Thoughtful presents and paw-zilla!


Hello, hope all is well with you. I usually start my blogs around this time of year, by saying how busy it is at The Q and this one’s no different! Great gift ideas all around!

As you would expect us presenters have been banging on and on about our extended money back guarantee  but the thing is, it allows anyone to buy what they think their loved one would like as a gift on the big day. If someone has chosen the incorrect size, colour or just simply got it wrong – they can still send it back after Christmas!

Thoughtful Presents

Countdown to Christmas logo

I was presenting our 3 hour Gem Fest, 16th Anniversary Show with the lovely Pipa, on Monday and she asked me on air; “would anyone really say they don’t want or like something given as a gift?” Well err in my family – yes !

But in a positive way – let me elaborate, whilst to some this may sound rude or ungrateful, I remember as a young boy in the 70’s getting very upset because my mum and dad had spent a lot of hard-earned money on a big gift (Christmas and Birthday combined) they thought I’d love  but unfortunately I didn’t. I tried to, but it was just all wrong (in my opinion).

I was so upset because a) I knew how much love and thought my Mum had put into it,  b) It cost a lot of money  and c) I knew I would never use it and therefore it was a terrible waste. I thought I’d done a pretty good job of hiding my disappointment upon unwrapping, but my mum knew better and came and spoke to me whilst I was sitting on my bed staring at my thoughtful, unwanted gift and in that way that mum’s do – gently wrapped me in her arms and threw me against the wall! …. JOKE .. JOKE ! She gave me a giant mum hug and told me not to worry and it was all sorted out to everyone’s delight after Christmas. She knew I wasn’t being ungrateful, I got the present I cherished and my dad and mum’s money was well spent and not wasted.

My point is – many, many  years later  (speaking as a Dad myself), I would much rather Ali or Jack told me that they wanted a different style, colour etc and really get a lot of pleasure out of using and owning the item. Which in turn would give me immense pleasure!  Rather than they fib and say that they liked it, to save my feelings and put it in their bottom drawer, never to be seen again. I think as long as it’s all done in the right way with a sense of gratitude, common sense should always prevail. However it’s too late for me to tell Charlie how I felt about the leopard skin thong he gave me last year !

I suppose it depends on individual families but fortunately Tracey and I have got it right most of the time over the years anyway … or have we ? Ha ha!

In a recent QVC survey 74% of us Brits enjoy Christmas Shopping and more than three quarters of us will purchase gifts from the comfort of their own homes! More concerning for me is the survey reveals that men are more generous ! So ladies put your feet up and “fill yer stockings”. Oh and drop plenty of hints for us generous Men. 🙂


Ellie update

I’ve been accused of putting growth hormones into Ellie’s food as she is in a huge growth spurt at the moment, if there’s any truth in the “size of the paws” theory – she’ll be bigger than Toby! She puts them to good use as the photo will prove – no potted plant in the garden is safe from Paw-zilla !

Pot Zilla

Ellie teenager

I received lots of kind comments following the quick video I shot on my Apple, iPhone 5S which featured recently as a Today’s Special Value offer – so I’ve attached it here for those of you that missed it.

Yankee Candle are back! 

On Wednesday (26th) we have a very festive Today’s Special Value offer from Yankee Candle, in the form of two beautiful round,  hat style boxes, full of your favourite seasonal votives and some new ones.

They’re beautifully decorated, one with baubles the other with the 12 Days of Christmas! Give as a gift or burn as your own Christmas treat during the run in to the big day. I’ll be with lovely Rosa at 9pm for a whole hour of Yankee Candle, then later at 11pm with EasiYo yoghurt and a One Time Only  type offer. Sssssh!

Yankee Candle TSV

That’ll be it from me for this week, as it’s my two little cherubs 18th Birthday ! To think they were only 7 months old when I first auditioned for QVC !

It’s probably a good thing that I will have a few days break from on-air duties as upon my return I will be presenting and eating my way through our Festive Food Finale´- all 3 hours of it !! As well as gorgeous food for the season we will be featuring the Magimix food processor and accessories – I’ll give you more details next week!

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