This week – #BCC, funny Lee & Charlie sketch & meeting ‘my Editor’ – superb TiFFT*!


First, just to announce, Hocus Pocus ’14, the anthology of spooky short stories, is now available to download on eBook or buy as a paperback! Full info and links to get it are here, plus find out details of how to join our Facebook Hallowe’en Party on the big day itself!




Writing, writing, writing! And some reading. Then more writing…! As I now move onto my next project, ‘French or Dutch,’ things went full circle with my first meeting with the lovely editor Jane Eastgate (pictured).

As many of you know, I’ve now been signed to Choc Lit, the super independent publishing house for witty women’s fiction, for my Hawaiian trilogy. (Read my blog post from summer for more info)!  Well, this week it was time to meet the lady who will be editing Hawaiian Affair, and helping me get it ready for them to publish in paperback next year. It was a salubrious venue…

Read the full blog post and more on my RiWiSi page on – plus find out about:

– Who won the Man Booker Prize?
-Meet more of the authors in Hocus Pocus Focus part 3.
– And Book of the Week is ‘Your Life in Your Hands’
Go here to read it all and get links to all my books!


Debbie Does More Decorating!

Decorating StairsOK, I did a little bit more! Much of the hard graft has been done now, at my lovely daughter Lauren’s new home – it’s gone from being a dusty shell with bare walls and a temporary open-plan ‘toilet/kitchen/diner’ (ooer!) to a plastered, rewired, part-painted, stripped, ready-to-fit-kitchen and bathroom renovation!

I will keep you informed but it currently looks as tho’ I will have my house ‘back’ early November when theirs is finally finished! Knowing my luck their moving day will be when I’m away in LA on hols, but whatever the date, it’ll be a big day for my lovely girl.




DD onesieRadiators are important as Lolly feels the cold. That’s why she’s bought herself a sheep-like onesie – look at my girl in this pic – who do you think she looks like! Haha!








Back to You Update

B2U Pich Header

Ahhhh the wonders of ‘food the cause, food the cure.’ I like this pic!

So – TTFLS 2.0 the ‘When’ diet continues to gain pace and a super following. More feedback to make my heart glow this week – including these testimonials…

TTFLS testimonial
I love hearing your stories, thank you! There are now five amazon reviews on my the new book  and all of them are top marks! Yay! Go here to find out more about Till the Fat Lady Slims, where to buy the books, and links to the Facebook group.

Three Month Trim and Tone Challenge
Still time to take part – it starts on Monday 20th! Go to read all about it on this week’s Back to You blog on my website, where you can also read about the most effective anti ageing pill ever! Be sure and sign up for the newsletter too! Click here to read my latest Back to You blog.

Plus, see the summary of  Monday’s Q&A  Facebook chat in the regular 8-9pm slot – this week was Dominic from Aurora Jewellery (‘him with the voice’!) and the lovely Evey from Join Clothing.

Next Monday (20th) it’s Patrick from Quacker! See below on how to join the Facebook group and take part.



QVC Smorgasbord – a taster of some of the highlights from QVC

BabylissSneaky Peek – Babyliss Rotating Hot Air Styling Brush Sunday 26th. The day after the next Liz Earle Today’s Special Value, we’ll be bringing you a new fab styler bargain – I swear by my ‘big hair’ brush, so watch out for this one!

Plus Ralph from Honora will be back that weekend – nightly at 8pm from Sunday 26th – he’s with me on the Monday – whoop!




FrozenShhh! The Disney Princesses or Snowman – which pendant for your youngster? If your kids (or you), love Disney’s ‘‘Frozen’, the smash award winning movie, here’s a sneaky reminder. On a late night show this week, I announced that QVC are part of the official pre-launch of this cute pendant with a pic and a tune-playing musical trinket box! Under £22 – on advanced order, mid Nov. Take a closer look here. The official international launch is not till next year so snap yours up for the little people in your life – I have!




George SomontonGorgeous George – no not that one! George Simonton posted this on facebook this week – thought I’d pass it on! Ahhhh the nostalgia! (Hope you can read the text)!








BCC night was such an amazing success again, and if you missed it, do take time out to go through and pick out some of the highlights across the three hour fundraiser by watching it on catch up below.


Alison K

Ali k posted this tweet earlier today (Friday 17th). Great news, getting the all clear on lumps her doctor wanted checked out. Now she can start really living.





BLOOPER Lee and Charlie do ‘around the house’ sketch – so funny! This was live on the night – I just had to make it this week’s blooper didn’t I!

The Dyson sold out, of course, almost as soon as we put up the details! As did much of the night’s stock, but there are still some products available.

I watched from home and thoroughly enjoyed joining in the tumultuous tweeting and Facebook fest! Did you? What did you enjoy most or what is your most proud purchase? Do add your comment below!

Ali Keenan and Craigy co-presented fabulously well didn’t they? With Will and Miceal providing remote back up too, and so many of our regular faces on the auction lines or in the phone room, it made for very good viewing. And all in such a good spirit – for a great cause – over £300k again this year. Well done all!


PS – JibJab funny from Lee – as praise is lavished upon our new Christmas promotions this year, here’s an ‘elf dance!’ Can you spot the presenters he’s used for this fun little video clip? If you can, I may pop something in the post to one of you randomly!


This week on QVC –

– The Saturday Night Show is back! Our Saturday Night gifting extravaganza hosted by Julia, Miceal and Will this year, will bring you fun shows each Saturday 8-10pm. I enjoyed the last two years, doing it alongside Dale. But I’m glad of the break this year, especially since I’ve been doing the intensive Back to You shows. Good luck to Jules and Miceal! It’s on weekly until mid December.


Philosophy bumper bargain starting on Friday midnight and all day Saturday. It’s the set that’s been advertised in The Mail on Sunday and  You magazine with some super savings. Yay!

Ninja blenderSunday’s Today’s Special Value  is this fab device – with Dale Pinnock, the Medicinal Chef – there will be tons of ideas for using the Nutri Ninja Nutrition Blender, I can’t wait to see him… I mean it!







Isaac Mizrahi Boot Cut Trouser Will Gowing has a fun chat with the fab guest – a fast growing favourite of many of you! See Julian all day Tuesday, but meanwhile watch this!


124014.s.Z4– Then at the end of the week there will be another big Christmas focus – do search the TV guide for your favourite festive shows. I’m looking forward to bringing you the Skechers new Today’s Special Value bargain on Thursday night at midnight. (The suede boots have memory foam in them)!

And our Christmas guest Gill Gauntlett has a busy week ahead – keep a look out for the Bethlehem Lights shows – I’ll have a feature about next Friday’s pre-lit decoration on here soon!



Snippets – A Sayings Special!

photo– Are you Einstein-curious? Several sayings to share with you this week – here’s another cool one from the granddaddy of geniuses! BTW, if you are like him, find out how scientists have discovered the closest ancestor to Eve – click here to read the report, and the Seven Types of English Surnames – which one is yours? Mine’s the location one I think! Go here to find out. Facinating! In a geeky sort of way of course!


MarianneMarianne Williamson’s a name to watch out for if you’re struggling to deal with ‘stuff’ in your life at the moment – Google her, YouTube her, buy her self-help titles. She’s at an event in London this week too – sold out in record time. Subscribe here to get updates for next time.




Special FriendSpecial friend? Got one? Or you are one? I was sent this this week, which made me very happy! Feel free to pass it on to your bestie, and check out the final #BCCBestie pics on our Pinterest board!






Facebook Funny – Lena the Rottweiler loves to shower – oh how I laughed when Lauren sent this to me this week!! Enjoy!




Gone Girl – Oh what a film THIS one was! Anyone who’s seen it will know how tense a psychological thriller it is, and will put chills down the spines of anyone who’s ever felt they don’t really know what their partner is up to! Lol!

Well done Ben Affleck – excellent role. And Rosamund Pike is stellar in the role of a lifetime. Topping US box office for weeks on end, it’s another success for Ben – good for him. A good 8.5 out of ten from me. I haven’t read the book but those who have say it’s even better than the film. I prefer to watch a film then read the book so I will see! Movie at the cinema is definitely recommended though. Out now.

PS and I wanted to see every single one of the films advertised in the trailers segment too! Some good ones coming up. Will have to have a film fest again one day!


Also – Philomena is now on Sky Movies – l absolutely love Judi Dench so was keen to see this one. Alan Partridge plays a real-life journo, Martin Sixsmith, who helps a little feisty Irish lady track down the baby she was forced to give up as an unmarried mum by nuns in 1950’s Ireland, who sold the children to adoptive parents from America. Based on a true story, so here’s an interesting interview with the real Martin Sixsmith and Philomena Lee here.

Steve Coogan is just genius in this – a comic genius but playing the role with such believable pathos too, supporting Judi Dench’s incredible Philomena – I will definitely see it again. Loved it. 9 out of ten for me – one of the best I’ve seen this year.


Next week – the three month Trim and Tone Challenge begins!
Have a rewarding week!
Best wishes


*P.S. TiFFT = Try it For the First Time club!
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  1. Anita October 19, 2014 at 8:53 pm -  Reply

    Saw Gone Girl today – totally unexpected twists! Getting to grips with going to the cinema solo, thanks for the encouragement. x

  2. Lisa Dudley October 19, 2014 at 10:34 pm -  Reply

    Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and making me laugh….even on difficult days you are a tonic.

  3. Kathleen Hall October 22, 2014 at 1:57 am -  Reply

    HI Debbie., first time i have read a blog, just to let you know i enjoyed it thanx kath. x

  4. Christine Russell October 22, 2014 at 9:35 am -  Reply

    great blog as ever. Loving Lena the rottie!!
    Virginmedia is still blocking your website by the way. xx

  5. Debs f October 22, 2014 at 1:55 pm -  Reply

    Anita –
    Sign of the times! I may go on thurs night, if I can get blog done early! So many fab films I want to see ATM! Well done u! If in doubt, take a notebook n pen, so it looks like ur a reviewer! I gave up feeling awkward out alone eg at restaurants years and years ago – life’s too short to worry what people think! X

  6. Debs f October 22, 2014 at 1:56 pm -  Reply

    Lisa –
    So pleased to hear it – it’s what I’m there for! Xx

  7. Debs f October 22, 2014 at 1:57 pm -  Reply

    Kathleen –
    Really? Wow ta for making mine a TiFFT! Lol! Keep coming back each week n tell me your thoughts too – #reciprocity! Lol xx

  8. Debs f October 22, 2014 at 1:59 pm -  Reply

    Christine –
    Ta hon! Yes lena’s face is a picture! Lol
    Blimmin virgin media! Have u contacted them to say unblock it?

  9. Susanne October 24, 2014 at 7:42 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie – do also read Marianne Williamson’s book ‘A Course In Miracles’. Each page is numbered by month and date and it’s really uplifting. Heard of her via Oprah Winfrey (my role model in life) many years ago as she features regularly there.

    I can heartily recommend Oprah’s box set of four CD’s called ‘What I Know For Sure’ – a compilation of the column of the same name. Anyone who’s an Oprah fan will LOVE IT. Divided into chapters, Oprah gives her usual sage advice (why is it that every word she utters just makes SENSE to me?) and having been at a crossroads in my life these last few months, not knowing which way to jump, which way to turn, all is now clear – it really is amazing. Good stuff!

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