I went to a wedding! And final Back To You funnies!


Also this week
– Dress Up time – a weekend wedding!
– Bye Bye bingo wings – Bodyblade Bruce joins me Saturday 4th at 3pm for a whole hour!
– My new slimming book, TTFLS 2.0, reaches top five in Kindle diets chart
– A list of 75 banned books now free on eBook
– Mally twerking it out! Some great clips!
– Broadchurch – exciting drama… in your car?!
– And sneaky peeks from Nails inc TSV, Green Seasons Festive Meat Hamper and Bare Minerals


My brother Derek got married to lovely Amanda on Saturday, and it was another jolly Flint family get together – I loved this pic of us girlies on the way there! Loving the Ronnie Nicole dress too – it came with a jacket but ‘cos of my more toned arms nowadays, I spent most of the time with the jacket off!

Wedding confetti
How lovely a pic is this? His four grown up daughters and his new wife Amanda’s little bump in her tum – it’s another girl and will be mum’s 16th grandchild! There was a real funny moment in the registry office in West Malling too – it was all my fault but I couldn’t help it, and killed myself laughing for ages afterwards!

One of the wedding guests, Alan, always heckles, and during the registrar’s chat about making sure mobiles are off, he said loudly, ‘No one ever rings me anyway.’ People tittered at that. Well, what do you think I did next? And sure enough, a minute later, his ring came loud and clear – it’s that old fashioned Nokia Dom Joly ring, too, which made it all the more funny! The place fell apart.

I got tons of high fives from other members of my family who share our old dad’s sense of mischief – he was always playing practical jokes and considering it’s so unlike me to do anything like that, I believe it was maybe my old dad’s spirit getting in on the act! Lol!

Here are another few pics of the day – a smashing day it was too! So was the baby shower the next morning – very nice family time.

Debbie with children


Baby shower


Debbie and ChloeWell, look at lovely Chloe Hillier, my nephew’s girlfriend, in her new size 12 dress! How amazing is that?! I know I was feeling more trim, but Chloe got so many compliments! She’s actually dropped 4 stone since January using my freedom eating method – and is feeling so much more healthy. What a lovely day, she said, when she finally got in that size 12 having been an 18/20 for so long. She’s only 25 and I’m very proud of her.

She’s on the cover of my new Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet. It’s the update from the original, from 2002, based on the only thing that works long term for me – Freedom Eating. And there’s tons about it on my website – go here to find out more, including how to read a free sample! www.debbieflint.co.uk/ttfls




So on Monday it was the final show in this run of my well being series ‘Back to You’ – it’ll return in January hopefully! (By the way, if you’d like to see it back, just to make sure it returns, it’d be great if you’d just spend one minute emailing customer_careuk@qvc.com and say what you liked best about it!) Was it the regular one minute Bodyblade Challenge you loved best? Well even Mally took it this week – see the blooper below! Plus we had a near-miss mess with lovely Bruce calling in – we all got in a bit of a fluster over the countdown with a transatlantic gap, during the Bodyblade challenge ! Even Charlie made an appearance – funny!

That’s not all you’ll see of this fabulous device for the time being though – it’s back on Saturday (4th) at 3pm with Bruce and me and we promise we will do a whole six minute routine, bringing you the Super Six and the most expedient method of High intensity Interval Training ever, IMO, for your own home. Do join us Saturday afternoon – and be prepared for some general joining-in-ment!

And if you didn’t see it, here’s the final show in its entirety – we had some fab luxury bedding and the theme was how do you get a good night’s sleep!

Congratulations to Cathy Richardson, who won my Back To You competition!  I hope you enjoy your bumper bundle of beauty goodies, your Bodyblade and a copy of my Till the Fat Lady Slims book! Will find out if she’d like the original version (which is in paperback online now) or to wait a few more days for when the new paperback is released!

Debbie Flint TTFLS
Find out how to order it yourself if you fancy breaking out of food prison, on my website. Plus Cathy’s whole winning entry is on my weekly well being blog from last Monday, where you’ll also see Q&A’s from Monday’s (29th) 8-9pm webchat, this week featuring fashionista Renee and Decleor’s Fiona! Go here to read all about it.

And don’t forget to keep in touch with our support network on Facebook and online till Back to You returns again. Info about how to join facebook groups ‘Back to You QVC’, TTFLS and ‘Bodyblade QVC’ is all below at the bottom of this blog. Join now – this Monday’s B2U webchat 8-9pm is Doris from Doll 10 cosmetics!



Riwisi – my weekly look at all things book.

Over on my website on my RiWiSi blog this week:

– The featured book of the week is the audio version of ‘Broadchurch’ – the crime series that ‘wowed’ TV viewers last year.
– Plus the lovely QVC presenter Jackie Kabler’s news about signing her own book deal (well done – am so proud of her)!
–  Meet two more of the authors who are writing the short stories for our Hallowe’en freebie anthology (it goes on sale 17th October, but is free around 31st, to celebrate our Facebook online party)!

Halloween – Find out how you can join in the spooky fun, with freebies and competitions, go ‘like’ the page Hocus Pocus page on Facebook.

Also on my website this week – do certain books not appeal to you simply because you don’t like the look of the author? Just go here to read all about it! On my riwisi blog on my website debbieflint.com including links to all my novels – eBook or paperback! And how TTFLS is doing in the kindle charts! Top five – how proud am I!?






Sneaky peek – need waterproof, toasty warm boots? How about the new Emu Charlotte Waterproof boots – watch Friday night midnight, on 10th when I’ll be launching a Today’s Special Value!


 Green Seasons 803398Shhh! – It’s a Christmas Food Hall event day on Monday 6th – and at the end of the day Jilly’s got Thorntons at 10pm and Dale’s got Gifts for the Gourmet at 11pm, both with another one of those ‘one show only’ type bargains! Join them! (PS – The TSV bargain that day is a Green Seasons Festive Meat Hamper. Shhh!)



 Breast-Cancer-Care-new-logo-20130916054544889Set Your Diary Breast Cancer Care Fundraising night this year is hosted by the lovely Alison Keenan, herself a survivor, along with Chloe Everton and Craigy. I loved doing it last year but will enjoy watching it from home this year. Do put it in your diary to watch it live – so many items sell out so fast, as they’ve been made specially for BCC night! Tune in Monday 13th 6-9pm.







As promised, here is Mally twerking it out with the Bodyblade’s tough number six exercise! Bruce would be proud! She couldn’t help but join in during the final Back to You show on Monday (see above) – and was saying she’s not been exercising as much as she’d like, lately. So I told her she needs one of these!~

And then see how Mally bowed out of Ali Young’s hour at the end of her last show this visit – spot Ali saying ‘eurgh, get off me.’ It’s really funny!



H20 mopSteaming Join me tonight (Friday night midnight – 3rd) for early bird readers of this blog; steam clean your whole home as I launch the new H20 X5 steam mop with accs bundle – great value and superb for people who hate to use chemicals and want their homes upper clean.






bareMinerals Glamour NowBare Minerals Glamour Sunday’s bargain of the day is the Bare Minerals Glamour Now 7pc Collection which we’ve been raving about on line!


Nails Inc I have two Nails Inc shows on Tuesday evening (7th), featuring the new TSV 7pc collection!



My hours – tbc, but most of these will be right! For those who keep emailing or PM’ing me to ask when I’m on! To save you looking on the three-weeks ahead TV guide, is this useful? Let me know by leaving me a comment below!

Debbie's hours



Bodyblade - 432954Saturday Super Six And don’t forget Bodyblade is back – Sat (4th), 3pm with me and Bruce – don’t miss it!








Baloo–  Baloo Snip-pet – Hah! It really was time for a ‘snip-pet’ this week – Baloo the crazy spaniel brings so much mud into the kitchen with her fluffy paws that with the recent wetter weather it was time for a trim! Much easier to dry her now! Mind you the way I did it, it looks like she has pantaloons on her back legs! I left the longer fluffy hair higher up – haha! Just need a cravat and a Director’s Chair! Lol!





CakeCake Bake Off Idea Pinched? Remember I mentioned my daughter’s boyfriend Nick is a superb baker? Well he got down to the final shortlist but didn’t make it through to the TV show, when he applied for Bake Off earlier in the year. However, it seems he left a bit of him behind – his innovative novel cake they’d apparently never seen before. Coincidentally it’s the exact same one they used in this week’s show challenge! Makes you wonder, doesn’t it! Hehe!



Jason Manford TAX DISC LOL Tax Disc-sappeared! As mentioned previously, no more tax discs being issued as of 1st October. I liked this tweet this week! I wonder if I still have to display mine, which I got mid September? Hmm, let me know if you know!





BCCBestieBest friend selfie time – another pic for our @QVCUK #BCCBestie campaign – this time my bestie LJ Rich, who is super intelligent and can be relied upon to come up with a solution for every problem! In the run up to Breast Cancer Care night, post yours, and cc @qvcuk on twitter.





FB Funny Facebook funny – I think I knew someone like this once! Oh, I forgot, that’s me!







WATCH – Cilla – Even Lauren, who was off following a routine procedure this week, loved watching this mini series bio-pic – definitely one I’m going to see on skyplus! When I finally finish all these edits! Sheridan Smith playing Cilla was incredibly good, apparently, so I can’t wait to see it! Here’s Sheridan talking about when she met Cilla, and here’s a key moment in her life. Apparently ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’ was in the pop charts again as a result of this series! And Cilla’s own website was proudly talking about it too – see www.cillablack.com to see more including old memories from our national treasure Cilla!

Next week – what happened with the super six minute Bodyblade challenge!

Have a tone-tastic week!

Best wishes



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  1. Sue Stewart October 5, 2014 at 8:36 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie have enjoyed Back to You fb page. Keep it up. Will be Bodyblade(ing) with you to tone. No you don’t have to display your tax disc any more. I’m thinking of all those little companies that make the holder’s. What will they do now. I’m displaying mine till February next year. Just for posterity lol.

  2. james fisher October 5, 2014 at 9:50 am -  Reply

    yes debbie you can oficially take your tax disc out as you no longer have to display one

  3. martin forbes October 6, 2014 at 5:15 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie hope you and family are well iam not bad hope your brothers wedding went well

  4. Sharon October 7, 2014 at 7:39 am -  Reply

    Look at you!! Looking gorgeous x

  5. Debs f October 7, 2014 at 12:38 pm -  Reply

    Sue –
    Hope u enjoyed the supersix! And yes i think i will probably do as u do and leave it there! Lol
    Ta for commenting!

  6. Debs f October 7, 2014 at 12:39 pm -  Reply

    James –
    Thanks hon. Its weird tho isnt it! End of an era! X

  7. Debs f October 7, 2014 at 12:40 pm -  Reply

    Good thanks. Hows your job?

  8. Chris October 8, 2014 at 6:45 pm -  Reply

    Loved the Cilla mini series! So nostalgic and the music was so wonderful.

    Really enjoying the Back to You groups on facebook, lots of lovely ladies with support and advice.


  9. Debs f October 9, 2014 at 2:24 pm -  Reply

    Chris – agreed! They’re a fab group. Nothing like having a supportive environment to keep u going eh! Glad ur part of it! X

  10. martin forbes October 11, 2014 at 4:01 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie my job at mcdonalds is good most days should be busy next 2weeks schools on holiday for 2weeks can t wait to see the little darling children.

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