Woman and Home & Trinny and Susannah!


Woman and homeThis week –

– a day in the life of Woman and Home magazine – and a shoot for the June mag!

– fab writing info for would-be authors and screenwriters!

– funny Trinny and Susannah blooper, & sneaky peek at Decleor april pick of month

– plus DVD review – Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens


 What a busy week – again! My feet haven’t touched the ground since I came back from Center Parcs! And filling almost every spare minute with my writing, it’s a good job I’m not having to be a full time mother, or partner, or anything else, basically! Anyway – hope you like the funny Trinny and Susannah story – just one extract (publishable!) plus a lovely saying doing the rounds on Facebook. Enjoy! D X

Lauren getting her make up doneWOMAN AND HOME DAY – JUNE MAGAZINE SHOOT

 Ohhhh What a lovely day I had on Monday, spending the whole of the day with my lovely Lauren ‘up London’, finally using up the fab auction prize I bid for at October’s BCC gala dinner – a day with the Woman and Home Magazine team.

When I rang to book it, they informed me there would be a photo shoot and would I like to be one of the featured readers? I’m not over-fussed about putting myself forward for stuff like that, ‘cos I do lots of that sort of thing and it’s good to let other people have a chance.

But it meant Lauren also got to have some makeup done and have a nice pic taken of me and her afterwards as a little keepsake of the day – lovely! The pics of me are top secret but they’ll be in the June issue (coming out on 18th May.)

We were treated to lunch in their prep kitchen, where Jane the cooking expert puts the food ideas together for the shoots – and what did I spot but lots of KitchenAids! How timely considering we’ve got a new Today’s Special Value on Sunday (31st)! Here’s why professionals love them –




Inside IPC buildingHOW THE MAG IS MADE

Now when I was at school, I considered a career as a journalist, so it was very interesting to me to see behind the scenes inside the IPC building itself. It has over 60 titles, including the likes of Now! , Marie Claire, Nuts and Woman’s Weekly – can you spot your fave amongst the many on this floor alone?

We were shown round by Carrie Taylor – associate Ed of W&H and Editor of their quarterly health mag called 'Feel Good You' – I was very interested in that title, as you can imagine!

They do a lot of digital output now too – including a DAILY, no less, newsletter you can sign up for (go here – www.womanandhome.com). But it was intriguing that they still use certain old school methods to produce the mag – including a hard copy paper layout sheet like this

Magazine layoutAnd even a scrapbook-like version of the mag before the first sample proofing copies are made for the art director’s approval before it can be released to print each month (echoes of Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty! Lol).

And yes there’s even a wardrobe dept – well, more a wardrobe ‘little office’, but it is full of clothes and accessories they use on shoots!

They said Lola Rose often feature as they do so many colours of jewellery! They were working on the May issue – which comes out mid-April – and has Katherine Jenkins on the front.



With the Fashion Editor AngelaMeanwhile Angela the fashion editor (here with me and Lauren) was on location shooting June’s issue, namely the feature which will include a pic of yours truly.

I’ll keep you informed when it comes out. But all in all a very interesting day and another cool TiFFT* (try it for the first time club – for going to see how one of your favourite magazines is put together.)





(Still to come further down in this week’s blog –

– a sneaky peek at the Decleor April Product of the Month with free p and p! Fiona reveals all!…

– and what did I do to my sweet peas?!!)


Trinny and Susannah came to town this week – telling us what TO wear, underneath some fab dresses and jackets – their magic pants two pack! Sold very well. Here’s a priceless moment from the two hour launch show – they’re apparently even worse after the watershed! Lol




My new regular feature – all things book! And script – ‘cos this week, a big helping hand for newcomers and also for more specialist scriptwriters!


Book of the weekBook of the Week

An obvious one really – but if you don’t know it exists, this will be very handy! I’ll never forget one of my pals years ago giving me this book as a really thoughtful xmas gift, when she knew I wanted to write – and if you want start to write books, it’s vital. 

 Most publishers won’t even look at a new author without an agent – and this book has info about all aspects of obtaining one.

And other useful info for all types of writing. Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook – in its 106th year! Amazing!




'Even established writers can feel as though they're climbing a mountain. Think of the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook as your sherpa' Ian Rankin

  'Full of useful stuff. It answered my every question'JK Rowling

Writing Course Spotlight – Robert McKee’s Story comes to London!

As promised, for those of you who love learning about writing films, and plots and dialogue, news of world famous script-doctor Robert McKee’s four day screenwriting course – comes to London April 18-21 incl. He’s one of the most renowned international guru’s when it comes to all things film.

Mckee Story





I’ve been twice to attend this weekend seminar, and loved every minute of it – you get a film list to watch before you go, so it’s really inclusive. He uses lots of clips too to illustrate the points. Sunday’s finale is a scene by scene analysis of one of the classics – Casablanca. And you come away so much more informed, you’ll never look at a film in the same way again! Go here for more info and to book.(click here)


Author pagePost-Script – update on my first novel – the countdown is on!

  How proud am I? A holding page has gone up on Amazon – done by my lovely daughter Lauren – so I now have an Author Page!

She managed to upload as a test, the Valentine’s Story I put on here in Feb – it can be bought (I’m donating anything that comes in from this story to BCC) – or loaned for free if you’re a Prime customer.


(weird that! But yes, they do apparently have libraries where you can borrow ebooks for a restricted time period – I guess it just disappears off your Kindle when your time’s up!).

Next week – more about my first novel, and a snippet of it as a teaser to E-Book self-published publication date at end of April! Here’s a link (click here) to the info Lauren used to find out how to upload and to format your own ebook – and become an e-publisher!


Me and MarleneSNIPPETS

– It was lovely to pop along and see my macrobiotics guru Marlene Watson Tara on Sunday to – she was having a two day health and weight loss course near Leith Hill near me. Met some nice new people too.

She told me all about her new weight loss course – I think I may be able to get a competition to win one at some stage – I’ll keep you informed!


In the meantime, read her fascinating blog – specially if you can’t lose weight around your middle (click here

Galaxy counters– And – er – by contrast… Remember these? If you do, what other sweets from yesteryear do you recall and wish they’d bring back again?!

Mine would be the Golden Cup – a long flat based domed top stick of chocolate filled with runny caramel in a foil wrapper – bought about the same time as a finger of fudge!

After all, it’s just enough to give the kids a treat! Or so they said in the 70’s!





Dead plants– I killed my sweet peas. Nuf said. : – (







Nails Inc– Yes – lots of people have spotted it and are asking! It’s the new Nails Inc purple – made for QVC! Called Chiswick Park, it’ll launch on my Nails Inc show on 6th April at 11pm






Facebook saying– Facebook Saying of the week – loved this one.

Early last year I posted something similar and it got a lot of conversation going.

I’m posting this one now in the hope it will do the same thing again this year!

Share it girls – pay it forward!





WATCH – Cowboys and Aliens on DVD – Well still no cinema (tooooo busy!) but did manage to fit in a sneaky little DVD viewing when daughter was down – Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford starring in this film. What did you think if you saw it? It’s a weird concept – the plot is literally how it sounds – aliens come to the old wild west!

Now I’ll always watch a fillum with Craig or Ford in, and this has both of them, so I earmarked it some time ago. It’s quite well made, in terms of effects. And there’s quite a compelling storyline – if you can get your head round the fact that you’re watching a spaceship and aliens chasing 1800’s US cowboys.

The thing that saves it tho is of course the performances from the two leads, and , er, seeing Daniel Craig with his shirt off… 7 out of ten.




This week a proper look at the new Beauty Product of the Month for April.

Top product launching on Monday at 1am with Fiona will be the new Decleor BB cream.

A BB is a beauty balm and tends to do lots of jobs. Here’s Fiona to explain more – she kindly recorded it for me in the studio after Wednesday night’s beauty show! 





Lee's tweetQVC – ADVANCE WARNING! – return of Apple!

– Lee Hohbein was asked on twitter this week if Apple were coming back and this was his reply.

Book it in your diary if you’re needing something from Apple – three shows on 6th April, he tells us!

@leeqvc – follow him for IT info!




– Join me on Saturday night with Anna and Will for the final Anything Goes! 8-10pm – Jules will be on again with her autobiographical book, plus Stacey’s back with a YBF cosmetics Today’s Special Value on Saturday too – maybe I’ll be able to persuade Anna to join me without makeup for some of the TSV sell! Or maybe not…. Lol. Whatever happens, I’ll be barefaced for the 6pm show – hope the TSV lasts!

6a00e54eff2704883401676815e73c970bLaura Geller TSV








– Another highlight for next week is The Women in Control show Tuesday night at midnight – I’m launching another TSV with them – a 2 pack of cropped trousers – should be good! And don’t miss the next Bibi Bijoux pendant with leather necklace on Friday 5th April!


Women With Control

Bibi Bijoux









That’s it for another week! Don’t forget to let me know about your favourite bits of the Anything Goes run. Plus – note Twitter and Facebook contacts below! Have a great week!

Best wishes Debs X


*TiFFT – Try it For The First Time Club – do something new each month which you’ve never done before!

Twitter- @debbieflint – follow me for updates, secrets and insider info on upcoming bargains!

My QVC facebook page – click ‘like’- https://www.facebook.com/DebbieFlintQvcUk

Or leave a straightforward comment below – just post and there you go! Easy! Looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Lin March 28, 2013 at 10:52 pm -  Reply

    Great blog Debbie, loved Trinny and Susannah bloop, so funny. Ah poor sweat peas, hopefully you will be able to grow them again. Looking forward to Stacey she does some great make-up and you going bare faced well what can I say your skin is fantastic. Hopefully I will be able to get mine looking better I am going to try the Tre Sonic.

  2. Janice March 30, 2013 at 8:15 am -  Reply

    Wow! Galaxy counters! That takes me back! When my brother and I were young, our Saturday night treat was a packet of KP cheese and onion crisps and a Mint Cracknel. It came in two pieces so you could save some for later not that we ever did! Also enjoyed watching the clip of yesteryear on your previous blog. My youth in a nutshell! Good luck with the book.

  3. Amajo32@ntlworld.com March 30, 2013 at 10:43 am -  Reply

    Fab blog Debs! Really enjoyed it Thanx . Bammie

  4. Edel McKeown March 30, 2013 at 10:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    It’s Edel McKeown aka @lashes1979 from twitter who won the red carpet manicure kit in your competition a few weeks ago. I sent a quick tweet during the week and said I would keep you up to date.
    Just wanted to let you know the kit hasn’t arrived yet. Maybe it hasn’t been sent yet and I am not waiting patiently by the door on its arrival or anything like that…(although I can’t wait to get it, sooooooo excited) but thought it might be best to let you know it hasn’t arrived.
    Not to worry, I got my last Elemis tsv and am really enjoying all of the products and had to stop myself from trying the Gatineau tsv last week (too much Elemis stock built up…!) but will defo try that soon!
    Look forward to hearing from you! And hope you have a lovely Easter!
    Thanks, Edel

  5. Caroline Stewart March 31, 2013 at 3:02 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs, you triumph again with another great blog -i love your blogs, a bit of everything! Nice pic of you & your lovely Lauren with the Mag Ed, cant believe how tall Lauren is – lucky girl!
    I watched Cowboys and Aliens for the same reason you did – Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford ( i tend to give anything a chance viewing if either of them in it — Daniel Craig-Yummm!!!
    I cant believe you killed my favourite flowers :'( I have lit my Sweet Pea Yankee Candle as a mark of respect!
    You took me back with the sweeties- i loved Galaxy Counters, Golden Cups & Caramacs & Dime Bars ( mouths watering just thinking of them- yummmm!
    P.s you look amazing with or without make-up, you prob made Anna to scared to try it being next to you #showingupmostmodels!
    :'( Anything goes ended, loved anything with John Barrowman in it…….so eh,…….. whendoes the new John Barrowman Slot start……just sayin……?
    Luvya loads Debs, hope you’re havin as much fun as you makin it for us, take care & (don’t) be good, Happy Easter xxx Carrie

  6. Nige March 31, 2013 at 10:00 pm -  Reply

    Hi Tigger,
    Liking the contrast that one weekend you are at an Oscar party in LA, the next you are making plant pots out of newspaper – sure there’s a joke in there about the poor sweet peas not being in ‘The Sun’ or something – growing any veg this year?
    Woburn is just ESE of Milton Keynes but can understand that Elveden is like a holiday home(with memories) that you return too year after year.In the 60s/70s we had a bungalow on the south coast at Pagham Beach which had been constructed from an old railway carriage,#happytimes.
    As for joining twitter, I would only get addicted & there’s just not enough hours in the day for that!
    Hoping u had a bouncy Easter,Owl(or Wol to be precise!!) :))
    BTW Actually nearer the National Motorhome Show(apr19_21) than Thetford if u happen to be taking Sibal for a spin this so-called spring! lol!

  7. tamie & Mila April 1, 2013 at 12:46 am -  Reply

    Hey my copy of Writer’s Yearbook predates back to 1995, ha.
    The calla lilies we grew, bought from QVC, only 1 ever bloomed, so got 1 lily! Didn’t kill them tho, they just didn’t grow. Stick to Peony me thinks. Ha

  8. Sandra Ross-Edwards April 1, 2013 at 2:49 pm -  Reply

    Love reading your blogs, especially the bloopers. Cream in face.. Lol.. Classic !
    Watched your Larry Grayson debut..soo young, jabbing your beloved dad cracks me up !
    Happy Easter Debs. X

  9. Carole A April 2, 2013 at 2:07 am -  Reply

    Hi debs, the day at the magazine sounds great…I would love to have my make up done by an expert, but guess you have that every working day……or do you do your own at work? Don’t know why but I just presumed you had a make up person who would get you all ready for your shows?
    So thrilled for you with the writing…..that’s just brilliant! ! Bet you are so excited…I can’t wait to read it.
    Love Carole x

  10. Sue Holden April 2, 2013 at 9:24 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Apropos of nothing but just had to tell you I have been watching re runs of Pyschic Sally on the road ( dont know how old they are) but she was appearing in Surrey and guess who was read in the audience, You & your sister Linda! I was amazed.
    Kind regards,

  11. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 2, 2013 at 1:10 pm -  Reply

    Wow some fabulous comments here guys (that means girls too! Lol). Am doing final revision on my novel right now – not even watched any telly! But will do replies to u all one by one, ASAP.
    Thanks again – means a lot to hear from so many!
    Thank u!

  12. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 2, 2013 at 2:02 pm -  Reply

    Yes do try the tre-sonics, but do use it regularly – so much better than manual cleansing, whatever your cleanser u use!
    Stacey as fab as ever eh?
    Blooper this week from her! X

  13. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 2, 2013 at 2:04 pm -  Reply

    Janice –
    Loved those Golden Cups! Another one was Rancheros – strong smokey bacon flavour savoury snack, took the roof off your mouth if you weren’t careful cos they were so hard, but melted kind of, leaving sharp bits! Funny!
    Ta for your wishes re book.
    Have just found out it can be a paperback via create space, so am very excited. A pal has sold 10000 books herself by self pub. More on next blog! X

  14. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 2, 2013 at 2:05 pm -  Reply

    Thanks hon!
    Did u ever tell me, btw, what u like to read?

  15. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 2, 2013 at 2:07 pm -  Reply

    Edel – will chase them up – sorry for delay again hon.
    Do me a favour an resend your email address – just do another comment and put ‘for debs eyes only’, so the team can forward to red carpet guys!
    Am surprised but maybe they were awaiting more stock!
    Hope u had a lovely Easter too!
    Btw am enjoying ‘Chiswick park purple’ nail colour from nails inc ATM, which am launching on Saturday 11pm (6th)! X

  16. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 3, 2013 at 3:34 am -  Reply

    Carrie –
    I actually LOL’d at your ‘mark of respect’ comment – very good!
    My lolly is 5’10 – her dads side, eg her auntie is 5’9 too. Lucky Lauren! Nit that she’d agree – she hates being so tall!
    We’re never happy eh! Hee.
    La Barrowman will hopefully be back when the Saturday night gifts show starts again in September – fingers crossed – he’s always such good fun!

  17. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 3, 2013 at 3:37 am -  Reply

    Nige – has you’re a funny man!
    Actually, that was quite well observed about the newspaper pots – but it was an old Daily Mail! Lol.
    No idea where Motorhome show is… However brother Glenn is getting itchy feet so if he goes I may tag along… You’ll have to join my yahoo group so I can let u knw – could meet for a camp fire coffee – haha!
    Anyway, what makes u think you’re Owl…!? 😉

  18. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 3, 2013 at 3:38 am -  Reply

    Did u try Richard Jacksons plant food? It’s very good!

  19. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 3, 2013 at 3:39 am -  Reply

    Sandra –
    Glad u liked the Gen Game. Think I will post it on this week’s post-Easter blog, to show what I was doing Easter ’81!!
    God soooo long ago! X

  20. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 3, 2013 at 3:42 am -  Reply

    Carole –
    No we don’t get a makeup artist – only if we do a cosmetics show and they ask if they can do it for us in their products! That’s why u see some of us looking very different sometimes…!
    Yes W&H day was very interesting. Lolly liked it too – it was more for her really…they took some nice shots of me n her as keepsake – cant wait to see them! Will keep u informed!

  21. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 3, 2013 at 3:44 am -  Reply

    Sue – yes they how them a heck of a lot! I don’t mind- how lucky we’re we that dad come thru! There was other stuff edited out of the actual show too, it just makes u think, doesn’t it!
    Best wishes and thanks so much for commenting!

  22. Susan April 4, 2013 at 5:13 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Lovely photos and great opportunity for Lauren! Not many ‘normal people’ get in a mag! In terms of the snow you tweeted about…London has got off lightly!! Up north, Scotland Wales and NI…my my. It’s been awful. So awful for those in rural areas as they’re hit the worst..and farmers, well they’ve lost a lot of their poor livestock. So thank your lucky stars you’re down south! Have a lovely couple of days off!
    Susan x

  23. debbs f April 8, 2013 at 6:08 pm -  Reply

    Susan – I know I heard about it – so sorry for the poor little lambs. This time last year it had been good weather, some may recall I posted a video of a lamb being born in the nearby field. Great experience for me – not sure about for the lamb! lol.
    anyway hope you are well, even if you’ve been a bit chilly up there!

  24. Bill Loney May 28, 2013 at 12:02 pm -  Reply

    Great blog Debbie….you said…’Feet havent touched the ground’. Not gonna go there : ) I have been a fan of yours since 2007. You are the best host QVC has ever had!!!

  25. Marina Lane July 30, 2013 at 10:41 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Just looking through old video tapes and found you with MEET THE CHALENGE. Didn’t remember it. have watched QVC since he start, it was great with Paul etc. Have fun

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