Very large pants and very happy memories!


Hi everyone,

Wow, it’s getting close now isn’t it? By IT, of course, I mean Christmas. When we were discussing Christmas here at QVC, the topic of the best and “strangest” Christmas presents we’ve ever received came up, so I thought I would share mine with you – and I’d love to hear your best and strangest too, so please leave me a comment at the end of this blog!

The strangest gift is one that has become legendary in my family home – there’s rarely a Christmas when one of my sisters doesn’t remark “remember when we all got the giant pants?” and we all fall about laughing.

Because that’s exactly what we got, all five of us sisters, one year. I won’t say who gave them to us, but we all excitedly ripped off the wrapping paper to find identical pairs of ENORMOUS knickers. Seriously – Bridget Jones wouldn’t get a look in. They were the biggest pants I have ever seen – the waistband practically came up to our chins! You could have fitted at least two of us into each pair. I can’t remember what became of them, but we certainly never wore them. A lovely thought – underwear is generally a very welcome gift – but I’m not sure what went wrong with the sizing there! It’s a gift that’s definitely brought us much joy over the years though, so maybe a good one after all, eh?

When it came to trying to think of my best ever Christmas gift, I’ve struggled. I’ve had lovely things over the years – jewellery, handbags, clothes. But if I’m really honest, for me the best gift I can get at Christmas is being with my loved ones. That sounds really soppy, but I’m afraid it’s true. As time goes on, I appreciate my family and friends more and more. The vast majority of my huge family live in Ireland, so I don’t get to see them nearly often enough.

But every second Christmas lots of us get together, and those are the very best years, when we spend days just laughing. Last year we had a Christmas jumper theme (see the photo – what a super stylish lot we are!) and that kicked things off beautifully.


This year, I’ll be working most of Christmas so it will just be me and my hubby in a hotel near work, which will of course be absolutely lovely. Then hopefully next year it will be a big get-together again, both families joining forces for the festive celebrations. In the past few years I’ve lost my sister and three very close friends, and memories of Christmases spent with them are still so precious. Who knows what tomorrow will bring – time with loved ones truly is the best gift ever.

I hope your Christmas preparations are going well… and if you don’t celebrate it, hope your December is a good one!

Love Jackie xx


  1. sharka December 7, 2016 at 5:55 pm -  Reply

    I agree Jackie we must appreciate each other more. I have just found out that my husband is extremely ill and my not have long with us. But instead of being sad we are enjoying each others company and talking Lots. Christmas is not being thought about so we are having lots of little Christmases in a way and I bought my grandson a slanket as when he comes to see his granddad who is spending lots of time under his he gets under it with him he was very envious of how warm it is. He has now got his own slanket as rather than wait he was given it as soon as it arrived, and now his Dad is envious of his, so another present sorted as his birthday is 27th Dec so ordered another today. I had already bought the Halo car starter for him and my daughter.
    We have had lots of laughs about it.
    Qvc has been a boon to me this Christmas as I am quite stressed but this has allowed me to just shop in comfort, thankyou QVC.
    Anyway I hope this is not to miserable a little note Jackie enjoy your Christmas with your lovely husband.
    Love, xx

    • Jackie Kabler December 9, 2016 at 11:18 am -  Reply

      Hi Sharka
      I’m so very, very sorry to hear about your husband. I hope you can spend the time making memories and spending lots of precious time together. You sound like a lovely positive person and I’m sure that will see you through. And I’m so glad that we can be of some small help to you here at QVC. I hope the next few weeks aren’t too hard for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch, and sending you much love.
      Jackie xx

  2. Denise December 7, 2016 at 8:44 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jackie, the story of the giant pants certainly amused me! You have to wonder what goes through people’s minds when choosing gifts like that don’t you? I must admit I tend to stop and think sometimes when buying gifts. My worst gift has to be a calico type bag that you store potatoes in … mmm just what I wanted eh? As for my best I’m like you in that I’ve had lovely presents from my husband and son. One of the best up to now was tickets to see the Strictly
    tour. However I think that’s about to be eclipsed this Christmas. The reason being we are about to become grandparents for the first time with baby due on the 30th. We are so excited made all the more special at this festive time. I’ll keep you posted.
    Best wishes
    Denise x

    • Jackie Kabler December 9, 2016 at 11:21 am -  Reply

      Hi Denise
      I love the potato bag story, how funny! And how incredibly exciting about the baby! Can’t wait to hear all about it, what a wonderful Christmas/New Year gift! Have a fabulous festive season.
      Love Jackie xx

  3. Susanne December 9, 2016 at 2:17 am -  Reply

    A colleague of mine (whose husband is notoriously bad at choosing Xmas presents) TOOK him to a department store and TOLD him that she “loved that blue coat with the brass buttons and belt” and “adored those knee-length black boots with the side buckle” and waited in eager anticipation for Christmas Day to arrive.

    On the big day, she was given a smallish box and thought her hubby was joking around. Sadly he wasn’t. He’d bought her a hands-free set for the car.

    She only returned to the marital home on Jan 6 (and only then because her daughter was due to visit). Sadly, the rest of the office just fell about …….

    • Jackie Kabler December 9, 2016 at 11:23 am -  Reply

      Hi Susanne
      Oh my goodness, how hilarious! That poor woman! Men really can be hopeless, can’t they? Sigh….
      Thanks for making me laugh out loud!
      Love Jackie xx

  4. Susan December 15, 2016 at 11:54 am -  Reply

    Hi Jackie, I hope you and your husband have a nice quiet Christmas. Hopefully it will a relaxed one in the hotel. And look forward to noisy next year!x

    • Jackie Kabler December 19, 2016 at 7:27 pm -  Reply

      Thanks Susan! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too.
      Love Jackie x

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