Tony Blackburn’s back, X Factor Tour , Bad Lip Reading funny videos and Sneaky Peeks!


Me with Tony BlackburnThis week, a bit of a music focus! And Sneaky Peeks of Kim and Co and Judith Williams’ upcoming bargains! Plus more on air funnies for you to relive.

– Tony Blackburn, back on QVC for a fab cd set.

– X Factor show for me and Lauren.

– Rylan-style and a whole lot more!

– Music focus continues.

– Bad Lip Reading’s very funny send up of Michael Buble, and the QVC Presenters singing?? Should we Re-release The Locomotion?!

– Two bloopers, and a six pack alert!


First another type of ‘ex’ factor – my ‘ex-TV husband’ Tony Blackburn – was back on QVC on last Saturday night's Anything Goes, (which was hilarious by the way – see below ) for a fab CD set called A Groovy Kind of Love.

Way back in the day, he and I used to do the regular Music Hours on QVC, do you remember them? Well his real wife is called Debbie and at the time I was married to a Tony, so he used to call me his TV wife! Lol.

It was lovely to see him again and if you can get a chance to read some of the other blogs or see some clips on YouTube of him, about what happened on the show, do go look!

I do hope he can guest again sometime soon. Maybe when I do my next Anything Goes early March.

Meanwhile you keep in touch with Tony – who was 70 on Tuesday (!!) – via twitter –@TonyBlackburn. Or let know you’d like to see him back on air again – You never know!

Perhaps we can persuade him to co-present an anniversary ‘disco show’ like he and I did fifteen years ago on QVC!


In fact, that very occasion got a mention recently on air! On the Lenovo laptop TSV day, Lee Hohbein played a clip of the1998 cd ‘Locomotion’ and ‘Partytime with Mungo Jerry’, by none other than the then line-up of QVC presenters!

It was to celebrate 5 years of QVC UK on Oct 1st! Well this year it’s our 20th and there’s been a keen response from people saying ‘release it again’! Some even talking about a new disc – well we did sell over 20,000 with the music TSV that day, so wouldn’t it be funny if we got in today’s charts if we did it again!

What song should we do, do you think? Any suggestions?



Oh how funny last weekend’s show was! Anything Goes – our Saturday night extravaganza of mischief and mayhem – was hosted by Debbie Greenwood and Anna last week, with our lovely Will I.T. back on the social media desk.

Well apart from Deb stuffing her mouth full of Lily O’Brien’s as a dare, and getting Tony B to do the soft-shoe shuffle, singing ‘There’s a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden’, on top of Leanne Stott’s Wintertrax Ice block, Anna posed a challenge for our H20 TSV mop cleaning guest Phil Parker, and he certainly rose to the occasion!

Here’s the picture to prove it! Yes it’s well worth looking out for that show returning – it’s on whenever we don’t have a special event day. The next one will be this Saturday 2nd – with Craigy making his debut alongside Ali K!



 – Next to one of my highlights of my week away from QVC. On Thursday night my lovely Lollipop finally made it home for her postponed visit (delayed cos of the snow) – and came with me to see the Brighton leg of the X Factor Tour!

I’m a big reality TV/talent show fan, as you may know, and yes I watched both X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother! I use it as an antidote to being a sciency/statistics geek some of the time! Haha!

Anyway, we went with other relatives Alison and Ashley (pictured) and had a fab time. From Rylan-style, to the lovely and prematurely evicted Ella Henderson, plus Jahmene and Union J and others, it was a fabulously entertaining show. But the star was of course James Arthur, whom Lauren has a very large soft spot for! And he is after all, quite fabulous!


James ArthurSome fascinating statistics (sorry, I can’t help meself! Lol) here – if you find all that voting mullarkey mildly interesting.

I do – particularly to read that underdog, cabaret crooner Christopher Maloney was first – and Jahmene was second – EVERY WEEK, until week 7, when James had his breakthrough song Let’s Get it On.

He jumped to first place in the voting, having been saved by the judges from going home the week beforehand, when Ella and he were in the bottom two and she went out.

It’s because of the ‘voting for’ set up – and people thinking the favourites are safe, I’m sure. Wish it was to ‘evict’ instead – the worst/ most hated contenders would always go early that way – take Spencer and Heidi on CBB for example. Ok rant over! (Currently enjoying Dancing on Ice, by the way – you?)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the fabulous X Factor tour if you went to see the show too! Here’s James singing his number one – what an amazing reaction from the audience – including my Lauren! 


ybf before and afterQVC FUNNIES RE-LIVED!

BLOOPER -1 – Stacey gets muddled! Very unlike Stacey! NOT!! Hehe!  

This week, not only did we have naked faces at the start of the show (here’s my before and after! Thank goodness for makeup eh! Lol), but we also have for your delight and delectation, another chance to relive the moment our fun ybf makeup guest Stacey made a bit of a boo- boo about what you should do in the sun!

Great fun shows again and she’s back in March! Click here to see it. 

BLOOPER – 2 – Grampa’s weeder longest rrrrroot system giggle! Secondly, I also had a laugh with Richard Jackson on Wednesday night’s gardening show. Justine’s tool gave rise to some merriment I can tell you! Since I did a long shift that night, ‘cos poor Charlie was ill, I was glad of the energy from this little bit of mischief! It kept me going through the midnight Diet Chef launch I stood in for, till 2am that’s for sure. Poor Richard didn’t know what to say, bless him! 



Black and white sheepSNIPPETS –

  – Well – I’ve heard of black sheep and of course white sheep – but what the heck is THIS in my next door field, photographed this week? How come? What happens to the wool they shear off sheep with markings like these? Dalmation sheep, who knew!? Did you?

What other weird animals have you ever seen, that seemed to be a cross of two others – do leave a comment below and let me know!

Grandpog with poorly foot


– For those that have asked – since I mentioned it on Twitter and Facebook – yes my little Grandpog Baloo (daughter Lauren’s little puppy) is recovering well from her op on her infected dew claw.

All going well except she hates the cone on her head to stop her biting her dressings! Don’t they all!! Very funny tho!




– Dale obliged this week – with a funny comment posted with a pic of our lovely Alison Young in the wind machine at the recent Beauty Bash! Go Dale! Go Ali!

– Something else Dale was bantering about on Twitter this week was this little video, doing the rounds online.

We’ve recently had a Facebook ‘scary’ and a Facebook ‘philosophical’, so how about a Facebook ‘phwoooarrr!’ Currently doing the rounds, specially amongst like-minded females, this latest TV ad is my little gift to you to round off the week – you simply MUST watch it – just look at their faces! What would yours have been like…?!! 

– BLAST FROM THE PAST – PLUS sort of along those lines (very loosely sort of!) – it’s time for a dip into the archives on the web for funnies from years gone by. This clip made everyone smile recently during a computer demo with Lee – whom I blame entirely for embarrassing poor Miceal. But now it’s done…. Here it is again! Our presenter Miceal in an old Irish TV ad! He got a lot of ribbing backstage and on air about this one, as you can imagine! Enjoy! Lol! 



WATCH – something a bit different for you this week:

– BAD LIP READING – some fab youtube videos! Oh how I smiled this week when I spotted this one doing the rounds online. Mr Back of My tandem had posted the NFL one, which is incredibly funny – of some sports stars saying alternative words – very cleverly done! Guarantee you’ll watch it a couple of times! ‘I want cake NOW!’

HEHE! TRENDING – But my favourite has to be their spoof Michael Buble video – one of his famous hits with the sound completely replaced using their trade mark lip-synch-with-other-lyrics. SUCH a clever send up. ‘Russian Unicorn’ has now even spawned its OWN spoofs. (AND Mr Buble himself, good sport that he is, also did a response to it – he loved it btw!) Others include a very funny One Direction one, Hunger Games, and even Twilight. Any other recommendations? Let me know below! 


– First this week – A very sneaky little peek at the very pretty little Kim and Co Today’s Special Value top – appearing on QVC midnight on Thursday 7th Feb thru Friday 8th – how lovely!

 – What an amazing value TSV set I’ll be launching on Sunday night (3rd/4th) at midnight with Judith Williams herself!

The Diamond Range continues to grow apace, and they’re offering a brilliant bundle of nearly £100 worth of product for less than £35! Check?

It includes the latest collagen elixir serum and fab new toner, for those of you with much more mature, dryer skins needing intense nourishment. Low stocks, so watch us early if you can!

Judith Williams TSVNB 50ml Luxury Diamond Night Cream is £32 alone. Add the cleanser and special brush and you’ve got an amazing bargain – looking forward to it!

Finally – another great weekend on QVC, apart from Craigy’s first Anything Goes on Saturday night at 8pm with Ali K.

The loooooovely Susan Graver – one of my fave fashion guests – is joining me just beforehand at 7pm. And a new Dyson Animal vac on Sunday!

Plus do put an advance note in your diary for this:


Join me for a very special one off kind of Gatineau bargain product – Tuesday night (5th) at 11pm. ;-o !!

Full info of who – and what – is on when, on our TV guide on the home page.

Also – don’t forget to keep those comments coming in! Or Tweet or facebook me (info below)!

Next week – my super sister Linda – our Red Carpet Manicure guest (TSV Feb 19th remember!) – and I, are off to see Sally Morgan’s ‘how to be a psychic’ show in London at Alternatives – so don’t forget to come back each weekend for my latest blog updates – incl more sneaky peeks and bloopers!

Have a great week!

Luv debs X 

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  1. Arline Jackson February 1, 2013 at 7:04 pm -  Reply

    great video of the X Factor concert, I can’t wait to go and see Il Divo with Katherine Jenkins in April!!

  2. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen February 2, 2013 at 8:30 pm -  Reply

    i remember that cd debbie i have it .it came on atsv o6 party cds or 60s and 70s prodiuced by tony blackburn.
    hope you are well.

  3. Cheryl February 4, 2013 at 12:23 am -  Reply

    Love reading your blog
    Glad to hear that Baloo is doing well — she looks so cute.
    I had a great day on 2nd February. Not only was it my 32nd anniversary of starting in the NHS but I also went to see Donny and Marie at the Liverpool Echo Arena, We already had tickets for it but then my friend won front row tickets centre stage!!!!!! Didn’t know whether to shout out or cry with delight when she told me. What a brilliant concert and yes tears were shed on the night — dream come true and then he touched my hand– twice. If only I never had to wash it but alas I had to. Ive seen all of The Osmonds before but to be so close — one very happy lady. You can see my photos on FB Debs
    Hope you have a good week
    Lots of Love Cheryl xx

  4. debs f February 5, 2013 at 3:06 am -  Reply

    Arline – how are you?! hope to hear from you soon!
    wow – Il divo AND katherine jenkins – have fun hon, sounds great!

  5. debs f February 5, 2013 at 3:07 am -  Reply

    yes i am, martin – hope you are too

  6. debs f February 5, 2013 at 3:08 am -  Reply

    cheryl –
    ooooo donny!!!! and Marie! how fab are they both? What a great double act! I know people take the mick but they truly are seasoned entertainers and fabulous performers eh?
    good for you getting to ‘touch’ donny too! Childhood dream, huh! lol d

  7. Susan February 5, 2013 at 4:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Just had to say how fab does Debbie G look in your photo above?! She is so pretty isn’t she. You can pass that on to her. Glad you had a fun time with Lolly at the weekend. Can’t believe the flipping snow is back!! Darn it!
    Keep warm,
    Susan x

  8. Susan February 5, 2013 at 4:38 pm -  Reply

    Oh ps lucky are all you presenters getting your makeup and hair done on soo many occasions! Just watching Richard Ward and it is such a luxury! You lucky lucky gals!!

  9. Debs f February 6, 2013 at 12:20 am -  Reply

    Susan –
    Will do! Yes deb is very glam! Wouldn’t expect any less from our former beauty queen! Lol x

  10. Mavis Smith March 29, 2013 at 2:10 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, i was watching Sally Morgan, the lady who is a physic. She pointed to someone in the audiance whom she needed to speak to, guess who? You and your sister. You all were having a right laugh, but Sally does make you laugh. You were younger and i couldnt believe my eyes when i seen you. Just have to say that Sally is a medium, (person who can speak to dead people.) Just in case i got the wood wrong up above. Just goes to show, you never know where you will find you, other than Qvc. Xxx

  11. Mavis Smith March 29, 2013 at 2:21 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, i need to ask you a question about The Red Carpet set. Have you or anyone else had a problem with the whole manicure peeling off? I maybe are not doing it right. I do everything it says to do on the instruchions, Can you help me please as i really need something to keep my nails hard? I have been out a really really lot of money on qvc and this is my last hope. Thanks. Xx

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