Wardrobe malfunctions and a win for Clogau at the UK Jewellery Awards!


Hi everyone! I think I may well have set a new record for the longest gap between blogs at QVC! Many apologies for my extremely long absence. I know most of you follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but some of you don’t use social media so the blog is a great way of keeping in touch with you off screen. As ever, the main reason for my disappearance from the blog has been due to keeping too many plates spinning in the air. In other words, busy, busy, busy, busy! I hope you’re getting some time to enjoy the glorious sunshine we’ve had so far this summer. My Dyson fan has been earning its keep on the hot nights, I can tell you!

Speaking of hot nights… hot off the press news from last week’s UK Jewellery Awards 2017 is that Clogau have won yet another award for the mantelpiece. Congratulations to all the team for winning The Jewellery Retailer of the Year 2017! I felt very proud to attend the ceremony and share in their delight.

Clogau are a brand with a passion for quality and, I would say, romance. Each piece of jewellery has its own story. Many pieces relate to Royal Palaces, Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses and the Welsh heritage. A touch of that rare Welsh gold is present in every single piece. I’m honoured to have been the first non-Welsh person to design with Clogau. I’ve designed a few pieces now with help on the finer points of jewellery-making from designer Sam Roberts. I am very proud of the collaborations we have created together. This made the night all the more special.

Graham Stock is always great fun, both on air and off, and I was delighted to be seated next to him, however, we both had some pretty major wardrobe malfunctions prior to arriving at the event!! Graham was arriving fresh from Hong Kong for the awards and his clothes for the evening were meant to arrive at the hotel he was staying in… but they didn’t! He sent me a text to say he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to make it as he didn’t have anything to wear but, like the stylish man he always is, he found the answer. The answer was lurking in some of London’s great charity shops! He managed to find this lovely cravat, velvet jacket and a Hugo Boss shirt complete with cuff links all for ten pounds!!! A fellow Clogau attendee furnished him with the trousers which, as luck would have it, not only fit but completed the look nicely! Well done, G, very resourceful.

As for me, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in brick dust working on my driveway (I’ll update you in another blog soon) so didn’t manage to shop for new clobber in time. There is a dress which I’ve seen the models at QVC wearing over the past few years during jewellery shows which I always regretted not buying when we had it for sale. It was by Damsel in a Dress and it’s stunning. I wouldn’t normally be so cheeky but felt a little like Cinderella in need of a fairy godmother. I found one! One of our lovely stylists took pity on me and allowed me to borrow it. She said, “just one thing, though… there’s a hole in the bum and the end of the zip sometimes pokes through”. “Ah, not a problem, I’ll repair it so it’ll come back in better shape than when it left”. Merrily I waltzed away down the corridor with it, delighted. “I shall go to the ball! I shall go to the ball!”.

Well, in all my excitement I, of course, completely forgot about said hole in posterior region until a few minutes before meeting up with Graham to have a drink before setting off. Luckily, not only is Mr. Stock great at sniffing out a charity shop bargain, but he’s rather a dab hand with a needle and thread! I’m not going to lie. We did get some funny looks, a few raised eyebrows and more than a few smiles as Graham did the gentlemanly thing and sewed up my backside!! Funny, that’s not a sentence I’d have ever predicted including in a blog!

It was really great to see so many brands which we feature at QVC including, one of our newest additions, Thomas Sabo! Again I felt proud. Proud of QVC for being home to such esteemed and award winning names in jewellery.

Welsh television presenter, Gethin Jones, was the master of ceremonies for the night. He really joined in with everyone after his responsibilities were done with. He was great fun and seemed to enjoy the night as much as the rest of us! I tried a little of my Welsh out on him and he was impressed which pleased me no end! I’m still trying to learn but it’s hard without other Welsh speakers around to get daily practice in with.

We bought play money to raise funds for charity. The pretend cash was for use in the pop up casino. Graham understood it all but I soon got confused as gambling is a numbers game. Numbers and I don’t mix. If only gambling was related to spelling skills… I’m pretty darn good at spelling.

Graham had fun playing whilst I took to the dance floor with some of the Clogau ladies. What a great night. I wish I’d been wearing my Fitbit but the only strap I had for it didn’t really suit the event. I bet I’d have clocked up some serious steppage! I was soaked through by the end of the night (well, more like morning as it was 3am) and had blisters on my feet for which I bore no grudge. I loved every minute of this magical night.

I’m delighted to say that, unlike Cinderella, my dress for the ball remained intact throughout the night with no embarrassing moments except for, maybe, literally being stitched up by Graham!

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

Love Catherine x


  1. Caroline Horne July 7, 2017 at 12:22 am -  Reply

    Your blog made me smile, love it, you are great fun Catherine and you are so clever doing your house. I am hoping to get some jobs completed this year. Take care. xxx

  2. Jill jennings July 7, 2017 at 11:06 am -  Reply

    Catherine l could’nt help but chuckle you and graham must have got some funny look’s, glad you enjoyed the night, l love reading your blogs they are such fun…

  3. Jean Allen July 9, 2017 at 8:48 am -  Reply

    Loved reading your amusing blog almost as much as following you on QVC. Well done Clogau!

  4. Susan July 12, 2017 at 11:13 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine, you and graham are a hoot! Priceless photo of him stitching you! You make a great couple…as do you and gethin! You really looked gorgeous in that dress. How is the house coming? You’re so skilled and brave. I want to say again how good it was of you to share your mental health blog. Thank you.
    Susan x

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