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The current series of AYBNI wraps up with a two-hour special this Wednesday (although read on for when to expect a one-off special show from Will Gowing and I in the near future), and for this show we have a focus on what your beauty regime may need during the transitional seasons of summer to autumn, and on into winter.

Changing season, especially summer going into winter, can cause many beauty issues that can easily be addressed by re-analysing your beauty regime and adopting some professional techniques to keep your hair, nails and skin in their optimum condition.

The heat during the summer months, especially with the excessive heat we have had in this country and maybe additional holidays abroad, can cause increased ageing and pigmentation to the skin. On top of that, we have the predictions of a severe winter weather warning, during which the skin can become dry and/or unbalanced with increased sensitivity – it is imperative to not just repeat purchase your favourite products but to address these current seasonal temporary conditions to prevent them from becoming long term.

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Exfoliation is key at this time of year, and a top trick is to increase your exfoliation frequency or purchase a hard-hitting salon exfoliator which is what I do in my routine, to get a dramatic result quickly.

Ole Henriksen’s Power Peel Treatment is a fantastically intensive, potent salon exfoliant that works in three steps. We are launching big sizes in my two hour special of Alison Young’s Beauty Night In, by the request of ‘moi’ following on from the sell-out successes of the measured sachets.

We will have three pots: the step one – Almond Polish which smells gorgeous and is physically satisfying with its exfoliation effect, step two – the lemon strip face peel to re-texturise, firm the skin and redefine the pores and step 3 – the chamomile comfort facial mask to moisturise, soothe and calm. When you do these three steps together, you are doing the Hollywood micro-peel system which Ole is famous for with his celebrity client base.

A top tip is to do this in the evening and then indulge your skin by layering up with your regular serums, oils and balms as a finishing intense moisturising treatment to go to bed with, or Ole’s trick is to drench your skin after this system with the Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil.

More mature or drier skin can do this treatment once a week. An oily or combination skin, once every other week.  You will see and feel dramatic results the first time you use it and it can help put your skin back on track.

If you have high-coloured, red or broken capillaried skin, this is not a good treatment for you. You can buy the lemon strip peel on its own which doesn’t have any physical grains in it or continue to use your non-grainy enzymatic exfoliants from your existing brands, such as your Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel in the six-piece British Botanical Face and Body Experience.

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If you notice that even having a great skin regime with lots of exfoliants and masks and even really potent expensive skincare doesn’t seem to be working, it may be time to address your skin ageing from the inside out.

Imedeen supplements have been scientifically designed to address the depleting nutrition levels of an ageing skin with nutritionally-balanced supplement to give improved results on the feel and appearance of your skin, hair and nails. Within a few months of taking them, you should notice these areas acting and looking younger, your skincare regime appearing to work again and less need for heavy make-up because you get your skin confidence back.

A healthy diet is sufficient for a younger skin but because of the hormone changes as we get older and resulting depleted levels in our skin cells, women, even more so than men, can respond to supplementation. Imedeen has such strong scientific evidence and is certainly recognised as a brand leader and a premium product, which is why it has such a celebrity following, but you can see from our reviews on the website the difference that it has made to so many.

With this improved look to your skin, let’s address the issue of this time of year: the skin looking duller and paler. For this, you can get the quickest result by applying Tan-Luxe Illuminating Serum Facial Drops into your facial moisturisers and neck creams, and your Supersize Gradual Glow Body Milk from Decleor to keep a warm and glowing complexion from top to toe, preventing the look of the winter blues.

These combined skin and tanning tips should help your makeup look fresher, but if it doesn’t and you want a more modern, fluid approach to foundation, then we will be launching the NEW Perricone ‘No Foundation Foundation’ Serum in the two-hour AYBNI special, which gives an undetectable make-up look and a skin finish of a more youthful, even complexion and can take years off you. To complete this more modern, youthful makeup, use the new Stila Aqua Glow Watercolour Blush to keep the skin looking fresh and dewy.

With your make-up and winter weather, if you are having liner problems, then go back to the artistry of a paint liner and brush, such as the tarte Tartiest paint liner with angled brush. It may take you a few more minutes to learn the technique at home but once mastered, it means you can confidently apply liner on the upper lid every day, knowing that it will last and look fashionable until night time.

Hair is an obvious one, and if you don’t address the damage of the summer before the harsh and wet weather of the winter (plus the complication of increased car heaters and central heating), your hair will look permanently dull and frazzled for the coming months. If you are an Elasticizer fan, step up your pre-shampoo treatment application and even do it for several washes in a row until you get your hair condition back.


For anyone finding that their hair, this year because of ageing, is thinner or finer with potential more see-through areas on the scalp, it may be time to step up to a Tricology hair system of the PK4 Supplements with the Tricho Pro Volumising Protein Spray applied topically.

If your shampoo and conditioner do not feel luxurious enough and you feel like you are fighting a losing battle then try the award-winning high-end anti-ageing hair brand Nexxus. If you’ve loved the Nutritive Replenishing Discovery Collection but need more, add the Emergencee Reconstructive Masque. Those of you that prefer to do all your treatments in the shower will find the Nexxus system quicker and the Reconstructive Masque is for when your hair is at its worst, even after technical services, and will work on textured and curly hair too.


This will be one of your last chances to get September’s Pick of the Month on free P&P, and going into the winter months and with the dry weather, AD Skin Synergy Geranium and Rose Nourishing Night Treatment is an inspirational purchase for a beginner and a must-own, money-saving skin treatment for anyone finding that they are going through their regular pots of cream too quickly. My top tip is if your skin is thirsty during the winter months, don’t apply more of one product, but layer up different textures – your skin will respond quicker, just like layering up your clothes in winter keeps you warmer.

Nails do require more work during the winter months because of the lack of vitamin D from the sun, so it is crucial that you increase moisturisation of the cuticles and if you are using nail strengtheners that you step them up or add them in. For on-trend shades and top nailcare, why not check out the range by Deborah Lippmann, a global celebrity nail technician with decades of experience. She has also cleverly developed a ‘no lamp required’ Gel Lab Base and Top Coat which gives a harder, longer-wearing finish.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of AYBNI. I am certainly looking forward to bringing you new shows and sharing my knowledge next year. In the meantime we have some great Christmas beauty shows to squeeze into the 24 hour day, and remember, through the winter months to keep on top of your beauty routine by constantly re-assessing and acting on anything that you see. 

You can still keep tweeting me any questions in the shows that I do and, a little heads up; Will and I are doing a special two-hour AYBNI gifting show on Sunday 1st November in the evening, where you will be able to get lots of your questions answered.


  1. Morag Winchester September 28, 2015 at 2:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison. I have a ridge going up and down one of my nails. It will not go away and i was told it was due to an old trauma to the nail. Whenever this nail grows to any length at all it splits at this ridge. Is there anything I can do about it. Any advice greatly appreciated as always. Thanks. Xterm

  2. Sue Holden September 28, 2015 at 3:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison, I would appreciate some advice for very crepey upper arms and lumpy bumpy skin. In fact the crepiness is progressing at a rate of knots towards my lower inner arms.
    I am finding this very upsetting especially as my face is quite young looking. ( I am 63, 5ft 4″ and a size 10 – 12 figure)
    I have ordered the SBC collagen gel after reading some very good reviews but I would appreciate it if you could suggest any other treatments and / or advise whether the collagen gel will do anything, I am beginning to think that cosmetic surgery may be the only answer

  3. Anne Marie Mason September 29, 2015 at 7:50 pm -  Reply

    We’ll miss you both! Don’t let them cancel this fully, PLEASE! x

  4. Teresa October 12, 2015 at 1:00 am -  Reply

    I would appreciate your knowledge re this matter.
    . I always apply primer before my foundation. Between my noes and cheeks always end up cakey it’s embarrassing as people don’t realise the length of time I take to prepare. What am I doing wrong. Kind refards

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