Valentine’s Freebie! Plus Derek the Dog ‘pup-date’!


Had a lovely week off – was writing for most of it but managed to get out to visit friends and relations – including a Sunday morning rugby session with the nieces – see below. Long time since I’ve seen that time on a Sunday morning that’s for sure – except for from the other side! And of course this Sunday it’s the 14th Feb… ‘that’ day.

So I’m celebrating by passing on some treats. Valentine’s Day Free Stories – see below. Plus how about taking part in Patrick from Quacker’s super Valentine’s Quiz? And who will be my Valentine…

Well usually the answer to that is no one. What’s your solution to facing a romance-free Valentine’s day? Mine will be to doggysit so at least my daughter and her boyfriend can celebrate it! Little Baloo and crazy Luna will be having a sleepover with my three labs so I’ll have no time to think about ‘that day’! I have to say in the last 15 years, I’ve only had 2 where I’ve had a Valentine – and they were disastrous, so maybe Labrador love is better! We could always watch Richard Jackson all day on QVC with his fab flower power Today’s Special Value? (more here on his blog)

Mind you if you just fancy reading some romance, here are some treats from me!

Free romantic stories for Valentine’s Day – my short story anthology – ‘Roses are Red’, contains mine and several others short stories, and is free just for you over Valentine’s Day weekend. Plus follow the round robin romance from fellow fab Choc Lit authors too – see what happens with the conclusion of Sophie’s fated date – all the details on both are here. Great way to find some super new writers if you need a new novel to keep you amused!

Roses are red

Valentine’s Quiz Or how about testing yourself with Patrick from Quacker’s Valentine’s quiz, which was a fab Facebook event last time we ran it. You can click on the links below, or if you’re not on Facebook, I’ve put the info all on my latest website newsletter. Just subscribe and you’ll be emailed exclusive info and updates regularly, too! I only got nine! Eeek! Wonder if you can beat my score. Have a go if you can… Well? Did you beat nine? That’s all I got – I was rubbish! He’ll have another one at Easter. Fab fun. And he’s back on QVC Tuesday March 8th at 1pm and 7pm.

patricks quiz


Rugby-sitting Nieces OMG I volunteered to get up at 7.30am on Sunday to go do my duty niece-sitting – taking the 9-year-old and 6-year-old to … rugby! At Chipstead RFC. Nice day for it, thank goodness, but so cold. Nice clubhouse too – and nice… warm… cup of teaaaa! They enjoyed their practise. And I’ve done my bit for a while! Lol. I’m not an early bird, as regulars will know. The body was there but the mind was in snoozeland!

Niece 1Niece 2

Chiswick W4 mag Nice to be featured in Chiswick’s other local magazine, mentioning the book launch party I had in The Chiswick Bookshop (see last week’s blog for full lowdown and pics). What a nice write-up too! Read it all here. For those who missed all the fuss last week, or couldn’t go and didn’t catch the exclusive newsletter update last week, here’s the link to the video of my little reading – I was nervous – can you tell?! Click here to see the book party reading I did.


Why does Daisy do this?
Why does my six-year-old choccie Labrador Daisy dog lie in the heather? She really digs down into it too – wonder why? Literally lies on top of it? Will have to ask Richard Jackson!


By the way his Richard Jackson’s plant food has a superb Today’s Special value offer this Sunday 14th on QVC – don’t miss it! See below.

Itchy Scratchy Doggy? Its Pampered Pets time again – set your recorder for Monday 3pm with Dale – including a fabulous spray solution for itchy scratchy pet problems – whatever the pet. Or get yours here now, in case you miss it! Thirty days to see if it helps – can’t be bad?

 Best Sellers and Awards – looks like my first novel ‘Take a Chance on Me’ is up for an award, announced in May probably. Go here to my book blog to find out more! Plus a nice book of the week – the audiobook of ‘The Trouble with Goats and Sheep’. Lovely writing pal and talented author Joanna Cannon’s hardback has hit number 3 in the Sunday Times chart! We are so proud of her. Go find out more on my blog..

Jo Cannon


Frozen in Time
You know how I love my ancient history! Look at this – 5 amazing archaeological discoveries preserved by nature: From Oetzi the Iceman to frozen woolly mammoths – fascinating – click here!

ice man


Win a copy of the latest Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire – courtesy of a lovely article by OAPSchat, a super website. Click here to read it all.

Back to You Update Plus I’ve posted another lovely before and after story, of Sue who uses Freedom Eating to help her stay slim now she’s trimmed from a 16 to a size 8! Clever girl – read it and see her pics here. So glad my semi-autobiographical weight loss books are helping people.  Also on my Back to You blog this week – The connection between sleep and weight loss – and how having different gut bacteria can make or break your diet. Really interesting topics! Plus links to read the Q&A webchats with Liz from Radical – inc rosacea and pore size; plus Bruce’s regarding the latest Bodyblade tips.

sue b&a

Juice Pulp Face Pack Always wondered what to do with your dry juice pulp from Jason Vale’s top end juicer? How about this idea? And still on offer at Introductory Price, the top-rated juicer is here and last clicks clearance price on the web now for his 5:2 juice book under £10!

Who’s the Evilest Guest of All – Gabrielle Bradshaw is!! Here’s a fab pic of Gabi in her super panto last weekend – what a talented girl she is!

gabi witch

Tom Jones at Hampton Court Festival! Guess what?! On the back of the fabulous concerts at Hampton Court last June (Peter Andre and Bacharach) I’ve booked to go see Tom Jones this June! Tickets went so fast they booked another date for Tom. Mummy will be pleased! More here.

Doggy Update I finally finished the file for Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 this week too, and uploaded it to amazon so it’s waiting for all the downloads to happen on publication day, 20th February – all profits going to Medical Detection Dogs too. Go here to see where to order TTFLS 3.0 in eBook for Kindle – and the paperback will be available too by 20th. We need another £200 if possible to remember little Tangle by Sunday – hoping we can make it! Click here if you’d like to donate!

MDD ypdate

Year of the … Chimp?
 Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of the fire-monkey – but since in my new TTFLS 3.0 book I’m talking all about the Inner Chimp, maybe it should be that! Lol. Actually on a serious note, it’s really helped explain why we keep eating things we know aren’t good for us. Worth a read. The Chimp Paradox, or go here to see more.


Dinner at Lolly’s had a lovely get together with my kids and my grandpogs – how little black spaniel Luna has grown! She’s as tall as Baloo now, but so skinny! And not a cuddly dog. Should be interesting when I puppysit on Sunday! I have my own ‘pup-date’ on Valentine’s Day – with my daughter’s two spaniels who are coming to stay so she and BF can go out to celebrate! Bless! At least I’m guaranteed less smelly cuddles compared to my flabradors! Lol. More about that on my website newsletter here.
Brad me and Luna

Derek – ‘Pup-date’! Here’s the latest from Medical Detection Dogs about the little Labrador I named Derek (after my late dad – hehe, poor dog!) – he’s getting on really well in his socialisation stage – can’t wait to see him again later in the month! If you can’t read it, go to see it on my charity page on my website here.


Facebook Funny – haha! Spot the difference! If only…!

glasses funny

Watch – X Files is back on TV! Don’t know about you but when I was first at QVC and we had some collectables shows, the X Files featured from time to time. Well now Scully and Mulder are back – on channel 5. Find out more here, and watch on catch up.

I enjoyed the first show, they’re obviously setting up for some future pay offs down the line – Fox Mulder, more smouldering than ever, in my opinion, being thrown off scent in the opening episode, and Scully embarking on a new romantic interest, which no doubt will be thrown over for Mulder at some point in the future. But gripping enough, and fascinating to see the old faces re-emerge. Am going to see Dad’s Army soon, and I want to see fab 1950s Hollywood-based movie ‘Trumbo’ starring Helen Mirren too – will keep you informed in the next Watch next week! Meanwhile, here’s an interesting one…

Watch – TED TALK – BrainSmart – changing behaviour via brain scans. So here’s the first in a series of what they call ‘TEDx Talks’ – thousands of them can be seen on YouTube on all sorts of topics – bite sized presentations so they’re easy to watch. From now on I’m going to include some of the best I’ve personally seen – you don’t have to go to the cinema to enjoy them! This first one is with a guy called Daniel Amen who specialises in imaging the brain. Just watch his talk and his references to dementia, violent behaviour, brain damage and see the incredible images of NFL players. Scary. See it on youtube here – ‘what we’ve learned from 83,000 brain scans’. If you have one to recommend, leave a comment below or email me


And finally, watch this! Catherine and Alison O’Reilly getting hot under the collar with a slip of the tongue – or several

Did you catch the runaway chips blooper just after midnight with Alison K and Simon Brown – by the way the air cooker is my top kitchen buy EVER! Got the new duck egg one so brother can have the old one – I use it nearly every day. Much better for crispy stuff than microwaving and superb for crispy kale. Yum!

This week on qvc –

I’ll be back from my lovely week off and on air on Tuesday with Lulu Guinness shows. But look out for these bargains coming up –

Sunday – Valentine’s Day with Richard Jackson – give your plants the food of love – Richard’s amazing plant food. OK so I’m stretching it a bit but it’s a super deal!

Richard Jackson Panel 2

Lisa Snowdon croppedLisa Snowdon’s Back on Sunday (14th) at 3pm with my lovely Craigy with real diamond bargains like this half-price wishbone necklace and this amazing third-of-the price diamond stud eye earrings Don’t forget Will’s lovely chat with her here.







Monday  – don’t forget its Pampered Pets at 3pm, see above, plus at midnight it’s this fab Lulu Guinness Annie bag launching as Tuesday’s TSV!

Lulu Guinness Annie bag black QVC UK

– this is a super Attitudes by Renee pleat back jersey tunic Today’s Special Value too.


Sneaky Peek – Northern Nights on Friday 19th – 600TC stripe design duvet set – fresh and lovely!

Next week – I will be seeing Matthew Perry from Friends at the theatre in London on Saturday 13th in ‘The End of Longing’!

PS – I will be at Crufts in Birmingham on Friday 11th March (afternoon session), on the MDD stand – put it in your diary now! X

Have a lovely week



Pps keep in touch with me via Twitter, @debbieflint and via my Facebook page – search DebbieFlintQVC (page) or go here.

Go to my own website for full info about my novel-writing, my Read it Write it Sell it blog and my Back to You show blog and well-being info, plus ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims’ weight loss book and also my charity for which I’m delighted to be an ambassador, Medical Detection Dogs, just go via my website,


OR do leave me a comment below – just state your email address (not shown), a name, and comment!


  1. Jackie February 13, 2016 at 7:41 am -  Reply

    Crufts – Friday is the 11th March so either day or date you mention is incorrect. I shall be going on 10th as that is Poodle day! Enjoy your dogs.

  2. Pauline Grindon February 13, 2016 at 3:15 pm -  Reply

    Just read “Take a chance on me”. Great book Debbie, kept me up till 5am reading it.
    More of the same please, enjoyed it immensely.

  3. Emily Curtis February 13, 2016 at 3:28 pm -  Reply

    Great blog as usual Debbie I like you shall be valentine free again this year and shall be in the company of my two black cats Dylan and Carlos unfortunately unlike yourself there will be no more doggie cuddles as my chocolate Labrador Monty passed away in July 2014 and I decided against getting another dog as I’m now disabled and it wouldn’t be fair to the dog but should all my bodyblade workouts and Pilates get me strong enough to be walked around the park by a dog one day I will get another one as I miss that love that only dogs can give. I’ve entered the competition to win the signed copy of ttfls mark 3 fingers crossed I’m going to send you a pm message or email regarding tacom. This Wednesday I shall be making my donation to MDD to help fund Derek I hope all the other blog readers do the same. Glad you enjoyed your time off from work have a good weekend lots of love and prayers Emily xx

  4. debs f February 16, 2016 at 1:10 am -  Reply

    Jackie – yes of course, Friday 11th! lol. What a mix up of dates – silly Debbie.
    Poodle day eh? we had poodles all the while we were growing up! I would have got one but my (now ex) husband said ‘i’m not walking a poodle!’ so we ended up with labradors! lol . Can’t wait to be there this year – with MDD. Very proud x

  5. debs f February 16, 2016 at 1:12 am -  Reply

    Pauline! So glad! If you’d like to be a beta reader for my next one, with book one still fresh in your mind, would you email me or if you’re on facebook ask to join ‘debbie’s Readers’ and tag me in a post once you’re a member! thank you! hugs x

  6. debs f February 16, 2016 at 1:16 am -  Reply

    Emily – what a star you are! I’m sure with all the fabulous bodyblade work you’re doing it’ll be sure to make your muscles stronger hon. Thinking of you and hope to meet you one day too. Very kind of you to donate too – every little helps and they’ll be very happy I’m sure. Am going again next week so hoping to have more pics of little derek the dog! x

  7. Ella February 18, 2016 at 9:06 pm -  Reply

    My collie cross used to lie on top of a large heather that I had in the garde. Ruined it!

  8. Ella February 18, 2016 at 9:09 pm -  Reply

    P.s lovely photo of you, Luna and Colin Firth’s younger brother!

  9. Debs f February 19, 2016 at 2:08 pm -  Reply

    Ella – haha! Must be therapeutic then.
    Lol re colin firth. My fave! X

  10. martin forbes February 20, 2016 at 8:58 am -  Reply

    hi debs hopyou and your son brad and your daughter lauren are well
    iam not bad.just enjoyed a 2week holiday lazy holiday from work being lazy doing nothing.back on monday what a thought look forward to next one.

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