Well Happy New Year to everyone!


Dale and EmmaI hope any hangovers are well and truly a thing of the past and all the dec's have been safely stored away until later in the year.

It's around this time that I say something really inspiring like "Is that it then!"

I do think we perhaps put too much pressure on ourselves to have a magical Christmas – that said, I'm pleased to say that I had a very relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break with my family and 1 or 2 friends.

Most of my gifts given went down well and those that didn't were easily swapped – I did very well for both Christmas and my birthday pressies and only duplicated ones were changed.

Thank you for your many wonderful cards – I have endeavoured to respond to those of you who have included addresses, although some responses will be too late for Christmas, the New Year's wishes are sincere.

I actually received three calendars (their days are numbered!) sorry couldn't resist!

Last year my son bought me a 'Rihanna' Calendar – this year 'The Frozen Planet' ! I'm not sure what message he's sending me? Perhaps I don't want to know!! But it inspired me as much as last year's calendar, but in a very different way!

As I write, the kids are back at school and straight into mock exams, mmmmmm! Lucky them!

I have a busy couple of weeks here at QVC as I have a couple of TSV (Today's Special Value) launches coming up. The first is with my pal, Richard Jackson on Wednesday (into Thursday) with a highly scented shrub collection – then on Friday evening, I'll be launching a wonderful Bose Wave system. Later on Saturday, I'll be back on air with the lovely Anne and Debbie Greenwood for our new show 'Anything Goes'.

Then next week, I'll be filming up at our huge Warehouse and Distribution Centre in Knowsley – I'm looking forward to that and I'll report more about it once I'm up there – check on Twitter @dalefranklintv for photos from next Tuesday (15th Jan).

I've also just heard that I'm co-hosting one of the 'Beauty Bash' mornings on 24th January with Ali Young- so if you are going that morning – I hope you come and say hi.

I've attached a photo taken almost 24 years to the day of myself and our previous Bearded Collie, Emma on Sandbanks Beach in Dorset. Until next time, I hope you remain well and those New Year's Resolutions hold fast!

If you are on Twitter – I'd love you to follow me @dalefranklintv for more daily fun, news and gossip- otherwise I'll catch up with you here soon!

Dale x


  1. Marian Bolton January 10, 2013 at 6:50 pm -  Reply

    Well Happy New Year yourself D! Yes, I know, I said I wasn’t coming back on here but, truth is, I just can’t stay away!!
    Looks like we got the same Christmas crackers Dale. What’s a calendar’s favourite food? …………DATES!!
    Any sign of that Presenters ‘Calendar Girls’ style calendar yet??! Just think, you could be Mr January …… and Mr February ……… and Mr March …….and Mr ……! (Darn, I’ve broken my ‘no more shenanigans on Dale’s blog’ resolution already!!)
    Here’s another calendar idea then ……….CHARLIE BEARS!! Featuring Franklin Fox of course. Run it by Will and Charlie when you see em Dale.
    I heard you drooling over pairs ….I mean pears this morning with RJ D! That reminds me, what’s Beethoven’s favourite fruit? …………. BANANANAAAAAAAAAAA!!
    Re: Beauty Bash, you’re on the wrong shift Dale. I’m going 23rd pm. See if you can swap!!
    Right, in the words of my good friend Gail …….. I’m off!! No more than one comment per blog from me this year Gail, so don’t get me started!!
    A very Happy New Year Dale and Gail. Until next time. xx

  2. Dale Franklin January 13, 2013 at 12:57 pm -  Reply

    Hi Marian – theres never a dull moment in your comments – thank you. Im sorry Im going to miss you on the 23rd – Im on air that day starting at 1pm? Thank you for your lovely Xmas card. I’ll mention the Calendar to Will & Charlie – but the last Presenter calendar ended up in Outlet shows ! Ha Ha x

  3. Gail January 14, 2013 at 9:12 am -  Reply

    Hello Dale,
    What a lovely photo of yourself and Emma. I can’t believe it was taken 24 years ago though; weren’t you a big lad for ten?
    I totally agree that we put too much pressure on ourselves at Christmas, so next year I’m coming over to yours so I can put me feet up. Pencil me in for next Christmas D, on all 3 calendars is you please so you don’t conveniently forget. Lucky that, you getting 3 calendars for Christmas. Love Ma’s idea too. Hi Ma, lol xx
    You were a bit slow there Ma re the Beauty Bash. Me thinks Dale has already swapped, ha ha (think about it M). How come you get to go to the Beauty Bash every year Ma? I think I need to attend one of these events as the other night the local ‘peeping tom’ knocked on my door and asked me to close my curtains!!
    Dale, see if you can fix it for all 3 of us to go next year (stop shaking D). We could have a bite to eat after and then Ma could go her way and I could go yours!!!!
    That photo Dale of you and Emma just shouts ‘Simple Pleasures’. My happiest times were spent walking my 2 dogs along the beach.
    This year my Husband’s Christmas present was a large black and white canvas of my Husband with one of our dogs. It turned out really lovely. He was thrilled with it.
    Okay, that’s enough, I’m ‘orf. Ma, it’s ‘orf, not off. Only pulling yer leg Ma, lol xx
    Au revoir D xx

  4. Gail January 17, 2013 at 4:25 pm -  Reply

    There’s no need to hide D, I was only joking. I’m not really coming over to yours next Christmas.

  5. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen January 23, 2013 at 5:01 pm -  Reply

    happy new year dale hopde you had agood xmas january is such a long hjard mopnthe to pass.

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