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Pipa's sonAs time progresses at speed, some things are going great towards the big move and others are not so! For instance the sorting is getting there, the potatoes (despite the windy pics on my last blog) are thriving, as are my mini runner beans and even the lilies for the great presenter lily challenge – yes, I'm shocked too! Fingers crossed all continues in the same vein because generally I'm not the greenest fingered person!

However, the house sale is going at a snail's pace. Sunshine, water and plant food doesn't seem to be working there! I've just taken on another estate agent since the sale I had fell through so hopefully they have magic wands and something will happen soon as the move date is looming at speed!

So, with the date almost around the corner, I continue to have clear out sessions! Just this week I managed to HALF my shoe/boot collection, having already gone through it about six weeks ago. I also have another Oxfam box on the go upstairs and thanks to the Camouflage Company, the shelves in the utility room look FAR more organised now and actually they even are! My coat collection however is digging it's heels in, we are at a stale mate there!

Shelves Camouflage Company storage

Lots of people on Twitter are asking when I'm going and when I'm coming back. It's all a bit up in the air at the moment to be honest. Originally my last day was 31st July, currently it's 15th August because the original house sale fell through and dates had to move. We need to go in August though as the children start their new school on September 3rd, so we are going the latter end now.

I'm taking a couple of weeks off to do that. However I may stick around for a while in September if the house hasn't sold, which kind of demolishes my plan as it's meant to be taking time out to relocate, do the school run every day, get to know new friends, be around for social occasions, plus finish at least one of my books that I have begun writing over the last 10 years and relaunch my online magazine!!! Not much of that will be possible whilst still commuting back and forth but hey ho, there are still a few weeks to go. I only need one buyer after all!

The best place to keep tabs on what's afoot at this stage and also whilst I'm gone is via my website www.pipagordon.com – you can subscribe for email updates on the blog page if you would like to, and this means you get an email every time I upload a new blog. Once I'm gone, the plan is to take a few months out then come back to QVC in early 2014.

In the meantime, we are cramming in as many sleepovers as possible, meeting lots of new folk thanks to ebaying bits and bobs and hoping and praying that the housing market stays active and successful despite the fact that August is traditionally the quietest month of the year!

Oh and in other news? I said all along it was going to be George 🙂

Take care, love Pipa xx


  1. Annie August 15, 2013 at 1:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa, just heard your news about warwickshire and also read the Jul 19th entry on Raphael.
    Felt moved to write you my first note ever – lucky you Tee hee!
    1. Used to go to Warwick university years ago to conferences – had a FAB time! I’m sure you will love it.
    2. You look beautiful lately, sort of illuminated! I know it sounds corny but it s true!
    3. I live in deep country and after a recent relationship end (9 yrs) 6 mths ago,my garden is the most comforting
    place in the world bar none – despite being knee deep in grass still after 3 months abroad!
    Anyway just wrote to say I hope your new life/move is wonderful, magical and perfect. Annie x

  2. Pipa Gordon September 19, 2013 at 9:50 am -  Reply

    Annie that’s just so lovely thank you …and I’m delighted to get my first note from you too 🙂 ….don’t be shy, I blog quite regularly on my own website and lots leave comments there too so have a read and join in …you’ll hear all about the chickens, whether or not I can bring myself to eat their eggs, the lawn mower that I can’t get to cut the grass, my new relationship with spiders and my new found saturday night fun at the roller disco!!! Suffice to say I’m absolutely loving Warwickshire!! Hope to hear from you again xx

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