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Philip Kingsley could certainly be crowned the most world renowned and long standing Trichologist today.

His 50-year career spans celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and movie stars, to royalty and A-listers of today. He has private clinics in both London and New York, where other qualified Trichologists want to work with him to gain further knowledge.

What makes him different is that he is ground-breaking in his approach, in that next to his private consulting rooms, he has a mini lab where he has always worked on handmade formulas. This led to the release of his retail product line, based on his own clinical research and seeing results on some of the most valuable heads of hair in the world.

206949.v.001To compliment his medical qualification of a Trichologist and the consultations and advice that he would give, he created a new genre of professionals called Trichotherapists, that spearheaded scalp and hair application treatments with his products in a hair and scalp facial. His knowledge on the performance or inability to perform of a hair root situated in the scalp is second to none.

Tricho-Pro Volumising Protein Spray is his latest innovation based on the cumulative experience of him and his team in both the New York and London clinics and private practice.

Described as a hair density formula, it is the perfect recipe of ingredients to both answer the hairs need for more body, bounce, hydration, strength, shine and volume, but still smooth, and the scalps need for an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, soothing and toning formula. For this reason it would be perfect for one of three people:

Firstly, you may have scalp and hair problems. Secondly, you may have a healthy scalp but the quality of your hair, due to styling, blow drying and environmental factors, is not as good as it can be or thirdly, you may have a reasonable hair quality but your scalp feels quite sensitive or irritated either due to health reasons or excessive colouring, or a reaction and it is obviously imperative that this is treated to avoid possible future hair loss.

It is easy to add in to an existing routine and you can use it to begin with any brand shampoo or conditioner as long as they are not irritating or causing the problem of damaging the hair. It should be sprayed on to the hair daily after washing and then follow with styling as normal. Remember to shake the bottle and apply after the hair has been towel dried so that you don’t waste any.

If you don’t wash your hair every day, this may last a couple of months but for optimum results and/or serious conditions, wash hair and use daily, in which case it is about a six week supply – and if you are very concerned and worried, and not already on supplementation then Philip Kingsley does have a range of supplements to compliment hair strength and beauty too.


I think this comes in perfect timing of where hair trends are potentially giving us this unachievable look of celebrities and magazine covers where the thickness and volume of the hair has been mainly achieved by extensions.

This is a more natural approach and, I might add, more economical, of achieving a thicker and fuller look and optimising your hair and scalp health which does have an anti-ageing effect on your overall image.

After all, Philip did invent ‘Happy Hair Days’.

Check back next week when I will be telling you all about Hairfix, and giving you some more top tips. In the meantime, you can browse the products from the shows online.


  1. Tanya April 22, 2015 at 12:54 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison

    Could you advise how to use the Tricho supplements in conjunction with the PK4 supplements, i.e. do you still take all 4 PK4 supplements if you are also taking Tricho supps, do you take them at the same time etc… Thanks

  2. dawn webster April 22, 2015 at 8:17 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison, I would like to ask if I can use daily defence after the Tricho pro volume spray?.

  3. Jill DowdingWalker April 23, 2015 at 12:35 am -  Reply

    I am going to give this a thorough go! My hair is baby-fine, wispy, thinning and has no bounce or body. I am on heavy medication for multiple health concerns, so that doesn’t help either! I have used hundreds of products which have at best helped minimally. Fingers crossed for this one – I will be a big challenge! Thanks for the information Alison!

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