Watch funny Daisy and Gracie the waterdogs!


How funny! My lovely pogs Daisy and Gracie have been this week in the heat! And how lovely has the heat been?! Well, mostly…

Watch this little caper in the paddling pool – they are so delighted to be in the ‘plosh’ as I call it.

I’ve heard there have been spectacular thunder storms around the north of the country midweek – perhaps they’re coming further south but at time of writing it’s still going to be another warm day tomorrow and I’m really glad, for once, that my garden loses the sun by tea time due to high trees!

When I went for a little walk with the two choccies in the woods, I did another little video ‘vlog’ blog, and you can see an exclusive one of them in the stream gallivanting hilariously only on my newsletter update on my homepage on my website – go here to watch it! (Don’t forget to subscribe to get regular email updates of my antics and exclusive pics and vids!) Then I did a proper ‘vlog’ which I posted on my Facebook Page here, (anyone can see it even if you’re not on Facebook!) And do read on below to see what else I’ve been doing on my week off – apart from writing!


Nice time with Nieces Had a lovely afternoon with my brother Glenn’s two kids, Lara and Izzy at the caravan park they were staying at not far from me, when I went and babysat one afternoon. We had a Chinese meal afterwards, and I even had a go on this apparatus/obstacle course – I was rubbish! Lol. Izzy is so funny and  Lara is very sharp – great company. Exhausted me tho – glad mine are now 26 and 29!

Debbie Flint with nieces

Nice Sunday with my kids Talking of which, here’s a pic of me and my two and their other halves at the Telegraph pub in Putney Heath – we had a super Sunday lunch and a good old catch up. Lauren’s pogs came along too – Baloo and Luna were allowed at the pub and they were very well-behaved!


Fire House Obelisk Had a little meander along the footpath nearby which skirts the edge of the A3 and made a fascinating discovery. I love finding things like this – which have a tangible link to our past. Turns out it’s the commemorative stone and brick obelisk erected to mark the spot where David Hartley a famous MP and inventor back in the 1770s, built an invention which was one of the earliest forms of fire-proofing – he put metal panels in between floors to help prevent fire spreading. His first ‘fire house’ was near this spot! One of his early versions was so successful King George III and Queen Charlotte apparently even had breakfast on the upper floor whilst a fire was burning below – can you imagine anything like that happening nowadays?! It’s been standing there since 110 years after the Great Fire of London, and even had the old-fashioned ‘S’ (looks like an f) lettering. I love old stuff! Lol. Here’s more about it if you’re a geek like me.


Turns out the mystery flower was… purple allium! Remember, the ones I thought might be spring onions (and which, ahem, tasted like spring onions when they were first sprouting too! Hehe!) They are the most gorgeous deep purple blooms now.


Now there are lilies too! And my amazing cottage garden has now produced its first ‘pickable’ lilies too – the spectacular self-picked bouquets just get more and more amazing each week! I’ve never had so many flowers just from the garden. In the past I’ve worried about it being a bit depressing when they die, so have mainly asked for house plants. But having so many choices on tap has been a transforming experience! I did a lot of Richard Jackson’s plant food too this week, so hopefully it’ll help both fruits and flowers to grow! What are you having particular success with this year? Leave me a comment below!


Souper! Made my fave green soup again this week – OMG it was so delicious. I made about two pints of it and probably ate half on one day! Added some white miso soup to a load of green veggies and some stock and soy sauce, then garnish with toasted almond flakes – yumm! Good job I’m getting back to healthy eating after my stint in France – all those French sticks did my waistline no good! Haha! Thank goodness for Freedom eating and my Till the Fat Lady Slims series. Am currently going through edits for the book to be released at Christmas time (ish) including hopefully in WHSmiths Travel again like Take a Chance on Me (my steamy novel) was last year. Lots of people having great results right now – see bottom of this blog!



Book of the Week Am really enjoying a new one from one of my fave authors Lucy Dillon. ‘Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts’ is once again narrated really well (I love audiobooks as regulars will know!) and this is one of Lucy’s earlier novels. It’s a little more like a Jill Mansell with multiple storylines and am loving the way she draws you into the novel straight away and makes you care about what happens to the characters so effectively. Find out more about it on my Read it Write it Sell it blog here.


Back to You blog – a fabulous reminder of why Till the Fat Lady Slims and Freedom Eating works so well – read some super posts from ladies who have been reading my book to lose weight and report ‘NSV’s (non-scales victories!) and of the fact that gut bacteria affect so many aspects of health – go here

Watch I know I’ve featured it before but the final episode of ‘Outlander’ season 2 this week was stunning. You know when a film or show stays with you for ages afterwards? Well that happened! I am sooooo going to go back and (once again!) re-listen to Diana Gabaldon’s tome which picks up where the amazing TV series left off at the end of ‘Dragonfly in Amber’, Diana’s second book about time-travelling doctor from the 1940s/1960s, Claire Fraser/ Randall. (Two husbands, two different time zones.) If you haven’t seen it yet, see it online – I bet you’ll binge watch the whole first season once you realise how good it is and how dishy Jamie Frazer the highlander is! In fact it’s so good I’m going to watch it again!

Facebook Funny – saw this and thought I’d include it this week! There have been tons featuring dogs and water though – if you’re not on Facebook, Instagram is now where I’m posting things too! You can find me on @debbieflintauthorqvc


Blooper Again another couple of funnies from this week on air on QVC! Well done team! Those flying ants are one of the best bloopers since Charlies’ moth! And if you missed the moth here it is again!

Moth attack!

This week on QVC I’ve had some great hours lately and I wanted to tell you about a couple of highlights coming up in the next week or so.

  • Saturday and Sunday’s TSV’s – including the new Lola Rose necklace called ‘Rozabell’ – I’ve been wearing the grey one all week! And on Sunday, it’s the brilliant new Elemis one – don’t miss them! And standby on next week’s blog for an Elemis competition!

305978.v.005 218616

  • Meanwhile, here’s an Early Bird Order link if you’d like to buy the Elemis Top to toe kit now!
  • Algenist is back for a whole hour on 28th with me at 3pm. Their eye cream is our Beauty Pick of the Month but not for much longer! Some great five-star reviews – get yours here. And do join me and Sofia the lovely guest if you need some skincare solutions, this features a unique algae ingredient which really seems to work on mature skins. Browse their range


  • Tuesday 9pm – Toni Brattin the renowned hair piece expert joins us here at QVC UK with her superb fixed-style wigs and hair pieces! Do join us if yours needs a revamp!


  • Tuesday midnight – new Nina Leonard launch – a smashing bow back longline cardigan.

Nina Leonard

  • Thursday’s TSV is the OPI limited edition Summer Retro Lacquer and Nail Envy collection!


  • Sneaky peek – on Saturday 30th it’s another superb Amazon Fire tablet – a 7” one, with 8gb storage, case and an extra 32gb microSD card with my telly hubby Lee Hohbein.

Next week – amazing author and my writing mentor Julie Cohen’s new book launch! ‘Falling’ is out on 28th July! Have a great week! PS check out my weekly posts below from the weight loss groups – this week’s from Tracey C is spectacular! And do come join us online if you like – links below. Or catch up on everything on my website here!

Best wishes



Ps TiFFT = try it for the first time event!

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Here is where to go to find out more about all my books – Top 50 Kindle bestseller ‘Take a Chance on Me’, other novels and short stories and anthologies. Plus non-fiction weight loss books TTFLS etc.

Latest testimonials for ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ – my system of changing your relationship with food

From Tracey C –

Recent non-scale victtories for me, quite a few. Chap at work yesterday, not known for his kind comments to others, looked me up and down and said “Wow, you look lovely – new shoes?” :v Skirt I wore yesterday for work, now pulls right up under my boobs with room to spare, the belt is on the last hole and is still a couple of inches too big, my watch is on the last hole. The skirt I put on after work, which used to strangle my belly, now falls down to my hips. I am happy about this, but sad about the skirt as I love it, might have to use safety pins. When I wash my face I can feel there’s less of it, if you get me, my cheekbones are the widest point of my face again for the first time since my mid to late forties.

I’m eating what I like, just like I used to, just not all day long. I eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m not, I realise I won’t die if I don’t clear my plate (I still do usually), I can save some for later. Freedom eating works a treat and I don’t feel deprived in any way.

Thank you so much Debbie Flint and the rest of you for the inspiration.



  1. a parr July 22, 2016 at 8:35 pm -  Reply

    I really hope those gorgeous dogs are rescue,not two of the many puppy farm ones, we don’t need dog breeding,rescues are over flowing with puppies,it is heart breaking to see healthy puppies put to sleep or worst on puppy farms,ie more horrific ways of killing them.They are beautiful,but so are the thousands waiting to be rehomed, then when they are not as cute destroyed.

    • admin July 29, 2016 at 11:56 am -  Reply

      Hi there, yes i totally share your concerns and hate puppy farms. I recommend rescue centres to anyone talking about getting a dog. The more that get rehomed the better! Thanks for your very valid concerns and hope you have a nice bank holiday weekend – Debbie Flint x

  2. Anni July 25, 2016 at 6:53 pm -  Reply

    What colours do the NL long line cardigans come in Debs?

  3. Anni July 25, 2016 at 6:54 pm -  Reply

    What colours do the NL cardigans come in

  4. Debbie Flint July 28, 2016 at 2:27 am -  Reply

    Sorry Anni – hope you saw it ok! Some may still be available if anyone wants to check it out – item 159555 – very affordable given how well made it is! camel, black, navy, vibrant violet and ocean blue. hugs x

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