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What a busy week! Since I’m going to be reducing the length of the QVC blog each week, you’ll find more of my news over on my website – this week, click on my website newsletter here (sign up for ‘subscribe’ and you’ll get the regular email updates) to find out about these:

  • I did some super cool things for the first time. One of them was to ride in a vintage Rolls Royce for the first time – Watch the video
  • Derek the Dog is 20 weeks old – watch the video; (also more below)
  • Roland the little broken doggy update – fab new pics post op and doing well
  • Read it Write it Sell it blog with Book of the Week – the steamiest ‘Titan’ novel yet and find out about John Grisham’s latest FREE audio book go here
  • Back to You blog – plus my website’s weekly well-being focus includes a really important question about self-sabotage, and how you can stop it to lose weight for good. Plus Q&As with Grace from Studio 10, Judith Williams skincare team, and Bruce from Bodyblade, (who is back on air this week.) Plus my blog has a really fab first – news of how to post questions for Caroline Archer from Liz Earle! She doesn’t ‘do’ Facebook so she’s coming to my house Monday 29th More on all this here on Back to you blog.

Below – spin to the bottom of this page to find out how to win TWO weight loss books: ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the “When” Diet,’ AND the follow-up (just released in eBook for kindle and paperback) called ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire.’ More info at bottom of this page. Good luck!

booky prizes

Trip to Milton Keynes HQ for Medical Detection Dogs

Biggest news this week was that I got to meet up with the lovely little MDD trainee assistance alert dog, Derek. I love this little pooch soooo much. Yes, ok I’m a bit broody when it comes to puppies. And hasn’t he grown since our New Year Back to You shows when I saw him last – he’s now 20 weeks old and doing really well. Click the link to my blog for a video chat with his trainer to find out what he beat 7 other dogs at.

derek and trainer

Meanwhile, you may have wondered about whom little Derek the dog is named after? Well my own dad was only 52 when he died, 24 years ago, from liver cancer after a swift 6 month illness. Oh to have had the knowledge back then, about how food affects the body’s ability to fight and alkalizing the body and how cancer feeds on sugars etc etc. Still I do believe everything happens for a reason and I like to think – ‘true’ or not – that he’s still around us now. Bless him. He was the loveliest dad ever and it is a pleasure to see little Derek the dog and think of Derek the dad! My brother is also called Derek too, just to complicate things! Anyway here’s a nice pic of my pa, from 1984. He’d have loved the little pup.

dad derek

Whilst I was at MDD on Tuesday, we also chatted about the upcoming day out at Swanbourne Park in Bucks on April 10th, called ‘Dogs’ Day Out’ – do put it in your diary, and we’ll let you know if my little fundraiser group of ‘ambassadets’ organises a stand or two. Here we are down the pub for lunch!

lunch mdd

And if you can come along, it’d be lovely to see you at this – hopefully we’ll make it to other areas of the country this year too.

dogs day out

Ps I also introduced Charlie and Will Morris from Charlie Bears and they are planning a visit to MDD today (Friday 26th) – look out for their pics and updates on their social media!

And here is the video lovely cameraman mate Mark and I shot whilst at the HQ – do watch it as it sums up Medical Detection Dogs charity work, perfectly.


Cuddletime for the Choccies

cuddle time

My own two Labrador sisters showed their love for each other this week – caught them having a doggy hug! Bless!

Britain’s Next Top Model filmed at QVC

BNTM 175545

Many moons ago when Lisa Snowdon was host, BNTM helped narrow down the shortlist of potential future star models with a promo shoot – well they were here again recently! See it on catch up – on Lifetime, part of Sky – online. But watch the promo they made for our jewellery brands on Qcommunity here. And meet our own producer Paul who helped judge them, in his behind the scenes blog. Who do you think will win?! I used to watch it all the time when my lovely Lauren was at home but it’s been a while since I saw it – will have to look it up! And do check out Lisa Snowdon’s range with some huge ‘last clicks’ savings online now – don’t miss them for Mother’s Day!

Bit of a Do 

friday night do

Went to a Friday night bows club ‘do’ with mum and her man – she’s been with him a year now, how time flies! And his son did the cabaret too. Fun night – reminded me of my ‘roots’ when our family always used to go to the London Borough of Merton Sport and Social Club in Haydns Road, Wimbledon!

Super classic car TiFFT*

rolls royce

Here’s a pic of my thrilling vintage first time event this week – find out which top TV show this car was featured on in the video which you’ll see here.

Labradors space Facebook Funny

lab facbk funny

nuff said! Lol


Watch – another fab TED talk for you this week – quite funny and very poignant. It’s on Youtube again, here’s the link – it’s called The Person you Really Need to Marry. Very appropriate given it’s February 29th on Monday! Lol. If you are planning any ‘proposals,’ I hope they go well! I’ll heed the words on the Ted talk instead, methinks!

So many films on at the cinema – well it is nearly Oscar time! I’m aiming to see Trumbo, but finding it on locally is quite hard! But until I do here’s another Feb 29th themed trailer for a current movie – How to be Single – haha! Lesley Mann is one of my favourite comic actresses but Rebel Wilson is sooo funny! Maybe I’ll take myself along there – after my webchat with Caroline from Liz Earle Monday 8pm!


QVC highlights

Feb 29th Leap Year special deals! 4 Easy Payments all day! Wow! Another reason to watch QVC on Monday.

Today’s Special Values – include Mally’s Barely There 6 piece collection on Saturday 27th and a superb handy 4 in 1 petrol driven garden multi tool with Richard Jackson on Sunday.

tsv collage 2

Next week – Both Antthony and Bruce Bodyblade are in town on 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Do check out their timings on the TV guide.  I’m launching Antthony’s new Today’s Special Value tunic and waistcoat set on Tuesday (1st) night midnight, at around £30 it’s going to fly! Join us if you can.

157888 antthony

I’m not doing any Bodyblade shows myself due to scheduling (nearly all of us are available and as I’m a swing presenter I wasn’t needed on those days as others with fixed schedules were already pencilled in but it’ll be a nice change for you all! Lol). I hope to get some sort of new video done with Bruce either this time or next time. Join him for whole hours 5pm on 2nd and 8pm on 3rd.

People say about Bodyblade –

“Good evening everyone! I’ve been BB ing for just under 3 weeks now- doing the S6 4 times a week and incorporating walks…. delighted that I can fit into some pre 1st pregnancy clothes!! Thanks to those who have shared their words of wisdom and encouragement! BB is certainly changing my life! Xx” (Soraya on Bodyblade QVC Facebook group.)

And watch out for the  Lola Rose printed viscose wrap scarf – Friday 4th March – squeee!

Next week – out wiv ma boyz – Antthony, Bruce and my son Brad whose 29th birthday is on 1st! Have a great week!




Ps go here to get a summary of links to all my social media and facebook groups

*TiFFT = try it for the first time club!


book prize

All you have to do is leave me a comment below, saying ‘enter me’ or perhaps your favourite method to lose weight if you’d like to win the two paperback books pictured above worth approximately £10 – signed to whoever you want. The competition closes next Thursday 3rd March, midday, and the randomly selected winner (chosen from all eligible entries) will be announced on next week’s blog. See the full Terms and Conditions.

Why do people love the latest in my semi-autobiographical weight loss series? Below are some of the reviews. Thanks to everyone! Let me know what you think too.

PLUS – don’t miss the Back to You blog with tons of thoughts and info about weight loss – including the basic principles of Freedom Eating and links to where to read more. Watch out also for more news about a month long Freedom Eating programme for beginners – read the books in the meantime if you haven’t already! Go here for the weight loss special.

Good luck in the comp!

Debs x

Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire.

Reviews on kindle eBook and paperback (from the usual places online)

A companion book truly worth reading – I have the TTFLS2 which has been fabulous . It offers a common sense and realistic approach to weight loss. Book 3 is a superb companion read. I love how the author has identified different types of eaters based on extensive research. I recognised myself straight away. This is so useful when it comes to understanding your own relationship with food. All in ll this is an excellent inspirational companion book to book2. (J Con)

The Truth about Losing Weight – This is the perfect follow up to version 2. I have been tackling my lifelong weight problem, and it was wonderful to find a book with real women with real lives, telling it how it is. It is so honest, painfully so on occasions, but it speaks to me. It seems like some science and health writers elsewhere are only just catching up with Debbie Flint and Till the Fat Lady Slims. This book is going alongside the previous volume to become a real guide and inspirational tool in my weight loss adventure. (Mrs L Young)

Excellent companion book to TTFLS 2.0 – I have got the other 2 books in Debbie Flint’s series and its another winner for me! Been overweight since I had my children and have always been a bit of a piglet where food is concerned and I have a sweet tooth for chocolate and cakes etc and lazy with regard to exercise. The books resonate with me! They showed me how my relationship with food was making me not only get heavier, but also unhealthier too! Having discovered freedom eating after I was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic, I am now working towards becoming a fitter person (incorporating walking and other exercise) and I have reduced my blood glucose levels to almost back into the normal range. (CeeJayBlue)

A great companion book – I was sceptical about this book when I first heard about it. I was thinking it would a rehash of the other book, 2.0. With the addition of other people’s opinions. Which, I thought you could get on her Facebook page. This is NOT the case. I found it had lots more info about the ‘type’ of freedom eater you are and how your gut can influence things. I also like the links to videos and articles on the web. It helps you do your own research into your own body needs. Let’s face it we are all different. You do need to have read the TTFLS 2.0 before you read this I think. But, if you ‘get’ the concept of the books. This is another great one from Debbie Flint. (M Davidson)

deb and her books

Pps keep in touch with me via Twitter, @debbieflint and via my Facebook page – searchDebbieFlintQVC (page) or go here.

Go to my own website for full info about my novel writing, my Read it Write it Sell it blog and my Back to You show blog and well-being info, plus ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ weight loss book and also my charity for which I’m delighted to be an ambassador, Medical Detection Dogs, just go via my website, www.debbieflint.com

OR do leave me a comment below – just state your email address (not shown), a name, and comment!


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    I would love to win your books to give me a giant push to rid myself of the diet merry-go-round that I have been on for most of my adult life.

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    “enter me”, so impressed with MDD Dogs and the work they do! Would love to read about freedom eating, really need to lose weight and eat more healthily, am diabetic and think this could be a great start combined with bodyblade.

    Jo 🙂

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    Would love to win your two books

  16. Dawn February 26, 2016 at 8:33 pm -  Reply

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    Please enter me in the competition. I attended Slimming World and lost some weight but have been poorly following major surgery and lost some purpose. I would like to get back on track. Thank you, Annette.

  18. Lauren February 26, 2016 at 11:01 pm -  Reply

    Please enter me into the book competition. I love to juice to get a little weight of.x

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    As always love reading about your busy life and sometimes wonder how you fit it into seven days. My friend asked if she could read your TTFLS books so I said yes that was two months ago so I would love to be entered into the competion. Look forward to reading more about what you do, take care x

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    I’m only 23 and have struggled with my weight since around 4 years ago after an incident left me unable to walk more than a couple of minutes in excruciating pain, I’ve tried everything from davinas 5 weeks to sugar free, a healthy lifestyle class group to slimming world and weight watchers, I’m in a never-ending battle with weight loss and feel ready to try something else.
    Hope you’re doing well with everything xx

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    Please enter me. Fed up with being on constant diets.

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  48. Jill March 1, 2016 at 2:05 pm -  Reply

    Lovely newsy blog Debbie!
    Adorable Derek and very interesting discussion with Claire. Your Dad looks such a lovely guy and very cute in that photo!
    I love your new book – have it on Kindle! I hope everyone gets version 2.0 and this one, which stands so well in its own right with new information and success stories.
    Can’t wait for the wonderful Antthony – that new design looks right up my street!
    If you are interested, I saw a good film, “The Finest Hours” that I would recommend.
    Jill x x x

  49. Jean case March 1, 2016 at 2:50 pm -  Reply

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  50. Jean case March 1, 2016 at 2:51 pm -  Reply

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    Hello Debbie,

    If I had the chance to win these books, I would give them to my sister Ann, who has struggled with her diet over the years… she would be thrilled, I know with these books, she loves QVC and you Debbie, always bringing a smile and a laugh and good cheer… Best Wishes in everything you do… Kathleen x x

  53. Carol Palmer March 1, 2016 at 3:27 pm -  Reply

    Have just started doing body blade and LS walking and would love to win your books to get my diet right X

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    Really need to sort myself out,hope you can help

  56. Sheli Morris March 1, 2016 at 6:39 pm -  Reply

    It’s my 60th this July so need to get really fit and fabulous x I am loving your TTFLS on FB and and a newby at Bodyblading. Have started my March challenge on No Sugar lol.

  57. doreen white March 1, 2016 at 6:51 pm -  Reply

    I’m juicing at moment trying Jason vale’s juice diet, would love to win your books, do bb with you & Bruce & SL walks x

  58. faye todd March 1, 2016 at 8:16 pm -  Reply

    Pls enter me. Have recently started doing 5:2. Have needed to lose weight for years and have now got into the zone where I can deal with it. Have lost 6kg in 6 weeks only another 54 to go lol. Not stressing about it and taking it 5kg at a time. Feeling very positive and happier than I have been for years.

  59. Jude Randall March 1, 2016 at 8:41 pm -  Reply

    Please enter me – would love to win these books.

  60. Nikki March 1, 2016 at 10:11 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,

    Please enter me in to the competition. I have the bodyblade already and am getting g to grips with it (no pun intended) and think your books would be an excellent companion.

    Many thanks,


  61. Sue March 1, 2016 at 10:16 pm -  Reply

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  63. SHARON BUCHALTER March 1, 2016 at 11:15 pm -  Reply

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  64. Yolanda Kirkwood March 1, 2016 at 11:44 pm -  Reply

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  65. Lindsey Murphy March 2, 2016 at 1:40 am -  Reply

    I’ve tried just about every other diet. Always worked on reducing my body size using food restriction of one form or another and some form of boring exercise.
    The result ……. I’m bigger than ever !
    I think I really need these books ,the penny has finally dropped,it’s my head that I need to get in order first.
    It keeps sabotaging my good intentions . Why ?

  66. Maureen Lemmon March 2, 2016 at 10:58 am -  Reply

    Enter me please, I need to lose 60lbs

  67. Sue Kirk March 2, 2016 at 10:03 pm -  Reply

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