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I can't believe that February is upon us already, which means Valentine's Day is just around the corner! You're sure to find something special at QVC from chocolates to jewellery and beauty to fashion!

I mentioned a few blogs back how we're having our annual tidy through, it's really invigorating to de-clutter and make more room 😉 Also, it's a chance to recycle and give to our local charity shops.

Whilst sorting through I came across this cassette tape. It suddenly struck me (after some calculations… without paper and pencil I hasten to add!) this tape is from 17 years ago!

VHSIt's actually an album I produced and mixed along with several others from the 'In the Mix' series. It was a real buzz to head into Woolworths and see my album on the shelves and in the charts. 

What also hit me is that I no longer have a cassette deck to play it on! Thankfully I have the CD versions so was able to take a trip down memory lane after all!

I also dug out some vinyl (I no longer have a turn table!) an old 35mm camera (run out of film!) and a VHS tape of a TV series I did for Westcountry TV in 1998. I'm longing to watch it but… that's right, I no longer have a VHS player!

Speaking of technology I was chatting to Dad and he's finally arranged to have the Internet at home. He asked if I had a spare laptop or desktop computer he could have as he'd like to go online! Well it's not the kind of thing we have spare floating around the home, however as it happens, we have a fairly old laptop he can have to get him started.

We carried on chatting and I asked Dad if he secured a good telephone/broadband deal with his provider. He seems to think he has but told me how he was a little embarrassed when the customer care team corrected him and said WiFi isn't pronounced 'wee-fee'!

Constellation pendantI'm hoping Dad will get onto Twitter, I think he'd be really entertaining to follow! Thanks if you're following me by the way. It's great to hear from you and keep you updated with what's coming up and the latest on the pups! I'm @mecharliebrook if you'd like to follow :-) So when the time comes to present another laptop on QVC, I'll see if we can Skype Dad on the Isle of Wight, for a chat!

Looking forward rather than back to my next Destination Gems show! It's a truly magical line up this Tuesday 5th February at 8pm. Among others we have Morganite, Tanzanite, beautiful Ammolite and of course the reveal which is truly, truly unique! Oh, and by popular demand the constellation pendant (pictured left) is back!

Hope you can join me.

Take care

Charlie x

Ps. Oh, by the way, Monday the 4th, at 12 midnight, I'm really looking forward to launching the Northern Nights Today's Special Value… It's deliciously soft!

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  1. Debby slauenwhite February 2, 2013 at 2:38 pm -  Reply

    Morning Charlie.
    I heard Debbie Flint say the other night that you were feeling under the weather, hope your feeling better and the dreaded flu hasn’t got to you ??.
    Bella was at the vets yesterday having another injection to boost her adrenal glands [ thankfully she seems a lot better]. She was a rescue dog [I had her from 12 weeks]and was in a poor condition [ neglected by her owner and rejected by her mother],so I always knew her ailments would catch up with her.
    She is amazing considering what she’s been through.
    looking forward to the next gems on tuesday.
    Love Debby and a special whoof from Bella and to misty and Bramble.

  2. Charlie brook February 4, 2013 at 4:34 pm -  Reply

    Hello Debby and a big get well whoof to Bella!
    I was a little under the weather, not entirely sure what it was but I’m well now thank you!
    Can’t wait for this Tuesday’s dest gems show… I think it’s one of my favourite line ups!
    Take care
    Charlie x

  3. Louise February 6, 2013 at 8:05 pm -  Reply

    I have a few of the In The Mix cds from my Uni days what memories and I’d noticed your name on the insert 🙂 They definitely got me through a few boring hours in the library x oh and I still have a cassette player and a VHS recorder 🙂 I did buy one of the Ion turntables to covert my records though maybe I should get the goods to convert the rest x keep up the good work

  4. Charlie brook February 7, 2013 at 11:47 pm -  Reply

    Hi Louise, thanks for your reply! So glad the music helped you out, I admire you for going to Uni. I couldn’t leave school quick enough 🙂 I don’t have a cassette deck or record player but I found an old mobile phone from around 15 years ago!

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