Totleigh Barton, going back to the Domesday book, plus, at last, Diary of a Wannabe cover reveal – out next Weekend!


Diary Shopping ChannelThis week –

– Cover Reveal of next weekend’s new blockbuster Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter – it’s fiction – honest!

– Come on a Bluebell Dog Walk with me in May near Dorking?

– Dating disasters – who’s stealing my pics?






Yes, 'Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter' is going to be available as of Easter Weekend! Whoop!

 Am sure it’ll be a laugh for those who love their selly-telly. It’s the story of a 20-something trainee journalist who wants to pass an audition to work on ShOT, the latest new dynamic channel to hit the UK airwaves, and the shenanigans she goes through in order to make the audition!

It’s kind of a cross between Bridget Jones, Alan Partridge, and Eddie Murphy in the movie Holy Man. (which is all about shopping telly – see last week’s ‘Watch’ segment!)

The eBook will be released on Amazon, at the lower launch price of just £1.52 for Easter Weekend.

Plus – my first two novels, 'Hawaiian Escape' and 'Hawaiian Affair' (in steamy or non-steamy eBook versions!) will also be on offer – at £1.52 or under for the weekend only! Don’t miss it if you want some holiday reading…

And let me know what you think of the extract, which is on my website blog here. Just leave a comment below if you’re looking forward to reading it!


TotleighNow, the most lovely thing about all these writing retreats I keep going on is finding out about new places. Totleigh Barton is part of the Arvon Foundation, they do tons of different writing courses across the country and have a great reputation, especially for beginners.

I went to Inverness a couple of years ago with Arvon and loved it. You all (13 of us) live in a little community for a week, get to know new people and write all day long, taking it in turns to cook the dinner at night with the ingredients provided.

I made some fab new friends, including Rebecca from Cornwall, Steff from London, Mel and Sal from Leek, and so many others – Emily, Frances, Cathy, Annie, Sarah, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Ali. Plus there was the lovely Arvon team: Eliza, Ashley, Sue, Oli, and co.


Emily Steff and Debbie








YogaOne of the nicest things about the week was the yoga each day with lovely Lucy. It really made a difference to be able to unwind and stretch – as you know I’m a big fan of stretching, yoga, and pilates – it was right up my street! On day one it helped to get over the unfortunate migraine I had – boo – I was even sick three times – grrr. But had a lovely long walk with Emily and Steff (pictured) and by day two all was fine.

It was relaxing without any Wi-Fi or mobile signal too – took me back to days gone by when such things didn’t exist! Certainly within my living memory – is it yours?

WindowAnd talking of days gone by, I adored the place itself – according to one of the stones in a window (with a two and a half feet thick sill!) @Totleigh Barton was mostly built in the 16th century.

The domesday book mentions the actual site and Totleigh Barton has had that name ever since! Yes another lovely week for me, especially the yoga – will have to keep that up now I'm going home again!

I only have left the last week in April of annual leave I had to use up, and that’s when I will be making a start on my third book in the Hawaiian Trilogy – called ‘Hawaiian Retreat’ – it’s the story of Sadie’s sister Helen, covering what happens after they leave Tuscany. It too will be available in both steamy and non-steamy versions – out at the end of June!

That’s the next date to put in my publishing diary! More about that in two weeks time – including news of the launch party – keep 29th June free if you’re anywhere near Dorking in Surrey! And if you are, read on…


News of a cool charity dog walk – need to find a date but if you’re up for it, you can come and join us somewhere around the Dorking area – probably one of the weekends in May, why not come along?

I may be able to share a dog or two if you don’t have one but still fancy getting some sponsorship going!
If you're interested email me


Bluebell walk















Book of the weekBook of the week – 'Conversations with God' trilogy.

This came up this week when we were talking about bereavement and two of us said that this trilogy had made all the difference in dealing with the death of a loved one.

In my case it was my dad, a long long time ago in 1992, but only after I read these books in 2002 did everything fit into place and I had a way of coping with it without dissolving into tears every time I thought of him.

I always say, tho, read the first 20 pages of book two then go back and read book one as it puts book one into context (the start of book one is also different to the way the rest of the trilogy is written.)

For me, it didn’t matter whether these channelled thoughts were true or not, they worked, and that’s what counts.

Click here for book two link, books one and three will be mentioned on same page.

ALSO – As promised, there’s a little extract as a teaser – more on my website – here, on my RiWiSi – Go Large extended blog this week – along with…

– A special Friday Fiction Focus on fab tools for first time self-publishers

– How to help promote your book using tools that anyone can do

– Julie Cohen’s new courses coming up this year.



Still to come…a Broc-Collie and a Collie-flower!…Working Girl – top film!… and Mally’s fab tutorial on how to use her recent TSV kit!



It’s been an interesting week, going back to my dairy-free, wheat-free, pescetarian roots – had a little too much dessert – pulled back after two days (I actually think that’s what some of the problem was on Tuesday with the migraine – sugar hangover! Lol).

Everyone on the Back to You site seems to be doing fine, the little I’ve read on social media this week – considering I had to drive two miles to get any signal. However, one topic of conversation with the ladies of Totleigh Barton has been the issue of getting a man when you’re slightly older – just like in my blog last week, many of the single ladies have a similar viewpoint as me: there just aren’t many good, slightly older, men around!

Not meNow, this leads me on to a topic that has caused me a little consternation – being impersonated on dating sites! It was bad enough some dingbat lifting my photos and setting up fake Facebook accounts (be vigilant and tell me if you spot any more) but last week a kind person emailed me and told me that there were four or five dating profiles on a site called Evow and Match too, using my pics!

That’s so ridiculous it’s untrue – they obviously are setting people up for some sort of con as they’re clearly never intending to meet them. BUT nonetheless, these profiles are being reported and deleted.

Do let me know if you spot any, and rest assured, I am NOT ON ANY DATING SITES! So if you see any, it’s not me! Look at this – it’s ridiculous! It should be deleted by now, thanks to a kind fireman called Jono who emailed me on Keep me informed if you see any more! 

MessageOne last word on the Back to You slot this week – and here’s a fab contribution from Alana about the Leg Master – she left it on last week’s QVC blog, so thanks so much! Am so glad it’s all working!






BODYBLADE STOP PRESS – Bruce has emailed me to say he’s back May 1st and 2nd – I won’t be working those days unfortunately (I’m going to a film producing masterclass on the weekend) but I’m sure he’ll have great shows – including with Julia for a whole hour!

If you’ve always wondered about the Bodyblade – one of the most genius inventions ever in the history of keep fit – do watch!


Brocolli dogsAnd here’s a funny from the girls on our Facebook group! In our quest for healthy eating, would this Broc-Collie and Collie-Flower help?! Lol!






Do check out my Monday Update on Back to You page on – just go here to read the latest one – it will appear as the first blog on that page on Monday! Featuring a ‘belfie’ – you have been warned! Lol

Come join in on Facebook! Just over 720 members on Back to You QVC group this week! Whoop! ‘Back to You QVC’ (open) group, on Facebook. Or for the closed group, search ‘Break the Habit BTU’.

Back to You returns weekly to QVC UK in September


Reclining chairSneaky peeks – Easter Weekend itself, I’m looking forward to bringing you the anti-gravity recliner chair – so popular last year from Richard Jackson – wonder if it’ll still be around for my 10pm final airing! 







Shhhh – join me Tuesday night at 10pm (15th) for a one show only kind of Lulu Guinness bargain! Tee hee!

Mally how-toMally’s Jorge is a Genius Last weekend, Jorge, Mally’s makeup man worked his magic and the face looked fab on the telly, didn’t it?! Lol!

He even took the pic I use for my books from the last time he did my makeup – the pic is the one above in dating piece – absolute genius.

And, as promised, here is the clip of Mally telling you how to apply and use her TSV from last weekend – simples! 





AntthonyAntthony is Neo Don’t you just love this guy? He’s celebrating 20 years in America – on American selly-telly in May – and dressed up like this for the occasion! He’s one of my favourite guys!







As promised the tariff Lee Hohbein uses – as mentioned during hi-tech shows – he’s on a £15 Virgin mobile tariff which is only available to Virgin broadband subscribers – so if you are one, it may be worth doing the same as Lee has done and buying one of our sim-free smartphones outright, and changing your tariff to save the pounds across the months instead of a long contract with a big monthly payment. If you’re not on Virgin you can still find out about their tariffs here


Marco PoloGoodbye Marco Polo I know I featured it recently but just had to show you this pic of our old studios – it’s really weird seeing it being nibbled away – quite a shock as you go past the site on the Victoria train!

But if they’d left it much longer it would have qualified for protected status and real estate there is very valuable, so whatever. Shame tho, cos my connection stretches back much longer than QVC, as I worked there for its first inhabitant, BSB in 1990. Good times.



This week – Am back on Sunday night with the Elemis 8 piece Heroes Collection – if it hasn’t sold out by 10pm! Then a fab 50x zoom Fuji camera with Mat Trim (sneaky peeked last week).

Also in the week ahead is a wonderful two-hour Gatineau Salon Secrets show at 7pm on Monday (14th) – do join me if you can!It kicks off their mini series at 7pm each night, concluding Thursday with two hours with Alison!

Can’t wait to bring you one of my favourite skin care shows! 

Andrew Bagely

Gatineau 206174












Tanning expert James Read had a slip of the tongue this week with Catherine!


Old showMemory Lane -my pal Michelle from my Piccadilly Radio days in Manchester (mid 80’s) sent me this old newspaper snippet this week – from 1998 when I hosted my first BBC1 game show called Meet the Challenge – I was a lot heavier then but it was a great experience.

I have no tapes of it (garage fire in 2000) – did any of you ever see it?






The Clear Out Continues Well Lauren and Nick have moved in and all is fine! So far! Lol! The house is looking ‘nearly normal’ and I’m having a good time away in Devon knowing the pogs are being well looked after now someone’s there all the time.

Have had only a couple of issues finding things she’s tidied away – like putting my regular dog walking black coat in a space bag! But she means well. And all will be fine. Ohmmmmmm (!)

Lauren and Nick











MarleneWhat are you doing on Saturday June 28th? Feel like learning about food for health? If you’re poorly and know nutrition is to blame, can you come join Marlene Watson Tara and me near Dorking for a day of fab tuition and cookery? Macrobiotics are magic for sure, for health. £75, 10am-6pm. Join us! Email me for more info.







Can becomeWhat you become lots of after dinner conversations about our plans and hopes for our writing and for our lives this week, so this is fitting. And very true.






Kittens Facebook Funny – just had to laugh at this one! Much chat this week at the writing retreat about our funny animals and haven’t had a cat one like this for a while so here you go! Lol!








It’s an oldie but a goodie – this week it’s Melanie Griffiths, my fave Harrison Ford, along with Sigourney Weaver, in 'Working Girl'. It's one of my all time top movies and one which crops up in 'Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter', out next weekend.

This film has such a feel-good factor and amazing performances, including a brilliant cameo from Joan Cusack, complete with garish ‘80s makeup, hair and shoulder pads – you just end on a high every time.

I love her classic line ‘Tea? Coffee? Me?’ Do watch it if you want a really uplifting ‘goodies triumph over baddies’ storyline for a rainy afternoon – or a sunny one! We’ve had both this week! A fabulous 9.25 out of ten – or even 9.5 depending upon my mood! And that’s about as high as it gets for my film reviews! Lol!

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page


Next week – The book is here! Along with two cut price offers for my Hawaiian Romances – don’t miss it!

Best wishes,

P.S *TiFFT = Try it For the First Time Club!

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‘Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter’! - Bridget Jones meets Alan Partridge meets Eddie Murphy in Holy Man… coming Easter 2014


  1. Tracy Grenter April 11, 2014 at 9:07 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    You never disappoint, another fab blog. I really enjoyed watching the mally shows and very happy with my Tsv. With kipling and elemis this weekend it going to be very expensive for me or I should say hubby! Loved to see your pic from 1998. Good luck with the book launch and have a blessed Easter with your loved ones.
    Best wishes
    Tracy. Xx

  2. Jill Dowding-Walker April 11, 2014 at 9:14 pm -  Reply

    Super-entertaining blog this week Debbie!
    So sorry you suffered a migraine, but glad you recovered enough to enjoy the rest of your stay. It looks great from the pictures and so enjoyable from your description. Oh yes, I remember those days of walking a country mile or two to find a public phone box, carrying a pocket full of coins! Well, I am a little bit older than you Debbie!
    I noticed how especially youthful you looked when you were wearing the Mally make up! I love this range and find the best results come from using the whole system, starting from the primer up. I particularly love the Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender! For me, it is the perfect finishing touch that sets, extends wear, and minimizes pores.
    Poor James! He was covered in confusion. Kudos to Catherine for moving on so smoothly! Ha ha ha!!!
    Yes, if anyone is interested in Bluebell Walks on behalf of Canine Partners, all are welcome!
    Walks are taking place in 12 locations nationwide, so hopefully there is one near YOU!
    Looking forward to the shows and items you mention Debbie! See you then!
    x x x

  3. Alana April 11, 2014 at 9:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    It was nice to see that I got a mention on your blog :-),I will keep you updated on my progress with the Leg Master, also I have sent a request to join the back to you group on Facebook – looking forward to getting some useful hints and tips on healthy eating etc.
    Great to hear that you are doing a steamy version of Hawaiian Retreat – can’t wait!

  4. Alison Williams April 14, 2014 at 10:10 am -  Reply

    So looking forward to the Easter weekend. Can’t wait for the new book,will be adding it to my collection of your books,have them all. I have really enjoyed reading them. Hope to get a signed copy at the end of June. Exciting ! xxx

  5. debs f April 14, 2014 at 1:43 pm -  Reply

    Thanks Tracy and ta so much for your very kind review on Goodreads! hope you like Diary of a Wnnabe just as much! lol x
    ps i like your comment about it being expensive for hubby! When I come back in the next life, I want one of those! lol x

  6. debs f April 14, 2014 at 1:46 pm -  Reply

    Jill –
    yes am hoping we can work out a date for the bluebelle walk and half a dozen or so will come!
    mally’s poreless face defender is fab – love the glassy finish it gives makeup!
    and you’re such a star – thanks for your continual support and for caring! hope i get to meet up at some stage!

  7. debs f April 14, 2014 at 1:47 pm -  Reply

    Alana –
    yes it might be the most steamy yet cos of character Helen – she’s a bit more risque than sadie huh!
    and do please keep me informed about your leg master results!

  8. debs f April 14, 2014 at 1:48 pm -  Reply

    alison -=
    yay on all counts! Look forward to meeting you end june, and yes the paperback will be avail soon too! not long after the eBook goes live! Will keep you informed!
    ta so much hon- these comments and feedback mean a lot!

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