Wildlife, terriers and long eyelashes!


Well summer seems to have arrived where we’re based in London. How about where you are? We had an incredibly hot day full of sunshine a few days back. Even my Cairns didn’t want to venture outside in the garden.

If you know me and follow me on Twitter you’ll be aware of just how much I love wildlife. It isn’t uncommon in the Brook home to spend 20 minutes trying to encourage a wasp or fly through the window and back into the garden!

Pets and wildlife are a frequent topic of conversation over the dinner table at home. I’ll never forget when my daughter was only five or six years of age and how she sat bolt upright and told us that in her last life she was a chicken (she was tucking into chicken goujons at the time!) and prior to that she was a doctor! It was a brilliant moment.

It’s a conversation which comes up again and again over dinner. If you could be an animal what would it be? Me, I’d be a bird of prey although I’m told by my family I’d have to be vegetarian! The thought of gliding on the thermals, high in the sky, for hours at a time is so appealing.

Charlie Brook's cairn terrier's eye lashes

Staying with the animal theme how about this for long lashes. It may even be world record! This is Bramble, one of my two cairn terriers. She has the longest lashes I’ve ever seen. I daren’t put a ruler near her eye but I’m estimating two inches at its longest! They’re only little dogs so proportionally they’re huge! Does your canine friend, cat or horse have longer? Although a horse may be an unfair comparison as they are so large!

It’s been an incredibly busy few days at QVC. I had a great time on air recently with Bruce and Body Blade. If you’re not familiar with the Body Blade it’s brilliant and you can catch a presentation right here with our very own Debbie Flint who is a huge fan!

I’m back on air soon so I’ll hopefully catch you then and do join me on Twitter for behind the scenes fun and also insight to some of the great offers on the way.

I’m @mecharliebrook.

In the meantime a little more daydreaming about riding on those thermals high in the sky!

Take care
Charlie x


  1. Sue Cope September 11, 2015 at 10:30 am -  Reply

    I agree that dogs always seem to have very long eyelashes don’t they. I love wildlife to my daughter grandkids and myself are off to a donkey sanctuary on Sunday. Should be good donkeys are quite comical characters .Hope you have had a good week. Sue x

  2. Charlie Brook September 14, 2015 at 10:38 pm -  Reply

    Hello Sue!

    I adore Donkeys, I do hope you had a lovely time.

    I wonder how long their lashes are!?

    All the best and thanks for getting in touch.

    Charlie 🙂

  3. Ann Hall September 20, 2015 at 4:45 am -  Reply

    I have a Cairn terrier around 13 years old now. Gosh its been a roller coaster with her over the years as she is very grumpy one minute and so loving the next but now has mellowed a little. She really does rule the house. looks very much like your own only tess has got one eye and only has one back leg that works/ nothing sinister she was born like that but I love her to bits.

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