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Tomasina on the display cabinetCan I just start folks by wishing all of you a really Happy New Year and I do hope the Christmas break was everything you hoped for (phew, just about made it as thank goodness we're still in January! )

Well I have to say I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself as I have finally overcome the trials and tribulations of attaching photos to blogs.


(I know, I know, the first challenge for me to overcome with my track record, is to actually blog regularly!!!!!). This is largely due to the fact that I now have an iPad. Never thought I'd say this, but I really do love it. It's actually really quite easy. Well the little that I've done so far.

Anyway folks, why on earth have I sent you a photo of my cat Tomasina sitting on top of my display cabinet (pictured above)? The truth of the matter is that I originally wanted to send you a photo of me with my new toy, the iPad, but nobody else was at home to take it.

Now I do realise that you can take photos of yourself with this marvellous piece of technological genius, but personally I feel that in my case the photo is somewhat more flattering if taken at a reasonable distance. Well in any case as I looked around to see if there was anything interesting to snap, I did indeed notice the most important member of the Dawson household in fact sitting up on the cabinet.

Now she does this when she's feeling out of sorts. Us mere mortals may slip off to bed for a quick lie down, or even curl up on the sofa wrapped up in a favourite duvet (or slanket) for a bit – but on top of a cabinet? Then I began to think about why she would do this. She has loads of places in the house she likes to frequent, on ledges, above radiators, on sofas, favourite chairs, and even on my son's bed. So why the cabinet then?

Personally I reckon it's when she really wants to get out of the way without having to go outside in the cold. If you think about it, nobody is really going to bother her up there. Well, not without a step ladder anyway! She is used to a lot of fuss from, mainly my husband Danny and my youngest Jonathan, so I guess she just wants total peace and quiet. You know I think I sort of get where she's coming from.

I adore the peace and quiet even when I'm feeling okay! But when I'm ill? I really do prefer to be left alone, and if the truth be known, most of the family usually do thank goodness (leave me alone that is).What about you lovely people? What do you get up to when you're just not 100 per cent?

There is something really comforting when you're feeling poorly in the winter months that you just don't get during the warmer weather, that whole snuggle up thing with a hot cuppa. Or maybe that's where I'm going wrong and really what I need to do is, take to the top of the cabinet instead of my bed!!!

At least that option is the same 12 months of the year. No I think not friends. Not even with twice daily Zumba would that be good idea. So in the interests of all concerned I shall keep to my original remedies. Having said all that, I hope you are all keeping warm and well this winter. I am not even going to start going on about how I promise to blog more often this year… but I really am going to try. Promise!

Lots of love to you all

Anne x


  1. martin forbes January 16, 2012 at 4:46 pm -  Reply

    nice to hear you again anne i had anice quiet xmas and new year with my family i hope you did with yours

  2. Susan January 17, 2012 at 1:58 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anne,
    Great to hear from you. I have loved your outfits these last few weeks again. So floaty and feminine. You really suit your hair longer and blonde I think. You look really happy and content. How was New Year for you as you were working? Did you get to spend another time with your lovely family? I often wonder how your brother is? What a cute photo of your kitty cat..we all need a little special place to escape don’t we – life is so full of ups and downs!
    Look forward to hearing about your antics over the next while. Still going to classes with your friend?
    Chat soon,
    Susan x

  3. Christine Harman January 19, 2012 at 11:49 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anne
    Happy new year to you to.I had a lovely time over Christmas and my brother surprised me on the 30th dec, when he knocked on my door at 7.30 in the evening.He came down with his wife from Scotland to celebrate the New Year with us. It was lovely to see them.Ive also got an I pad my son bought it for me last Christmas and I love it.Great for ordering on QVC also I love playing scrabble on it.

  4. Susan January 26, 2012 at 2:24 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anne,
    Just read that your lovely Catherine has also caught the Zumba bug thanks to you!! You and Matt are spreading it!! Good for you and hope you are still enjoying your classes and socialising?
    Chat soon,
    Susan x

  5. Susan January 28, 2012 at 4:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anne,
    I am watching your BE re-run from today as I have been out and I have to say if you don’t own that amazing dress from Ingrid Tarrant’s range then you have to get it! You looked gorgeous – have you been in Italy? Tanned and luminous! Very healthy looking. I have a question though as I know you love BE. Do you know if the Night treatment helps with combination spot prone skin? I know they say it helps with pores. I am using their cleanser and moisturise now and waiting for the toner – if they’re making one. My skin is adjusting and the oil is less certainly. Don’t want to change too much too soon though. Many thanks and love your shows.
    Susan x

  6. josie February 12, 2012 at 6:32 pm -  Reply

    hi anne
    just to let you know i’ve taken to zumba and i’ve lost 6 pounds in two weeks. i have no idea how to do the steps but it’s workimg and i’ve been trying to lose weight for ages. i’d watched the infomercials so often and it wasn’t till i saw you rave about it that i took the plunge. it’s not graceful and my cat runs away but i’m so glad you helped me try it. all the best

  7. Susan March 1, 2012 at 11:43 am -  Reply

    Hi Anne,
    I’m dying to hear about this crazy but amazing trek you are doing!!! Blog soon!
    Susan x

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