Tootsies Week – in more ways than one!


This week, apart from a lovely lunch with my Lolly, it’s all about getting your feet summer-ready – especially now that the sun has got its hat on… partly, anyway – a sort of a little cap on, in any case!

Margaret Dabbs’ Salon for Perfect Feet
Getting those rough feet holiday-ready is going to be much easier if you use Margaret Dabbs’ Hygiene Cream. This amazing foot cream in 150ml at £26 (plus P&P) has some superb reviews – see the individual option here with 139 five star reviews – just go read what they say – amazing. Then realise what else is in the trio – Foot Lotion and Anti-Ageing Hand Serum – and you’ll be really impressed. Very worthwhile stocking up on it when it’s the Today’s Special Value offer this Sunday at a fantastic price, and it’s a supersize collection too.
So I went along to Margaret’s salon in Guildford, and had the most amazing ‘medical pedicure’ – Lisa the podiatrist sorted out my nail shape and surfaces, hard skin and also gave super advice about nail care. They were then painted, and I relaxed in the plush surroundings. The Hygiene Cream has been on my feet – and hand-cuticles too actually – ever since and I’m strongly recommending you try it this weekend. Do give it a go! I never realised how many salons Margaret has up and down the country either – she really is a specialist in how to treat your feet.

This weekend’s deals on QVC:
Apart from Sunday’s Margaret Dabbs set, as above, here is today’s Ultrasun Family or Glamorous protection set.
And if you’re reading this on Friday do go check out the Lulu Guinness Gertie medium leather crossbody handbag, it’ll be on our Homepage here
Gill Gauntlett has been teasing Saturday’s big gardening deal – a Luxform 150 Lumen Solar Lamp Post with Planter – do check out her Social Media for more pics and info! And some super gardening offers throughout the day including a BIG three hour show with me between 9pm and midnight – join us!

Baby update
Bubba Blake Katherine, my granddaughter is growing so fast – here’s the latest pic – and I’m looking forward to seeing her again soon. (She’s not a Social Media baby – just on here and on my website blog. Do sign up (link at the top right above) if you want to be emailed my blog each week!)

Lunch with Lolly
And a fabulous lunch with my lovely girl last week too – I returned from Devon briefly during my ten days off, to see her for lunch and take her some pregnancy underwear I’d bought – the little bump is getting bigger! She had her main scan this week too – so nice to see the next grandchild is doing so well. I’m loving all the interaction with her at the moment too – lovely times.

Garden go slow growth
Look at these plants in my garden – they are looking nice, but everything is growing so late this year isn’t it?! Can you see the lilies just emerging? Every time there’s some lovely sun, they seem to sprout a bit more. But the awful weather has put most of the plants back by a couple of weeks hasn’t it? What’s it like in your garden? By the way, as mentioned above there’ll be some amazing garden deals this Saturday including Michael Perry’s Garden World at 3pm and 8pm, plus lots from Richard Jackson’s garden range – go here to see it all and buy whilst it’s in stock.

Unveiling old Sheepwash

As you may know I love old things. Good job as I’m 56 next week – hahaha! Not really, I never use the ‘o’ word! Anyway, I went to see a lovely local lady called Cynthia Dufty this week, whose family were born in my house and whose great grandfather was named on the census in the 1800s when it was a pub and he was landlord. That’s why I named one of our guest rooms the Dufty room. She dug out a lot of old pics for me – including this lovely one – from when the war memorial was unveiled just after WWI. I am trying to gather lots of info and pics about The Court, or the White Hart as it was 150 years ago, so I can produce a little booklet – I love all that stuff! It makes me very happy. What hobby makes you happy?

Book of the Week
Just out, the excellent author Lucy Dillon’s new book, called Where the Light Gets In. The full review is on my website I have to say Lucy is one of my favourite authors. I love the way she makes me really care about what happens to the characters in her books – usually with domestic plots and conflicts and true to life situations. I’ve read most of her books and love them. This new one is fab and already highly reviewed – fab!
Facebook Vlog of the week: go here to see one of my many vlogs on Facebook this week – one with a little walk around the town and a very important topic! I almost always ask a question or two so people can leave comments there but anyone can read them. Follow me below on Social Media.

Watch: Avengers – Infinity War
Went to see this finale film at local cinema in Okehampton at the weekend – and liked it a lot! It features most of the top Marvel characters, all put together in a grand over-arching plot that encompasses all the usual heroes and – natch – a plan to save the world. I liked the humour though – Thor was hilarious, with his ‘rabbit’ – and Iron Man steals the show as usual. A good 8.5/10– part two is next year apparently and I can already guess what the twist will be that puts things right – but I won’t have any spoilers! Take a look at our own Marvel collection here.

Next Week’s highlights:
MondayRAC 225S Ultra HD dash cam with Speed camera updates for life and an 8GB memory card

TuesdayHairmax is back with the laser band to help specific types of hair loss

Wednesday – Hair again, this time Hairfix, with a three-piece Follicle and Anti-Age Collection – get both Laser Band and this for best results – and superb extended Money Back Guarantee
ThursdayMicro Chef grill with steam plate and muffin case, and I have the 4pm airing, so I can go out in the evening to the theatre with my son for my birthday that day!
Friday – we have the Joe Brown’s sequin overlay top going on early bird order link a couple of days before that.

Next week on the blog

It’s my birthday week, and a vintage bank holiday tea event – I’ll be cooking up a storm this weekend in readiness! The women’s institute would be proud of me!
Have a lovely week!
Best wishes
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  1. Tracey Pickering May 4, 2018 at 5:26 pm -  Reply

    Happy birthday Debbie have a wonderful weekend x

  2. Mary May 5, 2018 at 1:25 pm -  Reply

    Nice to see you presenting tsv last night, you are relaxed and truthful hope you do it some more. Unfortunately I’m not interested in gardening as i live in a flat so nothing for me today I think QVC forget people like me. Hope we keep seeing you presenting.

  3. Sandra Gregory May 5, 2018 at 8:04 pm -  Reply

    Ah little Blake is so gorgeous Debbie and growing so fast.

    Happy Birthday for next week, I hope you have a fab day xxx??????

  4. Heather May 6, 2018 at 12:00 am -  Reply

    I hope you have a lovely birthday.
    Enjoy yourself.

  5. tina meftah May 6, 2018 at 3:18 am -  Reply

    Hiya Debbie, I will say it now, have a GREAT birthday I hope you get truly spoilt. xxx

    I really enjoy reading your blogs, the amount of things you do and get up to, I don’t know how you do it! (I hold my head in shame, cos I am a lazy beggar lol).

    I might have to pick your brain at some point in the near/not so far future as I have sold my house and only gone and bought myself another one that was built in 1760! It is beautiful cottage but we are all just waiting now for the final contracts and then it go go go. I can’t wait to move in! I am really lucky as Camilla (the lovely lady who sold it to me) loves/d her garden so it is well kept and there are some beautiful plants – I was gutted about this weekend at QVC as if I had any spare dosh I would have bought most of it especially the lights and ornaments (my granddaughter Mia, she’s 3 bless her, she would have loved exploring the garden finding the animals and things!) Hopefully there’ll be another great gardening weekend! I am going to be hiring a gardener as I know nothing about plants and things and I have a very very severe phobia of arachnids, I normally call them 8 legged freaks! I will have to walk around the garden with a feather duster!!
    I think you are going off galivanting around the seas for about a month soon, but I can’t remember when you are going I bet you can’t wait; omg I just had a fleeting thought it’s not Ali K that’s going is it or did I dream it? lol I do have a colander in my head pretending to be my brain!!!

    So when I am all settled in etc.. and I need a bit of advice I might give you a holler (if you don’t mind that is).

    Your grandbaby Blake is seriously BEAUTIFUL, I bet your Lollys’ baby is going to be superduper gorgeous too, it runs in the family!

    Have a great birthday and bank holiday – put your feet up and relax.
    Tina xxx

    p.s sorry it’s an essay.

  6. martin forbes May 11, 2018 at 8:24 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie happy birthday you only look 45

  7. debs f May 13, 2018 at 2:03 am -  Reply

    thanks to you all – so kind! ps tina – so funny! Ali K is back now! lol x

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