These are a few of my favourite (Christmas) things


“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

These are a few of my favourite things”

That is how the song goes from ‘The Sound Of Music’ and, for some, reason I’ve been humming it today and it got me thinking about some of my favourite things at this time of year.

Since I am sitting here writing this blog I thought I might just share some of them with you.

Sunny, cold, crisp winter days
Today was like that. It was glorious. I love looking out the window on days like this in the middle of winter, and seeing the whole world in sharp focus.

Just when you have resigned yourself to thinking that winter is the bleakest time of the year, it turns around and proves you wrong by being unexpectedly brilliantly bright and sunny. I love the surprise of it. To get outside all wrapped up and go for a walk on a day like that can be the most reviving and life affirming thing you can do. It is glorious.

Organising the Christmas Season and all your Christmas Events
For those of you who read my blog on any kind of a regular basis, you will know that I am really not a fan of the transition from summer into autumn.

It tends to fill me with a feeling of foreboding. However, by the time we reach this junction my head is so full of thoughts about Christmas drinks parties and gatherings, shopping trips, busy days at work and lunches with friends and colleagues to celebrate the festive season… all earlier feelings of foreboding have been banished.


I’m thrilled at the idea of ordering bottles of wine, beer and bubbles for friends who will drop in for a festive drink and hearing everyone chatting about what they are going to wear to the Christmas party, planning where they will be spending Christmas day, or even just debating the age old issue of whether or not they will have a turkey this year!

Everyone seems to be a buzz of chat and excitement.

Advent calendars
my-advent-calendar-with-my-nieceI have never (in all my 45 years), ever had an Advent calendar of any description, until now. This year, so far, I have received two!

The first of which was presented to me by my lovely niece about a week ago.

I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about them. After all, what’s not to love?

They are fun and decorative, they help you count down those pesky last days to Christmas, and they provide you with a deliciously chocolatey treat along the way.

Unless of course you managed to get one of our Yankee Candle Advent Calendars, which came as a set of two and are filled with the most gorgeous, true to life fragranced tea lights that can be burned all the way through the Advent season. Fab!


Winter lighting

bethlehem-lights-treeFor me, the festive season always starts with the lights.

I remember as a child lying on winter evenings by the roaring fire screwing my eyes up whilst looking at the lights on the Christmas tree (they were always multi-coloured) so that the lights had a starburst halo effect around them and dreaming lazily about what Santa was going to be bringing me this year.

What that list was, changed every day, and what I actually got in the end bore no resemblance to my wish list – but I was always still happy to have gotten anything, as the threat of some coal or a bag of ashes was always presented as a distinct possibility!

They were happy innocent days, and every time I look at Christmas lighting I am always brought back to those times.

This year, as with last year (pictured here), I will be using the services of our fabulous Bethlehem Lights to light up my ‘garden’ area (it’s more of a patio or terrace really). With such little natural light at this time of year, it is important to create the right mood both in your home and outdoors. As well as having my Bethlehem Lights prelit wreath on my front door, I’ll have my prelit Christmas tree indoors too.

bethlehem-lights-prelit-tree-703724 bethlehem-lights-wreath-705826

Woolly jumpers, knitted scarves and thick winter coats
Being all wrapped up, cosy and snuggly is such a lovely feeling when Jack Frost comes along to nip at your nose.

We always had an outing as children to buy our winter coat, which would be worn all the way up to Easter.

The feeling of the wool and security of being well wrapped up against the elements was so comforting, and still is to this day. The only difference is that today there are so many technical fabrics that can really give you that warmth without necessarily having that weight like our Centigrade range here at QVC.


It brings different lengths, styles, fillings and designs. There really is something for everyone. Our MukLuks scarves and gloves are really cool too and perfect for adding a bit of glamour, and what about a bit Frank Usher faux fur hat and scarf or even a faux fur trimmed poncho?

Frank Usher faux fur hat - 163055 frank-usher-faux-scarf-163056

Christmas shopping and pre-Christmas sales
Oh I do love shopping, which was a blessing for my mum, because I am the only one of her children that does! She is a shopper too.

I will happily go around the shops the whole day long. Even if I am not shopping for myself, doesn’t matter. Shopping is shopping.

The best shopping, though, is Christmas gift shopping.

Making a list of who you need to purchase for and coming up with ideas of what you might get as well as a budget (all of which gets thrown out the window as soon as you get into the shops!), I love it.

all-wrapped-upThe people, the Christmas music (yes I even love that too!), the street lighting, the pitstops for tea and buns! It’s such a lovely time. Being so busy at work though, it’s not always easy to find the time so some of it does end up being done online I’m afraid, but it does help to get everything done when you are pushed for time.

This truly is the magical season. Christmas day itself is merely a punctuation point for me. Right now is the exciting time for me. So it’s high time I got my knitted scarf and winter coat on and got out there in the glorious winter sunshine and had a stroll around the shops until the sun sets on another day and I can enjoy the winter lights. Who’s with me?

Until next time,

Miceal xx


  1. Carolyn Sollo December 1, 2016 at 4:40 pm -  Reply

    I am with you Miceal. Sometimes I think I am the only person who enjoys the run up to Christmas. From food ordering to present buying, I love it all! Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy all the preparations more than the big day itself. It seems like a real achievement when it all comes together. Happy Christmas to you Miceal x

  2. SheMag December 1, 2016 at 8:19 pm -  Reply

    Deep joy! I hadn’t spotted this for outside use wreath! Suffice it to say I just bought one…I’d pay about that for a real one which only gets 12 days’ use! Thanks for mentioning it, Miceal, and I’m glad to hear your autumn gloom has dissipated!

  3. Janice Rosmann December 3, 2016 at 11:37 pm -  Reply

    ME!! LOL I would accompany you on a shopping trip, have a lovely lunch & a drink or two. I have’nt been to London in ages. I’m from Southport…knownfor The Open @ Royal Birkdale. I will be alone this I bought some lovely pieces from Home Reflectio
    ns. You are always so happy when presenting your shows & you always make me smile! Thanks Miceal. Keep cosy cheers Janx

  4. Elizabeth Keenan December 4, 2016 at 11:30 am -  Reply

    Hi Miceal
    I also love shopping, shop to you drop it’s magic.
    Have a lovely Christmas Miceal and best wishes for 2017.
    Much love
    Elizabeth X

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