Medical MOT with Mummy, dinner with Ingrid and Tina, and nearly Mother’s Day giveaway…


Basso coatThis week –

– Getting a medical thumbs up – a trip to Harley Street on a Groupon voucher!

– Is Dale modelling on the new Jeffrey Archer cover?!

– IT’S NEXT WEEKEND – my bumper Mum’s Day weekend freebies and a big comp!

– Freebie spooky short story on eBook next weekend – cover reveal below!

– Which regular QVC guest is a classic car fanatic?

– Gareth from Vitamix’s recipes

– Inside the Presenters’ Lounge – Chloe’s Dressing Room Revenge continues…

– Plus sneaky peeks from the week ahead on QVC incl Women in Control and Honora!

Phew! Big week!

Well something’s working! Had some lovely compliments this week observing that I’m looking trim! This is the Basso TSV from Thursday – very flattering I think. Nice to know the hard work is paying off, with all the exercise and Freedom Eating! More below in the Back to You health segment.

Next weekend, 28-31 March, my dieting book will be on a big discount on Amazon – more below in RiWiSi. And do look at the snippets for some fab presenter shenanigans!

Plus – big news on my exciting bumper bundle of goodies to be won in next weekend’s Mother's Day Giveaway competition – and my free scary story.


Debbie and her mumMummy Lesley features again this week, as she and I went for an interesting Medical MOT in Harley Street. It was a Groupon voucher and a big reduction on their standard MOT that summarises all the usual things – and some extras; a blood and urine test, peak flow measurements of your lungs etc.

Apart from being overweight we both did really well – I came out of there feeling really proud, specially ‘cos the doc and the nurse both thought I was about 37! Haha! 

ReadingsPlus I was particularly pleased with the lung capacity measurement of 570 – apparently an average for my age is about 366 so avoiding dairy, which gave me breathing problems, is working out well.

Anyway, we took turns and Mummy decided once she’d had her blood taken that she needed a coffee (you have to fast beforehand) so I said we'd go find a coffee shop.

'No' she says, 'The coffee here’s really nice, let’s just have another one here'! OMG – what is she like?!

Here are a few of my measurements – I’ve always had relatively low-end blood pressure and I’m sure all the Omega-3’s have helped no-end with the general health. (Lots of articles about such stuff on my Back to You Blood testblog on my own website by the way if you’re interested – every Monday).

So it was a nice unusual TiFFT** for March, don’t you think?

We await blood test results, it’ll be six weeks to get the full report – sooner if there's something urgent. Well worth it tho' – watch out for those kind of deals, they come up on Groupon from time to time.





Debbie mealI was out this week with lovely Ingrid Tarrant, our Yong Kim guest, and Tina, our guest manager, for a catch up and a gossip! It was great fun.

We were discussing how we can get me a man – lol. The topic of cruises came up, which Ingrid seems to think might help me!

And, of course, her recent bloopers. Here’s last Saturday’s one – sooo funny. There’s no hope! Lol.


 [Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page]

Our regular segment that ties in with Facebook support group, Back to You QVC, tied in with the QVC Show (returning September).

Handbag crunchesOn my travels this week I’ve taken a lot of trains and tubes. Well I’ve invented a new exercise! Handbag crunches! Haha! On the tube and train journeys with my lovely new Tignanello, vintage brown and tan bag, between my legs. What do you think – will it catch on?

This whole Back to You thing since January – eating healthier and getting fitter – has been paying off, I think. Especially with pics like the one at the top, taken on Thursday this week.I’m feeling the results of using the Leg Master, I must say.

More about that on this Monday’s Back to You update on my website* and on the Facebook groups.

But you can see a little difference in the top pic too. Bout time! Lol.

HappinessPlus Happiness Day Apparently it was national happiness Day this week – according to Farrell it was anyway! So I hope you found something to make you smile. If so what was it? Leave me a comment below!






The Monday Update
This week on my weekly update on Monday:
– Shitake mushroom magic… Stevia – a wonder-replacement for harmful sugars?

– Archives packed with fab health facts since January

– Links to all the January QVC Back to You shows. (It’s back on QVC in September!)

B2U partyCome join in on Facebook! Just over 700 members on Back to You QVC group this week! Whoop! Come join us in time for the June 29th get together – about 100 days away! ‘Back to You QVC’ (open) group on Facebook or, for the closed group, search ‘Break the Habit BTU’.




Still to come… Dale makes it onto the front of a Jeffrey Archer novel – or does he?… Another snippet of my spooky story… and Kipling fans prepare to salivate!…



RiWiSi – my weekly look at all things book!

Books of the weekBook of the Week – 9 Killer Thrillers including Russell Blake. In the week that Joanna Penn announced that the last box set I featured, the 12 (go here to previous blog to see it), hit the New York Times Sellers’ list – Russell Blake emailed this super deal.

If you’re looking for new thriller writers, what a fab opportunity! And make it your first ever eBook if you can’t resist the 49p price on Amazon – for all nine! Click here to find out more. If you haven’t got a Kindle, you just need to download the free Kindle app to your device 


When dreams returnFree eBook And do it in time for next week if you can – my spooky short story is going to be free! And here’s another little part of the jigsaw,

But to see the whole cover reveal – just click on this link – whoop! And meanwhile, another little snippet. My 14,000 word short story – free next week on Amazon – eBook giveaway on Mothers’ Day!

Here’s the teaser of the story, following on from last week’s extract where they were about to cast the spell, here’s the moment when Chelle investigates, on her first night in the spooky house alone…

"The scratching became louder still, but it was definitely behind her now. Coming… from the wardrobe?

Chelle sighed. Some first night this was turning out to be. She walked once more towards the big wooden structure, several feet taller than her. She remembered the builder saying the access to the eaves was behind the wardrobe but that it had been papered over years ago so nothing should have been able to get inside it. Theoretically.

Tentatively, she opened up the door and thankfully after an initial heave, it moved without a creak. The lamp was positioned on the wall directly behind the door, leaving the interior of the wardrobe in complete darkness. So Chelle shone the light of the torch inside. And nearly fainted…’

Full short story – a spooky romantic suspense – available free on Amazon eBook from 28th March for Mothers’ Day Weekend Giveaway!


And there’s more! Writing a book yourself? My Friday Fiction Focus continues over on my website, including –
– A fabulous invention – for keeping writers fit – the treadmill desk!
– Camp NaNoWriMo is up and running again to encourage more writing
– And script-writers – Robert McKee the script doctor on choosing your genre

To read all this, go to this week’s RiWiSi Go Large here

And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter, to be the first to hear about all my book news, giveaways and freebies!


Dressing room warsInside the Presenters’ Lounge – The Wars Continues Chloe’s revenge round two! Haha!

Do go to Jackie Kabler’s blog this week to find out more about what exactly Chloe did next! You won’t believe what she put in Jackie’s dressing room in return for this harmless pic of stuff dumped in Chloe’s dressing room!

You just gotta see the pic – follow the link to her blog! Funny! (But am glad it’s not me! Haha!) Er, Jackie, I’d give up now whilst the going’s good! God knows what Chloe'd do next!

Sneaky Peeks! It’s that time again! What would you like your Preview Genie to bring you this week? Hmmmm… how about these – coming up on 27th March – the new Honora Today’s Special Value multi strand necklace – shame I’m off I’d have loved that! And the long awaited Women With Control crop trousers 2 pack on Friday 28th.


Women with control








Not a Lot of People Know That…
NALOPKTWho did QVC beat in that survey? If you’ve seen the little promos on air about us being second in the national consumer Trusted Brands awards and wondered who we beat, here’s the banner in our lobby – impressive huh? More info here.







Also This Week on QVC – X_Factor winner on QVC! I loved that Sam bailey won the X Factor in December and got her album – it’s brilliant! Now she’s on QVC with a fab CD – do watch on Saturday at 2pm or go here to buy it! And in the same week, we had runner up Nicholas McDonald too with his CD! Some fab music on QVC lately eh?

P.S – don’t forget the sneaky peek at this Sunday’s (23rd) Gatineau fab TSV set on last week’s blog's sneaky peek!

I am off for a week, after Friday. Back Monday 31st! Tons to do – including clear out bedroom, back room, and garage for daughter and her BF to stay for six months to make some savings for a house. What a good mummy I am!

Plus, lots of writing too – now I’ve finished the spooky short story, I’ve got to crack on with Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter eh? My fictional account of one girl's attempt to work in selly-telly!



QVC Replay/Blooper – my regular reminders that on live TV things can frequently go wrong…!

Footwear Fun Had some hilarity in the sandal salon Sunday night at 1am, with this little classic – I blame them wot woz in my ear! Lol.

Ingrid Gets a Charlie-Shaped Fright! And lovely Ingrid again – this did make me giggle when Charlie did a walk-on to tease his next hour – bet he wishes he hadn’t bothered! Lol.



Dale coverDon’t judge a book… Well this one’s been circulating around QVC this week – Dale’s lookie-likie – on a Jeffrey Archer novel – how funny! He is very impressed at how it’s so like him and keeps telling everybody! Haha!







Got to get it – walk-writing! Well what a great idea. This was the article which caught my eye whilst I waited for mummy to come out of her medical. It’s a flat bed treadmill over which you can put a desk which raises to exactly the right level to allow you to keep on typing – obviously as long as you don’t wobble too much! Any tips, anyone…?!

Desk treadmill

Writing treadmill








Birthday gatheringAlison’s Birthday Had a very nice get together with my ex-sis-in-law Alison and some of the (15!) cousins. My sis Linda did some varnishing for me! Multi-tasking, right?!






Claire SuttonClaire’s lovely son got to give a quick mention to Claire’s lovely son Tom who gets a feature on her blog this week for Down’s Awareness Week – do go have a read of it here – she’s put some lovely pics up. He’s the eldest of her three kids and just adorable – like our Claire!







Vitamix recipes! As promised, here's a doc packed with delicious recipes using the Vitamix from lovely Gareth! Which ones are you tempted by?


Kipling cakeKipling Birthday Cake! – how amazing is this!? Tracy Holvey Grenter’s hubby on Facebook is a darling for arranging for this, isn’t he? And a happy belated birthday to Tracy too!







CarCar crazy! Our very own Miele guest and familiar face at QVC, Russell Bristow is a classic car fanatic – he had five at one point! Used to rent them out for weddings. But mostly he just loves going along to the various vintage car rallies. He's promised to take me out in a spin at some stage – now that would be an amazing TiFFT!**







JeansFacebook Funny Couldn’t resist this one this week – made me smile!







WATCH – gosh so sorry – I haven’t been to the cinema after all due to writing and other stuff! BUT this next week, I’m hoping to catch one of the current movies at the cinema if I can. I do like the look of this though – what do you think?

The Grand Budapest Hotel – like Moulin Rouge and Gatsby type of directing. Let me know if you saw it what you think – leave a comment below (instructions of how to comment are also below).


NEXT WEEK – am being adventurous – my first ‘Society Dining’ evening to meet new people (maybe leading one day to a man! Lol). And preparing my novel for uploading – not long now and it’s freeeeee! Plus, having my Mother's Day celebration early cos I’m away Sunday after. And the big clear out begins – with a week off air to do the sorting out. See you next week!


**Try it For The First Time Club!


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  1. Joanne Kershaw March 22, 2014 at 8:22 am -  Reply

    Fabulous blog, I don’t know how you find the time to fit everything in, makes me feel very lazy, enjoy your week off, think I might just look out for one of those Groupon offers.
    Jo xx

  2. emily curtis March 22, 2014 at 11:16 am -  Reply

    Great blog this week love the look of that honora necklace might have to treat myself read claires blog to her down syndrome son is gorgeous and very loving towards his mum enjoyed the bloopers with Ingrid and the sandals keep up the bloopers they make my day you are looking very well your legs look more defined and your waist seems to be shrinking you look great in that Dennis basso jacket have a good week off looking forward to your next blog love Emily xx

  3. JillCope March 22, 2014 at 1:08 pm -  Reply

    I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel on Monday, I enjoyed it, it was a light hearted romp with a surprisingly funny Rafe Fiennes. There were several laugh out loud moments, fellow cinema goers were from 16 ish to OAPS, a good cross section. On the way out a lady asked me what I thought of the film, I said I’d enjoyed it, she said she thought it was crap, takes all sorts. Recently I have seen a few films, August Osage County, Dallas Buyers Club, both brilliant films, Las Vegas, Michael Douglas, Robert Deniro, Morgan Freeman I enjoyed it as I haven’t seen any of them play comedic roles before, I also saw New York Winters Tale which I really enjoyed.

  4. Kate Angus March 23, 2014 at 11:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Love the blog!! The bloopers are priceless, poor Ingrid she got such a fright! So glad your medical went well. Looking forward to that Honora necklace it’s beautiful!
    I am only 4lbs off my target for my hols to Dubai tomorrow thanks to your BTY page, very inspiring! Will keep it up when I get back. Will consider the Bodyblade too..the reviews are fantastic!
    Looking forward to the third book in the summer..loved the first two! (Steamy versions of course)
    Hope you enjoy your week off!
    Take care
    Kate x

  5. Debs flint – Qvc presenter March 24, 2014 at 11:24 am -  Reply

    Hi Joanne! –
    Funnily enough, there was one over the weekend! Hope u saw it!
    I should be writing really, but gave been getting better work-life balance lately, so all good. Got a big week of tidying up ahead! See u back on air Monday!

  6. Debs flint – Qvc presenter March 24, 2014 at 11:25 am -  Reply

    Emily –
    Thank u. I do think it was a good angle the pic was taken, too tho! Lol lol!
    So glad u love the bloopers! I love including them!
    Ta for ur kind comment!

  7. Debs flint – Qvc presenter March 24, 2014 at 11:27 am -  Reply

    Jill –
    Sounds like u have similar film tastes to me!
    I missed August Osage and was tempted by New York winters take as I love time travel films.
    May see behind the candelabra at least during my busy week this week!
    Ta for leaving a comment!

  8. Debs flint – Qvc presenter March 24, 2014 at 11:29 am -  Reply

    Kate –
    Oh am so pleased! Back to you qvc groups definitely helping a lot of people apparently.
    You should deffo consider Bodyblade for fast toning.
    Sorry am away this week! Missed honora as well as Antthony shows! But will see Antthony this week for dinner!

  9. Brenda Pinkney March 24, 2014 at 9:51 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debby, It was seeing how great this Derek Basso coat looked o yourself, that I ordered one, it came today, and I am absolutely delighted with it, and have left a review. I thought you looked trim too, since they took my HRT away, I have put a little on as I cannot run around like I used to, as Arthritus has got me, and my hip gives me real gyp. Love watching you on tv you are so funny and make me smile a lot. I met you 3 year ago with my daughter Dawn at a Diamonique afternoon, Dawn loved your Honora watch. I hav’nt been o your blog for ages, I do a lot of card making, so limit myself to lap top, as I can loose an hour, or more, ver easily. love Brenda

  10. martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen watching via sky tv March 25, 2014 at 7:06 pm -  Reply

    hidebs hope you and family are well
    i am nae bad

  11. Susanne Fitzpatrick March 25, 2014 at 7:32 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Good luck with the Society Dining – best laugh I’ve had for ages when I went (it’s called Speed Dating round here (ie minus the food!!)). My pal Ian from work came with me and when it was his ‘turn’ to sit opposite me, said various hilarious things out loud which I can’t repeat here but which had tears of laughter rolling down my face that at the bar in the interval, some of the available men said I should pair up with him!!! Which wasn’t quite the point of the evening, but strewth, it was funny.
    Good luck with it all. If it’s the one thing lacking in your very full life, I send you every good wish in finding a new long-term love. I’d love to see you settled with a special someone.
    Very best wishes
    Susanne x

  12. Debs flint – Qvc presenter March 26, 2014 at 10:21 am -  Reply

    Brenda –
    Hi hon! Nice to see u back!
    Glad u love the coat! Yes it’s a good one eh?!
    I am able to tell u some private info about anti-inflammation if u email me direct on Also google natural progesterone cream ref HRAt alternatives.
    Luv to ur daughter. Big hugs

  13. Debs flint – Qvc presenter March 26, 2014 at 10:31 am -  Reply

    Very well thank you.
    Glad u r too

  14. Debs flint – Qvc presenter March 26, 2014 at 10:38 am -  Reply

    Susanne –
    Aw bless u!
    I would too!
    Your speed dating sounds v good fun!
    Society dining was mostly chatting to some interesting new female friends, at a normal dinner. But I did go speed dating once too. Not a wonderful experience eh! You know within seconds if there’s any attraction don’t u.
    Anyway, ta so much for commenting!
    Keep me informed about your journey!

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