Top tips: Perfect Formula Pink and Nude Gel Coat


Perfect Formula has continued to grow in popularity due to its success on all of your nails at home. They have no other retail outlet in the UK and no advertising or PR so it really is a success because of your repeat purchase.

To begin with, this product is often misunderstood as you think, surely, it can’t be that simple but it genuinely is. This combined nail strengthener and colour dries in the same time as a normal nail varnish but gives a thick finish, like a gel but doesn’t need to be set with lights. It infuses and wraps the nails in proteins and strengthening agents and is easily removed with non-acetone varnish remover. The only thing you need to choose is which colour you want to wear.

Bear in mind, this was developed by a working mum who worked for one of the biggest paint and nail labs in America, who after having children, got fed up with having to have gel nail appointments at the salon because she no longer had the time so she set out with the lab to make her own ‘Perfect Formula’ that would save her time but would help grow her nails and keep them strong.

Although many brands have now made, especially in the last year or so, a gel effect or gel equivalent nail varnish, this one was definitely the first and was already a global top seller with millions of customers all over the world for many years before any of the other fashion nail brands perfected their version.  However, I have to say that Perfect Formula is genuinely easy to use and would be my first recommended product if you want a one-stop shop with results, that’s quick and easy to use.

This kit comes with the nude colour which you could use as a fashion nail colour and don’t forget you can also add nail art on top or a special effects varnish. This will not stop it strengthening the nail.208756.v.001

However, the must-own for me is the Pink Gel Coat which has so many uses:

1. Pink Gel Coat can be used as a base coat if you wish to apply other fashion colours from other brands on top but you still want the Perfect Formula nail result

2. Pink Gel Coat makes a fantastic, hard wearing top coat to help prevent fashion colours from other brands chipping

3. Pink Gel Coat can be painted underneath and on the edge of the free nail every day or every few days if required to prevent bending and breakage especially if you use your hands a lot

4. Pink Gel Coat can be applied immediately after gel or nail enhancements such as false nails etc. are removed even when the nail is feeling quite soft and bendy, you will see and feel the instant strengthening effect that reinforces the nail

5. If you prefer to grow a false nail out, then use the pink gel coat under the free edge and at the base of the nail where the half moon is to strengthen up the new nail as it is growing out

6. Pink Gel Coat is an incredibly hard and long wearing top coat for nail art

7. Did you know that Pink Gel Coat is brilliantly water and chemical resistant to those of you who’s hands are in and out of, for example, water, cleaning products etc. especially hair dressers, domestic goddesses, where other nail strengtheners just seem to rub and come off, this really does keep your nails strong

8. Do you swim a lot and your nails will therefore be very soft from the chlorine and water? Use Perfect Formula all over and underneath the nail and you will be able to grow your nails, and the chlorine won’t affect the strengthening agents of Perfect Formula

9.If you have ridges, Perfect Formula has a self-leveling effect that de-emphasises the ridges, but if required also try a gentle buff once a month to smooth over the ridge itself

10. Yellowing nails are instantly improved by the optical brighteners which make the nail look cleaner and whiter just by applying a simple layer of Pink Gel Coat


  1. hazel June 17, 2015 at 4:06 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison I know my nails are long and health because I use perfect formular.I love the colours and the original nails were brital and would split down the centre even though I had used other products from qvc.then I discovered perfect formula and my nails are alway as they say PERFECT.

  2. Christine Verrill August 29, 2015 at 1:40 pm -  Reply

    Love this product and have recommended it to several family members and friends.

    But what’s happen to the nail moisture oil for cuticles and nails? You haven’t had it in stock for ages – please reply?

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