Walking the walk and Eco-ing my zone!


Hello! What a lovely day it is as I write this. Beautiful sunshine, at last. I hope it’s nice where you are too.

I know lots of you have been interested to hear how I got on doing the London Moonwalk, so I thought I’d give you a little update on that.

I’ll start by ordering up a huge slice of humble pie to eat. I honestly thought it was going to be easier than it was, by a long way! I’ll eat my words now, too! There was me thinking, “I’m pretty tough. I knock down walls, rebuild them, do hard labour on the building site that has become my home and even had operations without general anaesthetic. This might be challenging but nothing I can’t handle”. If you could have seen and heard me on the last few miles you’d have said, “Not so tough now, are we, Catherine?” Ha ha! I was making groaning noises akin to a wild animal in labour! My hips and lower back really took a hit but I’m thrilled to say I, and all of our group, made it to the finish line! Eventually. We started out as a larger group which dwindled down to four and then, finally, just two of us.

There was such excitement and emotion as we all gathered on Clapham Common. The organisers staggered the start so that we were allowed to go in 6 groups according to our estimated walk time. We were in the final group. This meant that we started two hours after the first lot set off.

There were lots of things going on on the stage. The fabulous Hazell Dean performed, people spoke of very moving personal stories and a member of Hot Gossip conducted a warm up for each group which involved lots of dance and stretches. To be fair, he did say we could just opt to do our own warm up but I was buzzing with energy so I did all the warm ups! Around one and a half to two hours worth prior to starting the walk itself!

We started at midnight. People were tooting their horns, leaning out of the windows of houses and flats to wave and cheer and volunteers along the route encouraged us and welcomed us to pit stops with water, fruit and sweets to keep us going. What an atmosphere! It was one of the most memorable things I’ve ever been involved with.

It was, all in all, a very upbeat event. During the last few miles when it was just two of us, me and Jamie, from our original group we had a mutual tearful moment. There was a woman in front of us who had written words to this effect (I am paraphrasing slightly as I can’t recall the exact wording) on her T-shirt, “I’ve beaten cancer 3 times. I can do this!”. Jamie and I must’ve seen it at the same time because it choked us up, individually, and when we turned to look at each other we realised the other had seen and been affected too. Wow. Just amazing to see such strength and positivity in the face of such adversity. Some even did the walk in wheelchairs!

I tell you what I was thrilled about… my choice of footwear! I LOVE my Skechers. I bought these a few months back and they served me so well. Some people had bleeding feet and burst blisters. Ouch! Whereas my feet hurt – bound to after walking for eleven hours – they were in much better shape than most and I do put that down to my shoes as well as a bit of balm on my feet to stop rubbing. I got off lightly – thanks Skechers!

There was a true sense of comeraderie along the way. Some groups were singing. There were men in sparkly capes and bras as well as a huge amount of women. Around 15,000 of us in total! We sparkled our way through London through the night in glittery garb, as there was a disco theme. People of all ages coming together to raise awareness of breast cancer and raise funds to help those affected by it.

I had been keeping quiet about the fact I recently discovered a lump, myself. The day after the Moonwalk I had my scan after a couple of other appointments, which weren’t conclusive. Thankfully, it’s all fine, but I would like to urge women and men to not just check your breasts regularly but to, please, go for your mammograms and if you suspect anything isn’t right, go and see your GP. Become breast aware so you know what changes to look for. Awareness and early detection are so important in saving lives.

If you would like more info on the good work the charity, Walk The Walk, do for breast cancer then have a little search online and you’ll see lots of photos and information about the event and how you can become involved in future walks. Well done to everyone who has done it, you have my utmost respect! Those who have sponsored folks, you are absolute stars!

Now for something completely different! A bit of spring cleaning courtesy of Ecozone! I’m not sure if you’ve seen, but they have a great little box for just £20, which allows you to try their most popular products. It’s already got a five star rating.

Ecozone are a lovely company. They are a family run business who really care about the planet we live on. I’m vegan and love that their products are all plant-based, vegan trademarked, eco friendly with environmentally sustainable ingredients and zero bleach, phosphates or other toxic chemicals.

But do they work? Oh yes, they do! You can try them for yourself with our 30 day money back guarantee. Be as sceptical as you like, but I think you’ll be really pleased with the results.

The dishwasher/washing machine cleaner tabs could end up saving you a fortune. I recently had to have a callout for my dishwasher due to a blockage. I was told that it needed a regular clean and that would have prevented the problem. It cost me £160 to fix! As a little insurance to help maintain your appliances around the home I think the price of Ecozone vs call-outs is tiny and well worth the investment.

One more thing… I used my ‘Freddie Fitbit’ on the moonwalk and clocked 60,000 steps from midnight until 11am! I think the Fitbit devices are fabulous. Lots of you have been asking about the one you’ve been seeing me wear with a lilac strap. Look out for more info on that in my next blog. It’s coming up soon as a Today’s Special Value offer.

Wishing you a very happy day. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment.

Lots of love,

Catherine xx

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  1. Jean May 21, 2019 at 9:25 pm -  Reply

    Hi Catherine,
    Congratulations to you and everyone who did the walk for Breast Cancer. You certainly did some walking, good thing you had your Sketchers, they are great arent they.
    So pleased your scan was clear, must have been an awful worry for you. I’m due for the usual breast check soon.
    The Ecozone for the machines are great, that reminds me my washing machine and dishwasher are due for a good clean, I got some of these from QVC a while back.
    Take Care.
    Love Jean xx

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