Yay – summer is coming!


With the lovely warm weather we had at the end of Feb we wondered if we had skipped spring and gone straight to summer. No such luck! But the good news is summer can’t be far away as we have our first TSV offer of the year from Ultrasun.

My family and I have depended on Ultrasun for many years now as it is quite simply the best we can get. It’s no fuss, neutral smelling, easy to apply and above all those things and more… it works! My wife is Scandinavian so does go brown but can burn. I am of Italian descent so go olive brown very quickly, but burn much more quickly now I’m older. My daughter goes brown in about two seconds and spends almost all her time in the water but we want to make sure she can do this safely without too much hassle. My son is a bit in the middle as he goes brown but it takes a while and he can burn if he’s not careful. There is an Ultrasun product for all of us, as we proved yet again on our recent holiday to Kuwait.

We took away our own personal kit to cater for all eventualities. This was made up of Family SPF 30, Sport SPF 30, Tan Activator Body SPF 30, Mineral Face SPF 30, Lip SPF 30 and of course a little bit of Aftersun.

The Family is available in SPF 30 and SPF 50 (links) and is a great value option for body and face for the whole family. This is what my daughter used and she went the most amazing colour and shown no signs of burning even though she spent the best part of five hours a day in and out the pool.

Family SPF 30

My wife really wanted to return home with a great glow so chose the Tan Activator Body and really adored the easy, almost gel-like light texture. Once again she got a great colour and even though she is the sun worshipper of the family, didn’t burn.

SPF 30 Tan Activator

My son and I used the Sport SPF 30 as this is the easiest fluid if you have hairy legs and arms etc. He hates sun creams but thought the Sport 30 was great and got a great colour.

SPF 30 Sport

Both my wife and I used the Mineral Face SPF 30 as it gives instant protection with a lovely light formula and added anti-ageing ingredients. Its protection only lasts about six hours but this was more than enough as the days were quite short where we were.

SPF 30 Face

Of course the whole family used the Lip Protection but we always do as it’s hydrating and unflavoured.

Lip Protection

The After Sun was great for hydration after a hard day in the sun, but if I’m honest my skin felt good so I only used it once, but the girls used it every night.


We were very lucky to be heading to somewhere bright and sunny in the winter, but even if you’re home and in the garden it’s amazing how strong the sun is nowadays. All the range from Ultrasun has protection against burning (UVB) but also very high protection against ageing (UVA). Of course the other thing that Ultrasun does is, it looks after you all day. So many sun protection filters can only last for a matter of a few hours but when you’ve ‘Ultrasuned’ you’re covered for up to 8 hours… the whole day most of the time.

We have a great opportunity for you to try something new or to stock up on your favourites with our first Ultrasun TSV of the year. And we have three options to choose from. They all include 2 SPF 30 Lip and your choice of the following:

Family SPF 30 (250ml; tube)
Extreme SPF 50+ (150ml; tube)
Face SPF 50+ (50ml; pump)
Bikini bag one size

Glimmer SPF 20 (250ml; tube)
Body Tan Activator SPF 30 (150ml; tube)
Tinted Face SPF 30 (50ml; pump)
Bikini bag one size

Sports SPF 20 Gel (250ml; tube)
Sports SPF 30 (150ml; spray)
Face SPF 30 (50ml; tube)
Bikini bag one size

So join us and Abbi on Wednesday 20th of March and make the summer one to remember… for all the right reasons!

Simon x



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