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Simon training JaimieI have mentioned in previous blogs about our ‘new' dog Jamie. He was rejected from a few homes until we got him, aged five and a half. He is a fantastic dog in the house and brilliant with the kids, cats and even, after a few trial runs, the chickens!

His one problem area is he has never been taught to come back when called or walk on the lead properly. The combination made him a very ‘annoying’ dog to go for a walk with and at five and a half years old, quite a challenge to work with.

Now, I should say at this stage, it’s really my wife who does the dog training in our house. She has a way of finding what motivates the dog and really using that to change their behaviour. I should say at this stage that he was rejected by three households as being ‘impossible to train’ until we got him.

With Jamie, it was food! But not just any old food. He would happily ignore some tasty morsels and perform wonderfully if they were just right. We found that he loved hot dogs, which although a bit smelly and wet to carry around in your pocket, worked a treat. However, they have loads of additives (about a dozen) in addition to the meat (about 80% meat). As most of these additives were either salt, sugar or chemical preservatives, we were always searching for an effective alternative.

Jaimie proud of his Pet MunchiesThen along came Pet Munchies! I first met the lovely Suzanne Rothmann (the lady who created this range of fabulous pet food) when she brought in some dogs and a trainer for a show at QVC and they really impressed us all. Suzanne gave me a bag of chicken strips and I went home to try them on Jamie and the results were fabulous!

Jamie absolutely loved them and started to come back to us when we blew the whistle, with a renewed vigour and a real enthusiasm. The best part was not only are they easy to carry around but they have so much less salt, sugar and additives than anything else he responded to before.

We still train Jamie with Pet Munchies and he is steadily improving. From a dog who was really difficult to exercise, because we couldn’t let him off the lead and he wouldn’t walk ON the lead (without constantly pulling) he is now a real joy to be out with and is even reliable enough for me to take running round the fields with him off the lead – and with the chicken bites there’s no more smelly sausage in my running shorts!

So, the ‘recall’ was sorted but we had almost given up on the walking on the lead and had just avoided leads where possible. Then someone told my wife about an amazing anti-pull lead they had bought for their dog which had worked a miracle! They told her they had bought it from this company on the telly called QVC and had she heard of it?

That made my wife laugh and she was rather surprised that I hadn’t mentioned the lead before. However it was a new one, so I immediately investigated it and watched Debbie talking to our guest about it. I subsequently ordered one and can’t wait to try it on Jamie. It’s called the anti-pull harness for dogs with training clikka. I will film the results and report back on the impending miracle!!

Simon x


  1. Lynn Mc Ginty September 8, 2013 at 12:35 am -  Reply

    I think its brilliant that you gave your lovely wee dog a home after all the rejections hed had in the past, its great that you and your wife have took the time and care with him to see he is trainable and the love you will get back in return is priceless xxx

  2. s biagi September 11, 2013 at 5:47 pm -  Reply

    Thank you Lynn , Jamie is now such an important part of the family, we can’t imagine life without him!!
    Mans best friend n’all
    Simon x

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