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What will 2019 bring for us?


And here we are… 2019! A little sneaky, speedy and somewhat similar to 2018, or is it? Should it be? Do you want it to be? Seemingly the power is in our hands… well sort of, as clearly there are things we have no control over. That said, our mind is possibly our most brilliant of tools and mine is going in for some servicing, a reboot if you like, having tried over these years to adopt a more mindful approach with some success.

I have committed to an eight week program to delve deeper and practise better. At the introduction meeting we were told there is no magic word or thing you can be given for an instant fix (Mrs Impatient has to take a backseat then) and there is no recipe for instant change and therefore instant happiness. Now don’t get me started on the happy word… remember from previous blogs I’m aiming toward recognising and being grateful for contentment! I am looking forward to it for sure… I even have a gold-covered notebook to journal my findings in. Oooooo get me!

Claire Sutton

I so hope you managed to have some quality time over the festive period. I certainly enjoyed a calmer Christmas as Maddie had decided against panto this year and so there was noticeably less careering around! We had some super quality time with friends and family over these few weeks, delicious food (thank you Dan!) lovely gifts and a proper feeling of pause, and that I loved. Now though, I’m ready! Ready for new things and ready for a little routine, although I’m going to regret saying that as we embark upon GCSE’s. Really it’s that I want routine from Joe, the poor boy has a new massive whiteboard from me and I’m hoping that miraculously a revision timetable will appear upon it… still waiting! So are you ready for new things, or as it happens the return of the old ones!

Gatineau Floracil

You shouted and QVC and Gatineau heard you loud and clear. Floracil… same formula, same fragrance, same colour and only available with us at QVC at the moment. You see, it all comes back to the power… the power of YOU! It is supersized at 400ml and just in case you aren’t one of the purchasers of the 39,860 bottles sold thus far at QVC, let me tell you what it is.

It’s a blue liquid; a gentle eye make-up remover which was discontinued, a new one replaced it, but you wanted your original formula and now you have it.

Soak, sweep and soothe… simples!!! Your eye make-up melts away and your eyes are left non-greasy and fresh-feeling and so they live “happily ever after”. It’s our Beauty Pick of the Month for January or whilst our stocks last there is no P&P charge.

Tom was super funny opening his gifts this year causing us much hilarity as he inspected things, declaring it “very interesting” which translated to “it’s not exactly what I have asked for but… I still like it.” Nothing escaped his scrutiny and he even spotted a little chip on the old phone that we had given to him, I had to explain that Father Christmas was big into reusing and recycling! Luckily he was happy with that explanation.

I decided a Fitbit would be a good gift for Tom as it obviously has a watch and can be programmed to alert and remind… this was not recycled I hasten to add but a very good offer from a very trustworthy shopping channel! Fitbit Charge 3 is actually our Today’s Special Value offer today (Friday 11th) so maybe you will consider helping your health too. I’m also hoping it will help Tom grasp timings etc a little more, plus he can swim in it and he is very happy he can sleep in it along with his new silver chain! Let’s just say the fake gold chain he had taken to wearing didn’t have a lot of gold left!! And his neck was looking a strange shade of green… as indeed was I on New Year’s Day!

Claire Sutton

A little too much frivolity (translated into a little too many cocktails) resulted in a challenging first part to the day… thank heavens I was on air at QVC in the early evening as it gave me much needed recovery time before my shows! Plus the magic wand and tender care from Rachel our make-up artist on shift made for an impressive transformation! As you can see from the B & A that I bravely posted…

I’ve been trialling the L’Occitane TSV for Sunday (available to buy now!) during the last month and am so looking forward to showing it to you on Sunday 13th. It is divine both in name and in reality! The Divine day cream, Divine eye, the Immortelle cleanser and the serum are SUCH a pleasure to use and considering the barrage of rich foods and drink, the hot flushes and the lack of sleep AND fresh air I’m impressed that my skin has handled itself so well. My body… less well! Interestingly I have had comments this week asking what my skincare routine is, so the addition of the collection and also switching it up with the Bareminerals Big Deal which I filmed with SJ Froom this week has clearly worked! I ought to look to try and pin down my skincare so I can share that with you.

So with my ballet shoes and trainers in my hand, ready for return to class I’m hopeful I can make inroads on the body Father Christmas delivered… which clearly was not on my wish list!

Claire Sutton

What WAS on my wishlist however was this delicious sequin duster coat (pictured above) by Rock the Jumpsuit, spotted on Instagram by me, and then friends alerted me to it. So that was it, a definite Claire kind of coat. Thank you to my darling daughter for persuading my darling husband it should be mine! I’ve worn it to lots of gatherings so far and do not plan on putting it away now Christmas is over… sequins all the way I say. Well, maybe not every day.

Centigrade coat

There is a lovely little number coming up as our TSV on Saturday from Centigrade that would be a lovely gentle alternative. I teamed it with a pretty soft pink Phase 8 blouse, boyfriend jeans and my fab (though hideously uncomfortable!) leopard shoes from a high street brand some years ago. The winter has been gentle hasn’t it? Well, so far. A coatigan has been my choice of coat except on a dog walk of course! Though I certainly wouldn’t want to take Gus out whilst in this elegant number, I do love these calm palettes as much as the perky brights.

A busy January awaits me with lots in the diary and I’m hopeful (positive) that my amazing Chinese five elements Acupuncture treatment I have just had (which was so hugely needed) will stand me in good stead to handle it all. For now I must do my mindfulness practise and just “be”…


I spotted this quote on social media and loved it, especially as I have a “stay wild” new mug for Christmas from one of my favourite people. Wishing all of you the loveliest of New Year’s, do chat back! You know I love it so.

All my love, Claire xxx


  1. Sue hesling January 11, 2019 at 8:42 pm -  Reply

    Love love love your blogs Claire! Don’t change too much as you are perfect just as you are xx

  2. Patricia January 11, 2019 at 11:02 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire so lovely to see the photos of your family at Christmas. Hristmas day was spent at my brothers and sister in law with their 3 children and boxing day at mine. The time went so quickly but we all enjoyed spending quality time together, everyone leads such busy lives. So the new year has arrived and here’s to it being a great year for everyone.

  3. Claire Sutton January 14, 2019 at 12:43 pm -  Reply

    Ah Sue,
    That’s lovely, Thankyou …little tweaks !!! Hope January is being kind to you xx

  4. Claire Sutton January 14, 2019 at 12:45 pm -  Reply

    Sue, Thankyou so much , that’s lovely of you…little tweaks !!! Hope January is treating you well so far xx

  5. Claire Sutton January 14, 2019 at 12:47 pm -  Reply

    Lovely hearing from you Patricia,
    Yes we all do lead such busylives, wasn’t it lovely to just “ be” …Happy January xx

  6. Susan January 15, 2019 at 4:06 pm -  Reply

    Happy new year claire! I say the same don’t change too much! It’s good to hear that life isn’t a bed of roses as a lot of the time it seems to be on social media!x

  7. Claire Sutton January 18, 2019 at 4:28 pm -  Reply

    Hi Susan…yup I know what you mean…it’s quite dangerous isn’t it..I worry for my three…though taking steps to help myself may just help me model things in a better way for them …it’s interesting already , I’m noticing lots of things….lovely to hear from you. Sitting on a train as I write, do I write, read or…snooze….maybe all three!
    Lots of love Claire xx

  8. Al baker January 29, 2019 at 7:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire, was u wearing leather trousers?tue 29th As u looked amazing!! U should wear them more oftenx

  9. Sue November 12, 2019 at 10:21 am -  Reply

    Hi claire, always loved watching you. But lately you are very loud. A bit ott. Can we have the old you back

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