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Easter is the traditional start of the Gardening Year and I can’t wait! So far, it’s been one of the most challenging and slow seasons that I can remember. But now our gardens are just beginning to wake from their winter slumber, so I’m planning to make the most of the Easter break and enjoy doing plenty of gardening.

There’s lots I’m looking forward to, including planting out my sweet pea seedlings, dividing clumps of snowdrops, moving some shrubs, tidying up my trial beds, and emptying the compost heaps, and adding the lovely crumbly compost to the borders.

I’ll be doing all this around my QVC schedule, which is quite hectic as on Sunday, we saw the launch of new Flower Power Plant Food it is this month’s Gardening Product of the Month for the whole of April. It’s a 1.15kg tub of new Flower Power which now includes bio-active technology. It’s an amazing offer, the price is £19.98 and there’s no P&P to pay for the entire month either. Now’s the time to start feeding your plants, to help them make up for lost time, and Flower Power will start to make a huge difference immediately, and continue to help you grow bigger, better and healthier plants all the way through the rest of the spring and summer.

If you’re looking to improve your lawn this gardening season then take a look at this great offer, a combination pack including three litres of Lawn Magic, my top rated Lawn Feed, plus my brand new hose-end Easy Feeder. I’m very proud of my Easy Feeder which I think is a breakthrough in garden feeding, which has taken me two years to develop. Not only is it the extra easy way to apply Lawn Magic, but also Flower Power too, just by turning the dial. If you just want to water your plants, that’s easy too. And whatever you’re watering or feeding, there’s a choice of three special spray patterns so you can pick what suits them best. Here are three Lawn Magic customers who love it too!

“You will see that in July I had barely any grass left after clearing away all the moss. In mid July I applied Lawn Magic and waited. By the end of September, after a further application of Lawn Magic, I have a lawn which is the envy of the neighbours”.
Lawn Magic customer – Derek Hulme 

Before I get too carried away, I ought to say a little more about Lawn Magic. Most lawns are looking slightly sad after the wet winter. Lawn Magic will help transform them, and fast, as it’s the professional secret of green, healthy and great looking lawns. It’s not like ordinary lawn food; most of those simply green the grass, but, and this is a really important difference, Lawn Magic strengthens it too. That’s why so many professionals choose to use it (under its commercial name) because it produces great looking and more resilient pitches. It’s so popular with the professionals that approximately 80% of the Premier Football and Rugby grounds rely on it! For home gardeners, Lawn Magic produces a green, healthy, great looking lawn that’s tougher too, so it’s better for kids, pets and simple day to day enjoyment.

“I have been using Richard’s Lawn Magic for two years now on my large lawn. What a brilliant product”.
Lawn Magic customer – Mark Cotton

Lawn Magic can be applied diluted in a watering can, but now my new Easy Feeder makes the application so much quicker. It’s great for Flower Power too. Simply turn the dial to select the product you want to apply, from Lawn Magic to soluble or liquid Flower Power. Then choose which spray pattern you want, from wide (for lawns), to stream (to reach the back of borders) or gentle rain (for containers and flowers). My clever built-in Venturi system ensures you’re applying the perfect dilution, whichever product it is, all the time you’re watering!

“This is my dog, Charlie. Charlie loves to roll around on our grass, which is in much better condition after using Lawn Magic.”
Lawn Magic customer – Katy Galloway

Happy gardening!


  1. Wendy Campbell March 30, 2018 at 10:47 am -  Reply

    Thanks Richard and team for continuing to help me in the garden to produce better plants, veg and lawn. Can’t wait for the new lawn feed and sprayer will be ordering mine.

  2. jennifer cann April 7, 2018 at 5:00 pm -  Reply

    Richard i hope you can help me, i always use your weed killer and have been highly satisfied, i ordered a new one last year but didnt useit as i had some left over, i opened the new one on wednesday this week and waited for it too work, it was a good day warm no wind but as of today saturday the weeds are still growing, i rang qvc but as it was over 6 months they couldnt do anything, i dont know what else to do, have you had anyone else say that the last batch didnt work? hope you can help me, i use all your products and this is the first time something does not work

  3. Louise April 8, 2018 at 8:52 am -  Reply

    Always love your enthusiasm but please don’t hand off to Mr Plantgeek. His website has no proper gardening news and is just a self promotion site full of staged pics of him (not sure how this is gardening info!) and shopping links to sales of dubiously logo’d clothing and unsavoury, innuendo laden wording that imo are wholly inappropriate for a QVC presenter to be engaged in. QVC presenters are watched by children and adults and his site promotes attitudes that are not appropriate. You are inspirational, knowledgable and a joy to watch. Please find a co presenter who mirrors by evidence and articles your passion and knowledge. Take care and sorry for the rant.

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