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I’ve just returned from a few days back home in the, not so sunny, land of my forefathers. Honestly it was a bit bleak weather-wise in Ireland – cold, grey, wet –but I wasn’t miserable! I went home to see my dear old Mum. I have made a resolution, of sorts, to try and get home a little more often than I usually do, as she has been so unwell this last year. Also it was such a joy hanging out with her at Christmas, so I want to have as much precious time with her as I can squeeze in, and that’s precisely what I did.

Visits with Mum these days are very low-key, sedate affairs. We don’t really get up to much, mostly because she can’t, but I now always hire a car when I’m home as she really does need to be taken door-to-door. Time in the car with Mum is actually a pleasure, as we usually have the radio on and eventually end up singing along.

Mum has always enjoyed singing, in fact she is still in a choir that was formed by her teacher in primary school. They were her teacher’s first prize-winning choir and they reformed about 30 years ago when their teacher was eventually retiring. They have stayed together in some shape or form ever since. It is a great focal point in the week and I dread the day she decides that she isn’t going to go any more.

We had lunch out with my brother and sister one day and then dinner with my nephews and niece (her grandchildren) another, so lots of socialising; but carefully scheduled as well to ensure she didn’t get overtired.

Mum and I have always enjoyed shopping (mostly for clothes), but this time I took her out to look for some table lamps she needed. Our outing was successful and she can now sit in the glow of some beautiful lamps that a smart hotel would be proud to show off. She was happy, and therefore I was happy too. Also, as she has been suffering a bit with her feet since she has been unwell, I brought her home some lovely Margaret Dabbs Foot Cream – she absolutely loves it.

Mum knew about it as she used to use it on her sister who had issues with her feet, massaging it into them for her; she couldn’t praise it enough. Eventually I think every member of the extended family will be hooked on it! It was just a quick visit of a few days, but an absolutely lovely one. Here’s to more time with Mum in 2018!

I also managed to squeeze in a short weekend in Glasgow visiting an old friend of mine – she was a producer on the very first TV show I ever presented in Ireland and we have remained firm friends ever since. I am not always quick to make friends, I like to know people for a while first, but when I do decide to be friends with someone, there’s no shaking me!

This was another resolution of sorts, to make more time for friends and to take more breaks from work. It was another lovely trip as my friend Zoe is an outstanding cook and I honestly must have gained about six or seven pounds in three days. I enjoyed every mouthful I ate though!

Before my sojourn in Glasgow and my trip home, I got all cultural and went off to the ballet one evening. It was booked last year after a conversation with one of the girls who works backstage; she was a dancer and at one point ran a dance school. I explained that – while I really did love opera – I never really went to the ballet much (apart from my Christmas outings to The Nutcracker, I am a working class boy after all!

She insisted we change that and on the spot we agreed to go and see Giselle at the Royal Opera House in London, the swishiest of swishy venues – I don’t mind telling you!

After a bit to eat, off we went to the grand surround of the Opera House and everyone dressed up in their finest. It is an evening in itself, just to stand in the bar and watch all the people there.

We eventually took our seats five rows from the front, so I worried that we might be a little too close. Well, I was about to learn a lesson – when you see something that is so utterly beautiful and arresting there isn’t a seat that can get you close enough to it, save actually sitting on the stage itself. It was such a magnificent display from the Prima Ballerina, who was marking 20 years of dancing with the Royal Ballet with this performance, that I was grateful for my seats more than I can say.

To be honest, I was practically leaning  into the seats in front of me, I wanted to see the performances so badly. I was beyond elated afterwards and I honestly as high as a kite! If you have never been to the ballet or, like me, have only ever really been to a seasonal ballet like The Nutcracker, I beg you to try something a little different, make the investment (even if only once) and see one of ballet repertoire’s classics. You really wont regret it!

I am back at work now after my little trips and having a look at everything new coming up. I have been using the Propolis and Safflower body milk in the SBC Today’s Special Value and it has transformed the skin that gets rubbed by my gym shirts and is usually a bit dry and irritated, so I got the Today’s Special Value just for that, it’s definitely worth trying!

Coming up on Wednesday 21st February, we have a new Today’s Special Value from L’Occitane which I am excited about. There will be two different options: Fresh or Floral.

It’s a four-piece collection and there is even an Auto Delivery option available as well. I probably shouldn’t say any more than that at this stage, but make sure you look out for it as it will be on my list of things to get.

It won’t be alone, as next month we will have a brand new Beauty Pick of the Month from Elemis! It will be the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Rose. This I will definitely be ordering, and ordering easily, so I don’t miss out. I’m guessing as it is March’s Beauty Pick Of The Month, it will also have £0.00 P&P – which makes it even better.

If I seem a bit Beauty product obsessed at the moment, it is because the winter has really played havoc with my skin this year. Maybe it’s age… my 47th is looming on the horizon (gulp, where does the time go to?!). Whatever the reason, at least I know I always have the QVC Beauty department to rely on! (By the way, we have lots of beauty items on Easy Pay on our website, always worth checking out!)

Until next time,

Miceal xxx


  1. Josephine Jennings February 20, 2018 at 8:17 am -  Reply

    Miceal so happy you enjoyed your holiday with your mom, precious time.

  2. Victoria February 20, 2018 at 9:32 pm -  Reply

    What a good son you are. You are right, we should all spend as much time as possible with our loved ones.

  3. CJ February 21, 2018 at 4:42 pm -  Reply

    Loving the blog update, I moved back home to be near my Mam as she is getting that bit older and I treasure the time we have together and make sure I can do all that I can for her and my Dad of course. I am the same with friends I like to get to know someone for a while and once I am very loyal friend for sure. I would never of thought your age Miceal I still remember meeting you at the beauty bash a couple of years ago and was so sweet of you to give me a welcoming hug. All the best to you and your family.

  4. Anna Marie O hagan February 23, 2018 at 2:07 pm -  Reply

    I love Miceal on Qvc he’s Irish like me and seems so nice. Loved reading about your travels and your time at home with your your Mum.

  5. Susan Bretherick March 6, 2018 at 2:56 pm -  Reply

    You write such an interesting and warm hearted blog Miceal, I wish your Mum good health and happiness and with you keeping an eye on her and lashing so much love I am sure she appreciates all the attention you give her.
    Kindest regards.

  6. margaret March 17, 2018 at 3:12 pm -  Reply

    hi Miceal , if you ever get the chance to go to the ballet again I would say go to see Sleeping Beauty just loved it. Hope you mum is keeping well.

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