My weight loss book is free and my Friday Mega Draw!


Well it’s finally here – this weekend it’s all go! Not only did I finally move lock stock and barrel into the new house, (see Patch with first fab bunch of flowers from the new garden – what’s she saying do you think?), I’ve been in a week now and it’s fab, gradually coming together and I finally got Wi-Fi and phone. Just in time to tell you this weeks mega news…

Firstly, STOP PRESS -for your chance to win one of many premium donated prizes in my Mega Online Raffle for Medical Detection Dogs enter my online raffle via the Just Giving page!  Enter here! Hurry though competition closes at midnight tonight (7th August) Click here to enter! Good luck and thank you for your support.

Secondly – this weekend I’ll at last be offering my semi-autobiographical weight loss book ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ diet’ for free on eBook for kindle/kindle app via Amazon. It’s been a long time coming and it’s simply because I want to give back having realised how lucky I am, after talking to some of the Medical Detection Dogs patients – and because it sold out on QVC in hardback. This offer ends on the 10th August – don’t miss out!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00016]

Go here to get links for free eBook of TTFLS 2.0 from 8-10th – and to find out more about how much it’s been helping people. Join my my website newsletter for future offers like this from me. Do keep me informed how you get on with it too! And thanks those of you who have made the Facebook group such a success in the year it’s been following the 2.0 version. There will be a few ‘last of stock’ nearly new aqua hardbacks at the Table Top Sale… talking of which:


Table Top Sale is here!


So glad it’s finally here! This weekend we’ll have our fab table top sale raising funds for the wonderful charity Medical Detection Dogs who help people with type 1 diabetes and also breast cancer is in pipeline, prostate cancer, other serious illnesses that need the owner to be alerted to their condition changing. Go here to find out more about it.  If you live near Dorking, do come down to the village hall behind the Wotton hatch pub (RH56QQ) between 11-5pm. They’ll be so many familiar faces helping out behind the afternoon tea bar, or helping to run an informal fashion show – Patrick from Quacker Factory, Craig Rowe, Ginetta Veronese, Abi ultrasun (and her UVA scanner), Polly from Imedeen (and their collagen analysis machine), Selin from NoNo, poss Russ from Miele, poss Lee Hohbein and more!

Plus the Bodyblade bunch will be doing a special tag event to raise funds – and lots more including QVC fashions in mostly medium/14-16, size 7/8 shoes and lots of household stuff from my declutter – things I love but must let go of to raise funds! And the dogs and owners themselves will accompany the charity reps from the organisers.

If we can raise over £2000 we can name a puppy! And with the bodyblade online donation page too, (click here) we’re already over half way there! Yay! Apparently one unbelievable kind person put £300. Superb.

Do come – more info about the Table Top event is here on my website or here on Facebook (tick that you’re coming!).

Plus lovely Jan from OAPs Chat is supporting us once again with another lovely interview – here’s the background to it all if you haven’t read my blogs for a while. Go here to the fab website, also to see some pics of new house too!

Mega Draw Or if you can’t come don’t forget as mentioned above, there’s a superb online Mega Draw via just giving organised by the lovely PR chief Sara Brown – go here to enter BUT ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! Or the clock will strike twelve and… oh no. Sorry. Click the link to see the pics of the amazing list of donated prizes including four months of Imedeen, Nu-Face-jowl-toner, a NoNo, fab beauty eg Prai, Benefit, SBC, Alpha H, signed Lulu CD just for us, and much more – just donate online here now, to enter – closes midnight Friday 7th. I’d be over the moon if we reached £1000 before the end of the day!

Mega draw

Another Story from Medical Detection Dogs

Claire and Magic’s story

Magic the diabetes dog + Claire_2

“Magic and I have been together since September 2013, and life quite simply has not been the same since! It was a tricky decision to make in having an assistance dog for diabetes, especially when I work as a diabetes nurse for children and teenagers. I work at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and lead the nursing team who help care for and support nearly 300 children, young people and families with diabetes. I’ve had diabetes since I was a teenager myself so it can be pretty useful knowing all the tips and tricks. I am used to people popping in to my office to say hello and ask questions, but since Magic has joined the diabetes team at the hospital I have never been so popular!

Magic now has a very important role in the diabetes clinic – welcoming the children and young people and making sure they are listening when we run teaching sessions. He has heard the sessions so many times he now falls asleep quite quickly and can often be heard snoring under the table. Whenever the office gets a little busy or stressed, he will yawn or have wind, stopping whatever is going on and allows everyone to have a little giggle before getting back on with their work. What is truly amazing is that although he is surrounded by children and young people with diabetes, many of whom come in with low blood glucose levels, he hasn’t alerted to anyone else – something I have to put down to his excellent training by Medical Detection Dogs.

Many of our patients now like to come in and say hello to Magic before saying hello to anyone else – although we don’t want this popularity to go to his head! It seems that the magic of Magic has far exceeded anything that anyone had planned – not only does he have a major role in keeping me safe every day and helps me live my life, he also is helping many of my patients – making the diabetes clinic a happy and welcoming place. I think every clinic should have one – although, there is only one Magic in this world!” Claire




–  Dinner with my Boy Brad – I repaid Brad’s time helping me with supper in a little restaurant in Ripley called Toby Cottage which I’ve had my eye on for ages – it didn’t let us down – loved the Dover Sole and old school ambiance. Will deffo go again.

Debbie flint and son


In the Wars Look at my war wounds from moving – let alone how much I ache! Or maybe that’s cos I’ve been delving into some emotional crutch food this week – and felt rubbish the next day as a result! Still it took my mind off the bash on my leg and the stings on my hand from gardening! Thanks goodness for tea tree! Must find an asbestos suit for the next session in my pretty but hard work garden!

In the Wars 2 War wound 1
–  Lee Hohbein’s room with another view – he’s done it again! Lovely IT guy Lee posted this this week – love it. Wish I had a riverside appartment. When I’m a grown up maybe! lol. Talking of IT, it’s the new HP today’s Special Value this Sunday too – superb deal – find out more on Catherine’s blog.

Lee Hohbein rainbow

-Jason Vale coming to QVC…
hot on the heels of Davina, another giant in the world of healthy living, his 28 day juice special changes lives – been loving the DVD, and his blender may be on QVC  in September – along with some fab news about my weekly web-chats!
Jason Vale

And talking of food choices making you feel differently, this has just been posted online by Jan, about how listening to her body has really helped her this time, thanks to my book –

TTFLS quote

Yesterday I posted a picture of me wearing skinny jeans saying TTFLS had made my journey easier. Debbie commented suggesting I say why it worked for me. I thought maybe that would work better in a new post so here goes.
I’ve struggled with my weight for years and like many people I was brought up to clear my plate or no pudding! As I liked sugar and lots of it I always cleared my plate. I continued to do that even though I’ve never applied that rule to my own children. Food was a reward, a comfort, a friend and eventually a way of punishing myself.

I have tried weight watchers, Slimming World and even the Cambridge diet over the years and I did lose weight but it was so restrictive and time consuming not to mention potentially expensive. My friend recommended the I Quit Sugar books which I read and did the IQS sugar detox. I saw Debbie with her book on QVC and bought it because her struggle sounded like my own. The books all work together for me. The idea of listening to my body which I’ve always been really good at for anything other than food just makes sense. Letting go of the guilt about what I’m eating has been a huge thing for me and I can now buy a chocolate bar (always at least 70% cocoa solids!) and eat a couple of squares then leave it alone. I have a bar next to me right now that I ate one piece of last night but I’ve not felt the need tonight. I love food….butter, avocados, nuts, bread etc. following the principles and ideas in TTFLS I can eat what I fancy. I still don’t eat sugar regularly because I don’t like the way it makes me feel, something I’ve noticed through listening to my body. So that’s it really, learning to let go of the guilt and eating when I really need to eat and what I really fancy but also learning how that really affects my body has been the biggest help for me. So now I restrict what I eat because I’ve learnt what makes me feel bad and not because some diet tells me to. Using the mantra, hunger, thirst, mood I am also better hydrated so better skin and less headaches too. Hope that helps someone else to have a go.” Jan, TTFLS fbk group, 6th Aug”

Do spread the word that the book is free! Just share this link here.

– Dinner with QVC I had a lovely time on Thursday meeting up with some of my pals from QVC China – like Mr Li the presenter manager, (who reminded me kindly he is a year younger than my son!) during a wonderful meal at the National portrait Gallery restaurant – we took over one end of it! Great views and a lovely sunset – so nice to see everyone again!

china 2 China dinner

Road Block Was blocked in again last Friday cos of the Cycling Event through London and Surrey – if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in the thick of it, watch this!

 BACK TO YOU UPDATE – this week, web-chats were with Judith Williams and Sara, plus the lovely Radical girls… plus Bruce Bodyblade with yet more inspirational thoughts. Go here to find out more! 

Back  To You


Next Day Delivery Did you know as of this week, you can pay an extra £2 , for next day delivery (if before 5pm) on the vast majority of purchases? Super eh? If you’re a ‘last minute Lil,’ like me! More on our website or ask the operators about which orders are eligible. Find out more here.

RiWiSi – ‘Sweet Nothing’ by Alison May – out in paperback! Chosen this week ‘cos it’s an updated fun version of Much Ado About Nothing – and I was Beatrice in a school play! more here.

Blooper/Watch – me and Dominic from Aurora last week – OMG is all I have to say! 

Watch Teaser – ‘Outlander’ Update For some reason I’ve been thinking about Jamie Fraser from brilliant time travel/1700’s Amazon Prime’s drama Outlander (does a girl need a reason?!) and found this on YouTube – season 2 is not out till next year but here are some sneaky peek still shots!

Facebook Funny This is just plain clever! Enjoy!


Amazing Foundation Application! So on Monday’s morning show, my sis Linda brings her newest discovery, Pulsaderm, to QVC – and her demo is mesmerising – she’ll be doing it all on her own face, including showing how well the clever mini-sonic-device with unique action applies your liquid foundation! Dewy skin, AND smoother easier makeup – go here for more if you can’t wait to see it!



This week on QVC – very excited to be bringing you the new Dyson TSV on Tuesday night midnight, (10th) plus some fab OTO bargains – e.g. in fashion day on Friday 14th – Yong Kim at 8pm and Together at 11pm!

Next week – pics from our fab charity event! Who wobbled the Wotton Wobble the most? And heads up – Monday 10th, it will be me in the hot seat on our weekly webchat series on the Back to You Facebook group –  talking about ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims book’ and Freedom Eating (eBook is free for the whole weekend 8-10th, to mark the occasion of the fab Table Top sale for Medical Detection Dogs.  More info as above.) Have a fab week!

Best wishes



Ps just over ONE WEEK until the big news about bigger web-chats…x


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  1. lorraine August 7, 2015 at 1:54 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs great blog again! hope the table top sales goes well-your house/garden is lovely-who owns the houses you rent-is there anymore to rent-very interested x

  2. debs f August 14, 2015 at 2:46 am -  Reply

    hi Lorraine! Ta for your kind comment hon. Google ‘batchellor and monkhouse’ and ‘wotton estate’ – they will have info! Sale was fab ta! x

  3. Jan Smith August 15, 2015 at 1:04 am -  Reply

    Excellent taste in floor coverings Deb!!! I enjoy your blogs. Take care. Jan x

  4. janet August 24, 2015 at 1:45 pm -  Reply

    how much weight have you lost and over how many weeks – where can I get a copy of the book?

  5. Debbie handson September 2, 2015 at 6:08 pm -  Reply

    Can you please let me know how to get your book I am at my wits edits like I am on self destruction plus I suffer from ill health which restricts my mobility thanks for your time Debbie handson

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