My verdict on January’s Beauty Pick


After the over indulgence of the Christmas season, it’s commonplace for us all to need a detox programme at the beginning of the New Year. Although we commonly think of this as looking at our diet and exercise, have you ever thought about a detox for the skin?

At this time of year it’s not just the excesses of the season, but also the increased aggressions of central heating, air conditioning and the harsh winter weather that cause our skin to look at its worst. Often in winter, you will experience – even when using an excellent skincare routine – that skin is just not performing, is lacking lustre, with irregularities of texture showing up, and/or breakouts and/or sensitivity and dehydration.

Add to this, that unless you have been away for some winter sun, all skin ethnicities are at their palest which exaggerates and shows up flaws even more. If this is your concern, as it is most peoples at this time of year (whether male or female), then a perfect product that can be added into your regime is our Product of the Month (incidentally at a great price); the Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss capsules. They come in glamorous limited edition packaging in celebration of the 25th birthday of Elemis.

You can slot these easily into most skincare routines by using the contents of the pink rose capsule massaged into the skin in the morning underneath your normal moisturiser, and on an evening, applying the blue/green lavender capsule before applying any night creams or serums.

Elemis 60 Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules

For full effectiveness, it is essential for you to do this continually for 30 days, during which time your skin should go through a transitional period which may possibly involve a few breakouts at about week two, if you are prone to them, but for everyone else a gradual but visible improvement in the look, condition, quality and feel of your skin. By the end of the course, your skin should be back, not just to its normal self but to a better you.

Common questions regarding an existing routine that I can help you with, would be:-

Yes, you can mix your brands if you are not already using Elemis at the moment. By this, I mean you can slot this into your routine, even though all your other products are from your personal favourite brand.

If you are already using oils as treatments ie: AD Skin Synergy, Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate, Decleor Aromessence etc. then on a younger or combination skin, stop using them for a month and only use the Bliss capsules. On an older or dryer skin, you may wish to put a half dose of your current oil blend on top but this is not essential for results, only for comfort.

If you are currently using a very potent routine, for example: Alpha-H Liquid Gold with glycolic acid, or strong AHA’s, Ole Enrikson or potent retinals, it would not be advisable to mix the Bliss capsules into the routine with these sorts of ingredients on top as they could ‘de-nature’ the essential oils and render them ineffective, however, if you wanted to take a break from these products for one month to give a boost to your skin and to experience the results that I have mentioned, then put aside these more potent products and apply the Bliss capsules in the morning and evening with a moisturiser on top.

For everyone, at the end of the month, you should see dramatic results and can then go back to enjoying your normal skin regime and present brands. However, occasionally, if you suffer poor health, increased stress or your skin is in very bad condition, you may need a second course of Bliss capsules immediately.

This skin detox programme has been used for many years all over the world and often it is only discovered when you have a private appointment with an Elemis facial specialist and they are recommended for you. Of course, here at QVC, we have always shared this secret and many tens of thousands of customers have purchased the Bliss capsules in the past.

Through the month of January 2015, obviously we have this great deal. You can stockpile and, if you are planning for the rest of the year, you can use a course of Bliss capsules again, either at the change of the seasons or at a month’s countdown prior to a special event, holiday, wedding etc. when you want to look fantastic. I think, because these are so pleasurable to use and they are a real treat to receive, they could also be a possibility as a Valentine’s gift and would make a superb Mother’s Day gift too.


  1. Vanessa Wilkinson January 9, 2015 at 11:13 am -  Reply

    Are bliss caps ok to use with the T/Enzyme wash & gel mask? I also use PCMC? I have dull bumpy skin….

  2. Lauren January 15, 2015 at 11:46 am -  Reply

    Hi Alison, should I still exfoliate while using bliss capsules? Thanks

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