Time for a road trip!


Going somewhere with the family? Hijacked a friend and their car to take you places? That can only mean one thing – road trip time!

Whether it’s a long drive to your destination, travelling around the Cornish countryside or living camper van-style in Europe or farther afield, long car journeys can be rather trying at times – stuck in a small space, with a suitcase under your feet and no bathroom stop in sight. We’ve all whined ‘are we there yet’ (yes, even as adults!), sat in hours of traffic without a clue as to why, and argued over directions/map reading/music choices – quite possibly all of the above.

But road trips are meant to be fun guys. So get prepared for your next one, with our edit of everything you need to keep the squabbling, stresses and boredom to a minimum, and the perfect bits and pieces to make sure you’ll barely notice the hours go by!

No more map reading

Save yourselves countless arguments over getting lost – a sat nav means no more ‘oops I had the map upside down’ moments or squabbles over asking for directions. This Tom Tom model comes with lifetime map updates , plus it plans intelligent routes that help you escape traffic in real-time, making your journey that much quicker!

Keep the kids occupied

With nine built-in games and infrared signals in each device so you can play against your family and friends, Flashpads are a great way to while away the traffic jams. Kids can play together or separately – it’s perfect for keeping them amused!

A little snack goes a long way

Make sure you pack some treats for the journey! There’s little worse than being stuck in traffic and feeling hungry! If you get peckish, this Monty Bojangles selection has something for every preference, whether you prefer chewy fruit gums, bonbons or fruity hard boiled treats.

Stay hydrated

It’s important to keep your thirst levels down and your water levels topped up. Fill up these colourful Bkr glass water bottles (give each of  the children a different colour to prevent any in-fighting!) and make sure you keep sipping en-route.

Peace of mind on the road


The RAC in-car Camera records HD footage to give you visual evidence should any incidents occur, so you can relax on your trip without any excess worrying. With Wi-Fi you can upload straight to your phone and email, and it features Safety Camera Alerts so you’ll be advised when you’re approaching a speed camera, the distance until you reach it, the current speed limit and the current speed you are doing.

Take your whole music collection with you

Have you all listened to the only CD you can all agree on just a few too many times now? Fill up an iPod with music you all love – a great idea is to each make a playlist of songs, then take turns listening to everyone’s choices. Or if you really can’t stand each other’s taste in tunes, challenge each other to find songs that everyone will like – you could create a little competition and give the best playlist a prize!

Get 40 winks

During a car journey, any time can be nap time – unless you’re behind the wheel of course. If your partner is driving, catch up on some sleep in the passenger seat. You can even take turns, so both of you arrive to your destination feeling fresh and alert. These Cozee Home travel throw blankets are perfect for snuggling up in for some shut-eye, and can be stored in the boot or on the backseat when not in use.

Freshen up

After a long trip, you may be feeling a little groggy, or your skin may feel a little dry, especially if you’ve been subject to alternate heat and air con blasts! Pop a hydrating mist in your bag or in the side door of the car. We love Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir for a refreshing spritz, and Tula’s Urban Defense Hydrating Mist for helping us feel a little better about all those pollutants and fumes surrounding our skin.

Be prepared for low battery


Keep phones, tablets and iPods fully-functional with Halo’s handy charging device. Capable of charging any USB-compatible device, it also features a built-in LED flashligh, perfect for camping trips or a countryside stay.


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