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As somebody who has travelled around the world for pleasure and spent years doing holiday programs, it won’t surprise you to know that I have firsthand experience of having too much sun!

I love being in the bright sunshine, but when you expose yourself to too much of it, it can really be a pain in the neck. I have tried many different lotions and creams over the years, but I find that the only one that I can truly depend on all day long is Ultrasun. For this reason whenever I am on holiday or even in the sun at home, there is always some Ultrasun with me for me and my family.

If you’re about to head out on your holidays, then our Today’s Special Value offer coming up will certainly be of interest to you, as it has our holiday favourites. The collection comes in either the SPF 30 or the SPF 50 and includes:

  • 1 x Family (SPF 30 or 50)
  • 1 x Sports Spray (SPF 30 or 50)
  • 1 x Aftersun Tan Booster
  • 2 x Lip Protection SPF 30

Ultrasun is something that you can completely trust to protect you, not just against the burning but against the ageing rays, all day long and that’s whether you are in and out the water on and off the tennis or golf course or just relaxing in the garden.

Abi, who brought us Ultrasun from Switzerland, is a very passionate, almost evangelistic exponent of sun safety. Nothing would ever get the name of Ultrasun without it being 100% effective at what it does, and one of the biggest differences you get with Ultrasun is how long it lasts.

It has a lipasomal formula that means rather than sitting on the surface of your skin (and therefore washing off easily). It binds onto your skin making it such a fabulous once-a-day formula. The offer that we have on Thursday 5th July is perfect for anyone who intends to be anywhere near the sun having a 5 pieces holiday collection with the two SPF options.

I think most people know which camp they fall into, but if you’re in any doubt I always use SPF 30, and I take a really good tan as I have Mediterranean skin. My daughter has a similar skin tone but I tend to use SPF 50 on her because her skin is that much younger.

If you want to get a gorgeous golden glow it doesn’t really matter which factor you use as they are filters rather than blocks, and so the sun will change your skin but in a much safer way. Because you don’t get burned and because the skin is protected I find that my tan seems to last longer and is more even than if I go out for a quick fry, as I used to do.

One of the main things I learned from talking to Abi over the number of years she has been coming to QVC, is that there is more than one type of ray that comes from the sunshine.

The UVC rays, we don’t need to bother about because they bounce off the ozone layer but it’s the A and B that cause all the damage. The easy way to remember the difference is that UVB causes you to burn and UVA causes you to age. The SPF (sun protection factor) in creams is related to the UVB and we have either 30 or 50 in our offer, but there is a very high level of UVA protection and these are the rays that do the most damage and cause the premature ageing and many of the other things that we see people who haven’t been exposed to much sun.

The great thing about Ultrasun is that you put it on in the morning and that’s all you need to do then you can rely on it for the rest of the day.

It means that the kids don’t mind – because it’s easy and it’s only once, it means that people who never use suntan lotion can start to use it – because once again there is no faffing involved and it means for those people who normally hate the sun because of their prickly heat or terrible sunburn, they will start to enjoy their holidays again!

We have lots of things that help get you and the family kitted out this summer, so before heading off to the beach have a look it these:

Sun hats

Make sure you also check out our great selection of swimwear, sunglasses, flip-flops and luggage too!

Or if you just need a bit of inspiration for your holiday in general, check out our fabulous Holiday Shop.

Join us all through the day on Thursday 5th July when Abi can tell you all about the Ultrasun offer and what’s in it. If you’ve never used Ultrasun this could be the day to start a whole new way to enjoy being outside, no matter what the weather throws at you!

Simon X


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  1. Janet July 2, 2018 at 8:33 pm -  Reply

    Hi Simon. We use Ultrasun. Quick, easy, confident protection especially in the current intense heat, but also lower factor all year round too. Shall be tuning in, thank you:)

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