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BathroomI'd like to thank you all kindly for your support with regards to my last blog, hugely appreciated – lots of wonderful messages and positivity. Just to let you all know, I am well and happy while trying not to worry too much about the future.

Winter blues affect us all, in fact some people suffer so much they lack any energy, feel unwell, and pretty much in the dumps for the majority of winter. We've had fairly shocking weather in the UK this year so far, the rain never seemed to stop at times and many parts of the nation have been – and still are – affected by severe flooding.

I watched the news reports about those living in floodplains or right on the coast and my heart went out to each and every family who felt the impact of the storms. One couple I saw on the telly had been flooded so badly that they didn't expect to be back in their own house before Christmas, what a dreadful situation.

Others lost all of their electricity, clean running water, and home contents, but some families even experienced looters on top of the damage caused by the water itself! I just can't imagine a worse way to kick someone while they are down.

Unfortunately my bathroom flooded during this time, I'm not on a floodplain but I've lost the entire suite and the whole room requires re-tanking, re-fitting, and re-tiling. It's a fairly big process involving substantial remedial work and so far I have been without an entire bathroom for nearly a month. 

I'm not lucky enough to have a separate WC or an ensuite, it's my only bathroom – so I am now a shower hopper. I get up extra early to shower at work, a friend's house, or even the gym. If the weather was warmer I would even consider a hose over my head in the garden!

I consider myself fairly robust, I've travelled through many deprived countries staying in poor accommodation using buckets of water to wash with. I was very lucky a few years ago when I was chosen to be part of Channel 4's 'Shipwrecked'. For three months I lived on a desert island with nothing, no shelter even, and I washed in the sea.

So I have plenty of experience when it comes to surviving without a bathroom and all the wonderful beauty products that usually adorn the shelves. Yes it's an inconvenience, but when you compare my situation to others out there I have no room to complain and hopefully within a month I should be back to normal… or close to.

Again, it's another reminder to me not to take things for granted; a flushing toilet, a shower and bath, simple things we use daily in our privileged lives.

I feel like I have had a few wake-up calls recently, gentle reminders about what really counts in life. My recent breast cancer scare has made me fairly nonchalant about my bathroom situation, not totally blasé, but much more laid back with a practical outlook about it. It's taken much longer to repair than I originally thought and it's still at least five days away from a re-fit but at least progress is happening. Best these things are done right rather than rushed my Dad always says.

We need reminding that life can throw unexpected things at us, when it does we must role with the punches because sometimes it feels like it never rains, just pours!




  1. Beth Morton March 6, 2014 at 11:16 am -  Reply

    Hi Chloe,
    You have a fantastic attitude about things – I take my hat off to you. You always look so immaculate on screen, you’d never guess you’re someone who is shower-hopping at the mo! Your Dad sounds v.sensible re getting the job done – fingers crossed, your new bathroom will be fab and you’ll prefer it to the previous one!
    You take care and I’m glad you’re ok. I caught some of the Prai repeat this morning and you looked really in your element and enjoying it. I’ve mentioned it before but you ask really good questions too.
    Beth XX.

  2. Jean Pugh March 6, 2014 at 6:52 pm -  Reply

    Hi Chloe
    Hope you soon get your bathroom back to normal. Yes so many people have suffered with the floods, I feel so sorry for them it must be awful to have your home and all your possessions ruined, and it will take months to get their homes dried out. And yes this looting is awful, there is always someone ready to take advantage of other peoples misfortunes. Yes when you have to do without everyday things you soon miss them. Your little dog is so gorgeous I love seeing the photos of him. You had one the other day when you had him dressed up, it was great. I have nine Labradors, the oldest is 14 and the youngest are two brothers fourteen months old. A fourteen year old border collie and a two year old golden retriever. They are all kennelled out apart from the collie and golden retriever, they are working dogs. I just love animals.
    Anyway you take care and so glad you are okay now.
    Love Jean xx

  3. Melissa Lane March 6, 2014 at 8:05 pm -  Reply

    One of the things I admire about you is your positivity and zest for life. Life challenges can be seen as catastrophes or used in a positive way to move forward. It is good that you have chosen to see them as the latter and that they have helped you remember the important things. I have also had to reassess what is important in life recently. As they say, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade.
    I hope your bathroom is sorted soon. What a lovely luxury it will be when it’s complete.
    Best wishes

  4. Maria March 11, 2014 at 10:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi there Chloe
    Enjoyed reading your blog. I sympathise with you having had 21 days without heating or hot water and having 2 teenagers refusing to go to school unwashed resulting in freezing cold showers and 600 boiled kettles to fill up a few inches in the bath! Nightmare!
    But as you say these are all things we can get over and look back in the future and maybe laugh!!!
    May I also say enjoying your shows on QVC you are a complete breathe of fresh air and a real hard worker!
    Your parents must be so proud of you! Greetings from sunny Belfast!

  5. rose gould March 23, 2014 at 8:26 am -  Reply

    Oh poor Chloe!!!!
    but wow how positive and upbeat are you?
    you are having a pretty hard time but still consider yourself so much better off than lots of other people!
    hope you get your bathroom sorted and the rest of the year is a bit more pleasurable for you.
    You always look so chirpy and like a breath of fresh air.
    Well done you!!!!
    lots of love
    Rose xxx

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