Women at work, British Summer Time and Ask The Expert


There’s been so much going on lately. I don’t know about you, but I never quite understand how life can be so quiet in one moment and then so crazy busy and full on in another. I guess that’s life and we need to learn to roll with the punches as they say!

No matter how busy work gets, though, I always recognise how lucky I am to do the job I do. I am so fortunate. A wise man once said that if you do a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I am fortunate that I love working in television, I really enjoy being in the studio, in front of the camera. How lucky am I? There are times I think I couldn’t be any luckier and then I think about all the amazing people I work with on a daily bases and then I realise that I am blessed.

As many of you probably know from your own experience, it is the people we work with that really make the difference. In the last couple of weeks alone I have worked with some of your favourite guests on Q. They are, each and everyone of them, absolutely lovely. Just the other day, I was working with the gorgeous Marie Francoise Wolff, someone who has become a friend as well as a colleague, so an hour spent with her on-air is never a chore.

Also, the lovely Carla Laszlo with whom I worked on a ‘Your Figure Solutions’ show, that was a first for me and Carla was so sweet and came to see me beforehand to check if I was ok and not feeling awkward about chatting about ladies underwear. I really wasn’t, because I know how important getting the foundations of an outfit right is for many of you, and besides, we all wear underwear, so no big deal. I was amazed, though, at how feminine and lingerie-like some of the Vercella Vita pieces were. She was sweet to check on me though.

Me and Carla

I couldn’t help thinking how lovely it was of Carla to think of me like that before the show, so much so that I really got to thinking about all the amazing women there are at QVC.

We celebrated International Women’s Day recently and we had a day dedicated to women on QVC, and I was fortunate enough to be working that day. In the space of a couple of hours, I had spent time on-air with Amanda Holden and her Bundleberry range, Alison Cork and her homeware range, Justine Jones who is the ambassador for Julien MacDonald’s homeware designs, and last but by no means least, the always-glamorous Julie Bates with her Peony range – she always wears great dresses and stunning shoes! (Julie and I actually have an hour together on-air this Sunday 31st March at 6pm on the main channel, so do join us if you can.) A busy day, yes – but a chore? Never! I always have a laugh and a giggle with each and every one of them.

The Liz Earle team

I dread to think what work would be like if I had to spend all day working with people who were difficult to get along with. For those of you in that situation, you have my unreserved sympathy.

British Summer Time

I have to mention the lovely weather again recently. It’s been gorgeous. Spring has definitely sprung (though I just heard the weatherman mention something about an Arctic Blast coming soon). It’ll be harsh, but short lived. Spring is definitely here; after all, the clocks spring forward this weekend, so don’t forget to change your clock!

I know spring is definitely here because I am in full-on wardrobe transition – how about you? I have had some really great Spring Fashion hours on QVC Style recently with fab shoes from Marc Fisher and gorgeous dresses from Phase Eight. My main change for spring has been the putting away of heavy winter boots and shoes and the emergence of lighter footwear and white trainers.

First day I wore the trainers, every single person at work commented on how fresh and summery I looked, and all because of a simple change of footwear!

Speaking of springtime, has anyone noticed their plants and gardens making the transition as well? I have. I’m not very good at gardening but I do try. All my Christmas plants are still alive and my Amaryllis is sprouting huge leaves and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad? Lol!

Kathy Taylor’s tulips, which she potted up for me months ago (January I think), are starting to come through and I am so excited. I got to thinking that whilst I am planning on getting my balcony summer ready, I also want to add more houseplants to my collection, so I decided to ask an expert some questions.

Flowers are reappearing on my orchid!

Each month I am going to have an ‘Ask The Expert’ section in one of my blogs. So of you have any questions you need asking by any of our QVC experts, let me know and I will try and get them answered for you. This month, though, I posed a few quick questions to Michael Perry, our resident Gardening Expert.

Ask The Expert……. Michael Perry (a.k.a. Mr. Plant Geek)

Question One – What one thing should I really be doing now to prepare for the best spring/summer garden possible?

Michael says – Now is the time to look at improving your soil. You can rake in a natural fertiliser to open up the texture and add nutrients to tired and nutrition-starved soil.

Question Two – I want to add more plants inside my home (I’ve been told it’s very good for your general wellbeing to have houseplants). What three houseplants would you recommend in order to get the best ‘bang for your buck’?

Michael says – Succulents are a great place to start – they need very little water as they store it all in their leaves. My favourites are Echeveria, with big fancy rosettes, Sedum Jelly Beans, the first plant I ever grew, and the Strings of Beads plant, as I always wanted one of them when I was a kid but never got one.

Question Three – What’s the best piece of gardening advice you’ve ever been given that could help the rest of us with our gardening?

Michael says – Embrace the fact that you might make mistakes. Even the experts don’t get it right every time. It is much better to have a go than to not try at all!

We have lots of gardening ideas, plants and tools in our gardening department from great heritage brands like Thompson & Morgan, de Jager, Mont Rose and Suttons, as well as Richard Jackson, Plants2Gardens and many more.

That’s all from me for now. Remember to let me know if you have any questions you would like any of our experts, from any of our QVC departments, to answer and I will ‘Ask The Expert’ on your behalf.

Until next time,

Miceal xx

P.S. Don’t forget to put those clocks forward this weekend!

P.P.S For those of you who have been asking, the vertigo hasn’t quite gone yet but it is better than it was. I am still toughing it out and going to work. I know you’ll excuse me if I accidentally fall over live on-air some day! Lol. Thanks for all your good wishes, comments and concern xx


  1. SheMag March 27, 2019 at 9:10 am -  Reply

    In case you’re in any doubt, Miceal, you did a fab job with the lingerie show! I thought you and Carla made a really good team. And now we know all about your cheer yourself up pants! Bonus!

  2. Jill April 1, 2019 at 9:41 am -  Reply

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a problem with vertigo it certainly didn’t show on screen. You’ve been having a rough old time over the last few months with your heart trouble as well so don’t push yourself too hard to get fit again, it’s a slow process but you’ll get there especially with your Irish grit.

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