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To celebrate the seven-piece Today’s Special Value offer from Nails Inc., we caught up with Caroline Manley from the brand to get some top manicure tips and to find out more about this exciting Collagen Infused collection, created especially for QVC.

QGossip: What’s the best way to deal with ridges?
Caroline Manley: As your nails age they can be more prone to ridges or as I like to call them ‘nail wrinkles’. Manage them and say hello to younger-looking nails by tackling ridges in two ways!

Firstly lightly buff the nails every two weeks with a good quality buffer, this will help to smooth out the ridges and turn back the nail clock! Be sure not to over buff or buff too often as this can damage your nails! Less is more!

Next conceal ridges using a polish that has ridge filling particles. This will create a visibly smooth full-finish, which covers over any imperfections. It’s like Botox for your nails! The Nails Inc. Collagen Ridge Filling Base Coat is ideal for this!


QG: What’s the best way to deal with dry/brittle nails?
CM: Lots of factors can cause dry or brittle nails such as changes in weather, medication, diet or ageing. The first defence to protect from dryness is to moisturise your nails, and oil is your best friend if you suffer from dry or brittle nails.

Oil the cuticles and nail plates twice a day for a blast of hydration and to maintain healthy nail growth. If you don’t have a nail oil try using olive oil – feed your nails whilst you cook! Whenever you can try to use a polish that doesn’t dry your nails; having great ingredients in your nail polish is a big bonus. Our collagen-infused polishes in Windmill Walk, Pembroke Street, Edward Place and Stanhope Mews contain hydrolysed collagen for ultimate moisture.

QG: How can you achieve the perfect shape?
CM: The shape of your nails should always be defined by the shape of your cuticles. If you have a square cuticle line naturally, go for a square nail shape and so on. Your nail shape should be a mirror reflection of your cuticle shape!

Top filing tips:
When filing be sure to round the corners – having no sharp edges means you’re less likely to snag a nail.
If you use a light grit (gentle) nail fine there is no problem filing back and forth – a glass nail file is perfect for this.
If you use a stronger grit nail file (rougher) always file in the one direction so you don’t split the nail.

QG: What are your tips for a longer lasting manicure?
CM: Always ‘squeak’ the nail first by using a polish remover on each nail. This will help prep your nail and remove any oils on the nail plate for ultimate polish adhesion.
Use top coat throughout your manicure, topping it up every two days. This will keep your mani shinier and more durable for longer.
A top tip straight from our nail bars is to always seal the free edge of the nail with top coat.
When your paint your length drag the brush over and down your nail tip. This will prevent chipping for the longest-wearing manicure


QG: We’re so excited to try the Paint Can polish – any top tips you can share to get the perfect spray can manicure?
CM: My top tip is to use our Vitamin E Oil Pen first, to protect the skin around the cuticle beforehand. This way, the spray doesn’t stick to any dry skin!
Spray the can in short bursts approximately 10cm (4″) away from the nail. The product should fall like powder, if it looks wet on your nail you’re spraying too close.

QG: What are your nail colour trend predictions for 2017?
CM: We predict that clean white nails will be a huge story, white looks best with a squoval nail shape to make them pop!
There will also be a lot of iridescent, sheer shades. Nails Inc will be bringing fashion to your fingertips so watch this space!

QG: Tell us more about the QVC Nails Inc. Collagen-Infused collection.
CM: This is the perfect collection for maintaining healthy nails whilst wearing the latest trend shades! It is a seven-piece collection that includes our famous Kensington Caviar Top Coat infused with collagen, as well as an amazing Collagen Ridge Filler which also doubles up as a Base Coat, perfect if you need to treat your nails and still want to wear a colour polish. The shades included in the kit are perfect to brighten up your hands during the colder months and will see you through until Spring/Summer 2017.

Thanks Caroline!
The Nails Inc. Today’s Special Value is also available on Auto Delivery and the second drop includes another Paint Can Polish in a different shade of gold, along with all new Collagen polish shades.

Happy manicuring!


  1. Suzi Lubi December 9, 2016 at 1:24 pm -  Reply

    How much is it going to be? I have seen another offer elsewhere and ant to compare value.

    • admin December 12, 2016 at 9:08 am -  Reply

      HI, the TSV will be under £30 excluding p&p. – Amirah x

  2. Barbara Purvis December 12, 2016 at 10:31 pm -  Reply

    What date is the Nails Inc TSV?

    • admin December 13, 2016 at 8:51 am -  Reply

      HI Barbara, the Nails Inc offer is available today! – Amirah x

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