A Yoga Retreat in Malta – pics and videos galore!


Come see round my holiday at the fabulous yoga retreat and spa in Gozo!

First though – look who I found when I was out in Gozo near Malta this week? Lovely model Cordelia! She was out there with hubby and we met up for a … well, not a coffee, cos I was on a health kick this week… but a green tea and a fizzy water! It was lovely to see her and we had a banter at the gorgeous Kemplinski 5* hotel in San Lawrenz. More here.


Getting Healthy in Gozo on a Yoga Retreat

Me and pool

What an amazingly beautiful heavenly place to stay. I did Yoga every day and ate really healthily as well as treating myself to some powerful treatments including reflexology and lymphatic drainage. All the while writing my book!

Here’s the place itself – absolutely lovely. Embed video of me touring round spa and room Click here

Plus we had an hour walk which I did most days – getting the 10,000 steps in before midday!

Writing – I was here primarily to relax, but to write and to finish a book I’ve been working on for some time – I had a brainwave about what to do with it after I thought I’d finished and decided to print it all out and use the floor space in the huge lounge to work out my edit. I’m very pleased with it I must say!


One of the best things I did was to go on a boat trip around the ‘Azure Windows’ which Cordelia recommended I do – a natural rock structure in the sea which has led to an arch, caves and amazingly blue water.

Here’s the video of our little trip – come with me! And the way back is featured on my newsletter this week – can we get thru the gap? Go here for eleven holiday videos from Malta!


Now, the Yoga Retreat at Amchara in Gozo, Malta, is set up to help people do a juice fast or a raw food diet, and promotes healthy diets and detoxing. I loved the idea of being away writing, whilst having a good clear out! Lol. This included pro biotics and colonics… I’m sure you can guess what this was for!


Ahem! Anyway even though my diet is usually pretty good, we all have our moments and I was very pleased to feel a much flatter stomach after my week away and stronger muscle tone from two hours of stretching and yoga each day. Got some super sunshine, courtesy of Ultrasun’s Tinted Body Cream SPF 30 is one of the best I’ve ever used – it sinks in really fast and is non greasy and gives the skin a lovely glow straight away.

And I got a lovely ‘tan’ courtesy in part due to Decleor’s Supersize Gradual Glow – it made me be able to feel like I wasn’t missing out as I had some colour amongst all the tanned people sunning themselves round the pool in the 25 degree heat.  And of course I used Elemis’ Tan Accelerator before I went to help my photosensitive skin cope in the sun.


It was a lovely hol. With a real emphasis on health – they showed films like – Statin Nation (essential research for anyone faced with statins); Forks over Knives (the importance of vegetables and less meat to good health); That Sugar Film (you know if you’re a regular how I’ve raved about this before – showing it’s NOT just calories that are important.) And more.

I have come away having had a 100% clean diet for a week and feel really vibrant and healthy, it was so worth while.


Even though some of the women there were losing 17lb in 13 days, or a stone in a week, or were detoxing their digestion and ending months of going to poo only twice a week, or getting their energy back, that wasn’t my aim. Mine was to write – check; to relax – check; to exercise – check; and to generally have a lovely break, do some new things and meet new people.


I love being away like that as there’s always someone to talk to, whilst not having the onus of worrying about feeling guilty about a companion who has come with you – e.g. getting on with writing and doing your own thing (e.g. ducking out of a trip when my skin had enough of the sun) is so much easier when no one else is relying on you. Having always been the fixer, the sorter, the ‘taker-carer’ (!!) I really value hols like this one. And I do believe I will go back again – to explore more of Malta and/or go to their sister Somerset retreat. Highly recommended – more info here.

Malta facts

  • Monuments older than Stonehenge
  • Red phone boxes, drive on left like UK
  • Plugs are the same as UK
  • Everyone speaks English
  • Maltese is not like Spanish, it has elements of Arabic in it too

I will definitely – definitely – go back again.



Newsletter On this week’s website update (subscribe to my newsletter here to get the regular email) more news about my hol – including what to do if you’re too hungry, bodyblading in front of the pool, drumming out by the fire pit, the return boat trip and views of the island from the top of the Yoga room. Plus Roland the previously broken dog update… the final week of the One Month Freedom Eating Programme… and a RiWiSi blog where the book of the week is a raunchy action adventure, one of Cristin Harber’s best.

Click here to read it all and see no less than ELEVEN videos from my hol!

Joan Hessayon Award from RNA Was very proud this week – this Facebook update explains all – that’s me that is! Not long to go now till the announcement in May – I won’t win unless something weird happens, but it’s lovely to be in it!

RNA award

FAB Research – another chance to see Dr Alex Richardson’s superb talk about the gut, omega 3 and health if you live in Sheffield or Brighton, with Food and Behaviour Research. Click here.

 Tupperware In Gharb village, where my retreat was in Gozo, Malta, there was a little village shop – selling Lock n Locks! Remember last week’s mega TSV? (still available here) Well, here’s it’s precursor – back in the day we all had those little lolly makers, didn’t we girls? What else did you have? #nostalgia!


Watch – two things for you this week – first don’t forget Outlander is back on Amazon Prime – it’s the fantastic TV adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s marathon book series about a time travelling doctor and her highlander hero. The first two episodes are out now – google it! Jamie Fraser – sigh. More here.

Second – I watched part one of a fabulous new drama series based on a Stephen King book whilst I was away. ’22.11.63’ is another time travel tome – this time featuring the plan to stop JFK being shot. It’s gritty, gory (well it is a Stephen King) in parts, and very well made. A teacher gets caught up in a quirk of time, Narnia style, whereby every time he returns, the past resets itself and he has to go back and start again. Very interesting concept and quite gripping! Well worth a watch – on Fox TV out here but prob on catch up somewhere in UK TV – if you know which channel, do leave me a comment!


Les blancs Paul Lavers at the Olivier in les Blancs So off I went to see me old mate Paul Lavers (remember him? Presenter at QVC till 2000) in the understudy performance of a super but dark theatrical production at the National Theatre, and I spot a spare seat over the other side, nearer the front, and when I ask the two ladies there ‘is this seat free’ guess who it was? None other than Deborah Lloyd and Debra Leigh, two QVC guests! So three Debs all sat together! It’s a beautifully staged if heavy play, about racism and unrest in Africa at a mission. But a treat for all the senses. Catch it if you can. More here.

Les blancs


Victoria Wood –  Since the sad demise of the talented Victoria Wood this week, I had to include this little YouTube clip this week. So of our time and very funny.



Facebook funny Well since I’ve been doing me 10000 steps each day I thought why not use this one!

fbk funny

QVC This Week

Saturday is the wonderful Vitamix Today’s Special Value – the chefs here at the retreat recommend a Vitamix, by name, to make their wonderful recipes – like the dips in this meal served for lunch last week. And yes of course I kept telling people about the deal!


Sunday is Beauty Day and Gatineau have their super offer! This five-piece skincare collection launches the brand new Perfection Ultime Anti-Ageing Complexion Cream SPF30.



Next week I’m back on air on Wednesday evening (5pm) with Yong Kim and Ingrid – can’t wait. Meanwhile how about this snapping up this bargain?


And Thursday I have an hour including the new Susan Graver chiffon waterfall front cardigan – considering how quickly Renee’s sold out this week, don’t miss it!


Also look out for Friday’s offer with Linda Magistris to cheer up your home for Spring – a pre-lit Home Reflections Hydrangea Arrangement. (Thanks Linda Magistris for this pic!)


Finally a sneaky peek of next week’s Fabulous Saturday deal of the day – welcoming Bang and Olufson to QVC for their first Today’s Special Value Bluetooth speaker from this premium audio brand.

A2_Gray_June14 21

Next week – seeing Sunny Afternoon at the theatre, and a mini break at Champneys with Goody – using up annual leave and a voucher before it runs out! Have a great weekend.

Best wishes



Latest comment about Till the Fat Lady Slims and Freedom Eating

From a member on the Facebook group ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ –

On 1st January I knew I had to change my lifestyle or it would send me to an early grave. I had started reading Debbie Flints book a few days earlier & I identified with so much in it. I have tried every eating plan known to man or woman over the last 30 years & this is a lifestyle change. I don’t have to weight my food, I don’t have to count points, make shakes etc, etc.
I had a horrendous year in 2015 health wise & emotionally . I grew up like many of us did being told we had to eat 3 meals a day & that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now with Freedom Eating I don’t eat unless I am hungry, I started Freedom Eating on January 1st this year I always carry fruit & water with me so if I get hungry I have food with me. Thanks you Debbie Flint so much. Freedom Eating has given me back my life.

PS my novels and non-fiction on my bookshelf! Most still in paperback online – very proud!


NEW book pic

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