What a fun and diverse week!


Craig in the studio with the cook's essentials tagineHi there!

Hope you are well and been keeping warm in this cold spell, brrrrr!! I've had a great week with lots of variety, that's for sure!

Some great shows at QVC including Diamonique (I love hosting jewellery shows) and lots of cook's essentials (and you know how much I love my food!). I road-tested the brilliant cook's essentials slow cooker/tagine in my own kitchen, I made currys and soups – chocolate pudding next!! Did you get yours? If not, you can still order it on Waitlist!

You can also see a video showing us all getting ready in the studio, it's always so exciting and slightly nerve racking before a big launch like that, it's usually the first time the product has been shown on QVC and it's important to get it right and to set the right ambiance for the whole day. I find it rather daunting but exhilirating at the same time!

Alexa and Craig enjoy a cocktail at the Mayfair HiltonI also went for lunch with Alexa, one of my best friends, at the Hilton in Mayfair. We took advantage of a Groupon offer – it's good as you get to try places you wouldn't usually think of going. My verdict – cocktail aperif was good, starter and dessert was scrummy but main course of good old fish and chips was very poor, soggy fish is never good, overall the meal would get 6/10 I reckon, wonder if Alexa would agree? If she reads this blog she can comment!! 🙂

I also spent a couple of days down in the Surrey countryside with the wonderful Debbie Flint and her beloved labradors. We had fun as we also do, I am so lucky to have one of my colleagues who is also a very close friend.

                 A snowy Surrey scene     Debbie and pog in the snow     Snowball fight!

We had a rather busy time of it. In just over 24 hours we did two horse riding lessons, went for coffee and snacks at Westfield, saw a recording of a new ITV show at BBC Television Centre (yes, I was confused by that too!), had a midnight feast of lemon chicken and veg, walked the dogs and had a snowball fight – now that's what you call fitting a lot into your day – or as I call it a "Debbie Day"!!

                                 Debbie and Craig go horse riding             Debbie and Craig at the Beeb

Craig's snowy gardenYou can see some photos of the snow, the area around Deb's house, so pretty and the horses – there is also a little video of the horses too! You can also see a far more unglamourous pic of my (rather unkempt!) garden, but luckily snow makes everything look pretty!!

Craig gets to his destination using his TomTom sat navFinally I've been getting from A to B using the TomTom sat nav which is a TSV this Friday, it's been fab!  It's a no frills, back to basics, easy to use, super slim sat nav which has been brilliant. I used it to drive to the farm for the horse riding, getting home from the countryside and even for a lunch in Hampstead with my flatmate where I knew where I wanted to go but I couldn't remember how to get there! Debs F is launching it and I will be showing it Friday at midday, so hope you can join us and have a peek!

So, a busy, diverse week and jolly good fun!!

This week will be a little quieter as firstly I am on earlies all week and I find them pretty tiring so there is not really much room for socialising – it's all about getting early nights! I'm also starting a 6 week 'blitz' with my personal trainer on Thursday; it's an intense programme of training and a fairly strict eating plan… will I survive? I'll let you know!!

I also intend to re-start my skincare blog over the next few days; I had planned to do it every fortnight but this year has slightly ran away with me. I'm really looking forward to starting it again – look out for blog on Decleor's Hydrotenseur Eye Serum and the new SBC Collagen Cream, both products I have loved using recently with some great results!

Oh, and if you follow me on Twitter (@craigrowe_TV) you may have noticed in this blog there has been no mention of the striptease – and that's how it shall remain!!

Have a great week and make sure you tune in for our Share The Love event around Valentine's… what do you love about QVC?



  1. Sarah Platt February 21, 2012 at 8:51 am -  Reply

    Hi Craig
    What a fab blog!! You put the others to shame!!! I have just watched you do a bit of crafting!! That was one of the funniest things I have seen for a long time – in the nicest possible way Craig!!!! Bless you.
    Sarah xx

  2. beverley young February 21, 2012 at 9:16 am -  Reply

    Hi Craig, 20th feb
    Just wanted to say a very big Thank you x
    I’m writing this after having watched you do a craft hour with out a poorly guest.
    I’d had a very sad day as it would have been my son Andre’s 20th birthday -tragically he was killed on holiday in Crete 2 and a half years ago . I’d had so many messages of support during the day and had managed to hold it together until bedtime . Then the floodgates opened ,and I knew I wouldn’t sleep -so on went QVC ( a very good companion in the early hours over the last couple of years ) and there was ….you .
    You were soooo funny (PLEASE don’t be offended ) You were so lovely and I started laughing ….I like to think heaven sent by Andre’ to try and cheer me up .
    Take Care and a genuine Thank you
    Bev x

  3. Rosie Macleod February 23, 2012 at 10:36 pm -  Reply

    Your quiet week was a great hit -I keep reading about what a fabulous job you did – why didn’t I record it ?????
    Well done.

  4. craig February 29, 2012 at 8:31 am -  Reply

    HI Sarah
    great to hear from you again! I think you write comments on my blog more than anyone else and I always smile when I see your name!
    Oh, the crafting was SO funny wasn’t it?! I just thought to myself, Craig you dont really know what you are doing so just have some fun, do your best and see how it goes!! People seem to really like it, maybe they will set me loose by myself more often! Will certainly give us plently of bloopers for the christmas tape!
    How are you doing? Any news?

  5. craig February 29, 2012 at 8:35 am -  Reply

    Hi Bev
    thanks for writing to me.
    Gosh, what a difficult day that must have been. I know its 2 and a half years ago now but can I still say how sorry I am for your loss and how much love and light I am sending to you.
    If I managed to bring a smile to your face on such a difficult day then I feel privileged that I was able to.
    Big hugs to you, stay strong, deep breaths and happy memories.
    Much much love to you Bev and do stay in touch via this blog and my facebook or twitter pages.

  6. craig February 29, 2012 at 8:36 am -  Reply

    hi Rosie
    lots of people have been saying that same.
    I am going to try and get a copy of it and put some clips on Youtube, so watch this space!
    Thanks so much for writing to me.
    Big hugs

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