… so let’s see if we can persuade them back… with Revitabrow.

Will it be simple and easy? Well let’s find out! So far so good, a podgy applicator, clear liquid and a simply stroke daily over the brow and thinner tail area. (If it’s easy I’m soooo much more likely to stick at it) So, yes it’s easy and I cannot wait to see if they reappear.

Revitalash RevitaBrow 3ml Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner Duo

Revitalash is a hugely successful brand here at QVC, we have amazing sales, wonderful testimonies and lashes to bat for days. Recently I grabbed a Big Deal on the lash product and shared the cost with my friend as it was a duo, so currently I am ‘lash’ tracking. The upcoming Today’s Special Value on the 29th will be the Brow product. The price means it can be more accessible as it will be significantly reduced that day and of course we may be lucky and see Easy Pay offers (Fingers crossed, that bit I don’t know yet) So now it’s the turn of the brow! If like me you thought (and I bet you did!) surely I can use the lash one on my brow… STOP right there and think of germs. Why are our brows actually there? To protect our eyes of course, so they catch all sorts of particles, debris and sweat… they do a mighty fine job serving our eyes, so let’s not cross contaminate.

I’m hoping to photograph mine and really hoping to see the difference… guess what, if I don’t… it’s going back, simple as that. #browtrackcommencing. I wonder what the brow trend will be as 2019 develops… more natural I would hope personally, ones that look like hair and not slugs!

This weekend was a wonderful hiatus from the normal. I hopped onto the train after work on Friday and honestly within a blink of an eye I was being collected by my big brother from Skipton station. Our task and a somewhat arduous one at that, was to deep clean our family cottage… bought in the 70s when I was a little girl, the memories it holds are spectacular. From midnight feasts where we planned to head down fairy lane… (Not sure we ever actually managed it at midnight but the excitement was in the planning!) Running through sprinklers in the garden in the arid hot summers we had, tin tray sledging on snowy days, with endless time outside, at one with nature and all it had to offer. We had peanut butter sandwich races… try it, but be warned it’s not easy swallowing claggy peanut butter as fast as you can!!!

Yorkshire views

We toasted bread on the forks over the open fire, joined in with Sunday school and were fully accepted into the village on our weekend visits. There wasn’t a phone there, so no contact with the other world was the escape needed for my parents and the incredible Yorkshire Dales offering itself right on our doorstep nourished our family.

The cottage keeps me connected to my beloved Daddy who died when I was just 13, all the things in it and all the memories surround me and the memories have been added to of course, as Dan and my beautiful trio love it too.

My Mummy has looked after it so well and had done holiday lets for the last chunk of years and now it’s down to us to take it on and with that comes realisation of all she’s done over the years.

So armed with It Works… (My sister-in-law was in awe at these little blocks of fabulousness) rubber gloves to preserve my latest manicure and the extension hose on the vacuum to eradicate the cobwebs, we set to work and bottomed it, as they say! There cannot be any spiders who would dare to pop in now. We did well and I feel we achieved our aim, it was whistle stop and there wasn’t any time to appreciate my surroundings, so I made sure I stopped and looked at this view when the curtains were opened.

I paused, I breathed and I felt rested just by looking. I certainly took the moment and appreciated it. I’m only week 2 into my Mindfulness program but already I’ve had that light bulb moment and realised there will never be an empty head, a blank white space, it will always be full.

The trick it appears is to accept the thought popping in but not take it onto the next stage… this will take work and is a forever thing requiring daily homework. Thankfully the train journey allowed this as well as a well-earned nap! I’m so tired physically and mentally and I’m just hoping my big bro is ok as he has MS and has seriously used up his parcel of energy –  let’s just say I hope he can rest and rest this week. He didn’t stop once, his wife and I didn’t either!!! But I’m so amazed by him, his attitude and his inner strength…

Kangoo Rechargeable Hot Bag

I hope your January is evolving well. One of the things I have loved presenting this week was the Kangoo Hot Bag, a modernised plug in kind of hot water bottle. A super ideal, it has a large, elasticised strap and large clip, similar to a bum bag, it’s length means that you can wear it in many ways, so achy, grumbly sore muscles, lower back gripes, tummy aches, sore shoulder blades (that was me after dance class – I loved it though) can all be comforted with it.

Kangoo Rechargeable Hot Bag

I drove home from QVC in a chilly car straight onto my 2 hour class where I sat by a drafty window which made me chilly and shiver the first week so I swung it to the small of my back and discreetly kept cosy. The heat stayed there for about 4 hours then even 5 hours later it still wasn’t cold cold… a great idea if you need to be hands free but warm and stuffing a hot water bottle down your trousers or up your jumper just doesn’t cut it!

For the outdoorsy lot… dog walking, horse sorting… you will love it too. I found it a little too warm for me straight off so I let it sit a while, or you could pop another layer between it and you until you’re comfy with the heat.

Dan and I are off to Scotland this weekend so it will be packed that is for sure! Though it means I won’t be with you on-air for Beauty Weekend, the 26th and 27th. The line-up is looking quite magnificent and there is a huge drop in P&P… every item has had the P&P reduced to £1.95!!! So enjoy those fabulous offers, as I enjoy Dan’s Godparents 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations.

Talking of the number 50 I must go to get ready for my friends 50th surprise gathering, her daughter has organised us all to have afternoon tea with her for her Special Birthday.

So loads of love for now, ttay in the moment, take some time for you and let me know any tips you have to help me with it all too!

Claire xxxx



  1. Jean January 24, 2019 at 3:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire,
    Oh you made me laugh about the menopause. I agree with you about the brows.

    The Cottage sounds lovely, and it must be lovely to have all those memories. Sounds like you worked really hard cleaning, hope your Brother was okay afterwards.

    The Kangoo Hot Bag sounds great, just the sort thing I could do with when my back, neck and shoulders hurt.

    Hope you have a relaxing time in Scotland, I think that is where the snow is at the moment. And enjoy the afternoon Tea.

    I find the best thing to help me relax are my dogs, Labrador Retrievers. All six of them. There were nine, but within the last few months I lost Mother, Daughter and Son all diagnosed with Cancer. Heartbreaking isn’t the word.

    Take care.

    Love Jean. Xx

  2. Anita January 30, 2019 at 5:17 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire
    I read your blog ref the cottage and as said in my Xmas reply I live in the middle of a forest in a nature reserve and saw your pic and thought how lovely! And what a twit I am as I live in beautiful surroundings but take them for granted!! It made me do a double take at what’s around me and when I’m out getting the dogs in when it’s dark and shine the torch over my field to the woods and see 10 pairs of eyes illuminated in the darkness rather than saying Oh that deer! Then continuing on appreciate their beauty -and count my blessings!! It’s all just in front of our eyes if we would only open them!
    Regarding blessings I have over plucked 70s/80s and now as you say hair grows where it shouldn’t!! When you ponder that it goes south doesn’t it – like everything else!! Lol. Anyway I’ve purchased the Revitabrow and Revitabrow hoping for great improvements and count QVC as one of my little blessings!!
    Hope you enjoyed Scotland!

    Much love
    Anita xx

  3. pam stephens February 3, 2019 at 6:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire was just catching up on all the presenters blogs and enjoying them as usual , I don’t always reply to them just love reading them seeing what you are all up to and yours really caught my eye as my husband and I ( I sound like the Queen )are off to Scotland this weekend for a week its our 60th wedding anniversary on March 21st so we thought we would treat ourselves before our big day I hope you had a wonderful time ive travelled a lot in my life (nearly 80 years ) but never been to Scotland so really looking forward to it//// I love all your shows Claire although my husband would prefer me not to watch soo many or at least sit on my hands (only joking ) I love qvc you all seem part of the family Take care love Pam xx

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