Vitamix Creations comes to QVC!


The compact and stylish Vitamix machine in all its glory!I was extremely excited when I was asked to launch the Vitamix TSV on QVC this Friday night! As Vitamix is such an exciting brand, I have been waiting ages for it to arrive at QVC – at times I never thought it would happen! 

At long last, I can share details of what is sure to become one of the most indispensable kitchen tools you will ever use and an everyday necessity in your kitchen. I call it 'the monster of all machines' and when you see its speed and capability, you too will realise that there is nothing else out there like it!


Its laser-cut blade chops veg, grinds coffee beans and grains and will help you to create delicious frozen smoothies and desserts. It's also brilliant for making hot soups, purées, sauces, kneading dough and even mixing batter for baking! Its powerful blades will literally break down the cell walls of even the most fibrous fruit and vegetables so the skin and peel will be perfectly pulverised.

Jill's morning smoothie that keeps her energised until her elevensies snack!One of my favourite things to make is a morning smoothie (pictured here). It's not only smooth and delicious but packed with nutrients galore!

Just combine a glass of almond milk, two almond nuts, two Brazil nuts, two walnuts, a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, a teaspoon of ground chia and flax seeds and two tablespoons of organic rolled oats. Leave overnight in the fridge and add half a banana or some manuka honey just before you blitz it in the Vitamix. It's quick, easy to make and full of goodness!

This particular model is only available at QVC in three fab colour choices – red, black or blue. Not only does this TSV come with a recipe book (pictured below) packed with over 300 ideas , you even get a cooking lesson included on the DVD!

It's totally unbelievable when you actually see the Vitamix in action! As a nutrition advisor this is a piece of equipment that I always recommend to my clients. It's a machine worth investing in as it will dramatically change the way you cook and speed up the whole process.  There's no doubt about it: our Vitamix TSV is like gold dust at this price!

The Vitamix recipe book features over 300 ideas for you to tryOne of the very best things about this machine is that it cleans itself: but could it get any better than that I hear you cry?! Well it certainly does! We are so keen to share the Vitamix experience with you, it's available in 3 easy payments!

I can't wait until Friday night so my guest Gareth Evans can share his Vitamix recipes and stories…

Here's to healthy happy days!!



  1. Tania August 22, 2013 at 1:15 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jill
    Never posted on one of your blogs before. Your last blog was fab and well done you for getting through. I couldn’t stop reading til i was done. You ever thoight abpit writing a book either fiction or regarding healthy living? How do you have the motovation?
    I want to eat more healthily to raise my energy levels as due to depression and meds i am ALWAYS tired.
    Any nutritional ideas please preferably not involving too many nuts and seeds though lol.
    Any advice wud b great pls. Oo i have the bodyblade which i am hoping to get back into.
    Thanks and stay well x

  2. Annette Roberts August 28, 2013 at 9:14 am -  Reply

    Hi Jill
    Sorry, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the Vitamix, but your previous blog.
    What an awful time that was for you and horrific crash, you definitely had somebody watching over you that day! As for the whiplash, I can totally relate to that. I had a bump a number of years ago, nothing like yours though. A car was parked on my side of the road and a row of cars on the other, with a large car and caravan coming through. I had stopped completely, foot on brake and indicator flashing and I saw this old capri coming up behind with a guy and girl chatting away. I took my foot off the brake to go past the car and was hit up the rear! Luckily, I was fine, but my car wasn’t…I managed to limp home with it.
    A couple of months later I was sat in my office doing paperwork and all of a sudden my neck went over to the right and I could straighten it up, it really hurt. I rang the GP and he saw me straight away, although I felt a fool walking there with my head to one side. He checked it out and because of the accident earlier he said that it was like whiplash, but without the whip!! I spent 2 weeks in a collar and had heat treatment at the local hospital.
    I’ve still got the collar and sometimes it does still play up if I’ve slept funny.
    As for AeroPilates and Marjolein, it has been a godsend to me and I wouldn’t be without it, it is helping me to recover from recent surgery to take out the metal plate and pins in my ankle, which was causing me problems for the last couple of years following a fall…it feels sooo much better without it in there. I’m nowhere near as fit as you are, but hopefully now I will improve with more flexibility in my right ankle.
    Take care
    Annette x

  3. Gary August 28, 2013 at 11:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jill, Never watched the QVC channel before, was just flicking through, must say you have the most beautiful pair of legs! really breathtaking, must watch this channel again,
    gary Irish Republic,

  4. Diane gilbank August 29, 2013 at 9:34 am -  Reply

    Just had to comment on how fabulous you looked in that nude lace dres you wore last night on the ronnie nichol show Jill. It fited you like it was tailor made for you, so I hope it has been on your one to buy list! May I also add how inspirational you story of getting back to fitness is. The photos are amazing and I applaud your effort and determination. Hope I get to see you with Ralph today as you are always good together. Best wishes Diane xxx

  5. susanne fitzpatrick September 3, 2013 at 11:50 pm -  Reply

    I’m intrigued by your healthy eating/fitness regime. Do you have your own website or can you pass on some of your tips?
    I’m on the dratted menopause and nothing is shifting those excess pounds no matter what I do. Need your expertise!!!!
    Fab at 48? No doubt about it!!!!

  6. adeline taagart. September 13, 2013 at 1:39 am -  Reply

    jill it would be a pleasant change if you did something different with your hair and add more colour to your make-up, its refreshing to see how the other presenters do.

  7. shirley September 16, 2013 at 6:23 pm -  Reply

    Lol@ Gary from Ireland,! well i suppose its a good enough reason to watch, If you ve got Jill it flaunt it! its funny when you think of all the preparation of getting the goods to studio, the script etc, the presenters researching the products, the directors, sound people, technichans etc camera men, and Gary from Ireland is happily engrossed in Jills legs, lol, Love the shows Jill, i was really impressed with your story about your recovery from your car accident, keep safe!

  8. Jennifer Austin September 16, 2013 at 9:57 pm -  Reply

    Dear Jill
    I love your hair and make-up! It suits you very much.
    You always look great and certainly well turned out.
    Why would you want to change?!
    As I have written before, I always enjoy you presenting on QVC.
    Keep up the good work Jill!
    Kind regards
    Jennifer xo

  9. jill franks September 30, 2013 at 2:15 pm -  Reply

    Thankyou for your Lovely comments especially on my Ronnie Nicole dress.
    Jennifer I wouldn’t change a thing about myself. I am really happy being me.
    Annette I hope you are doing well and well done to you and so pleased you are loving your Pilates. A godsend definitely
    Also keeping in great shape is vital not just now but for the future. We are all individual with different needs and without meeting you all in person, unfortunately I cannot give out personnel consultations. I sooo wish I could but keep up the good work and stay happy and healthy.

  10. Norma October 24, 2013 at 10:00 am -  Reply

    Must be great having guys looking at your legs Jill! wish i had that problem lol.good to see you are recovering from your accident,i never realised this

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