Ultrasun summer skin saviours!

The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hurrah!


At long last the sun is shining and I love nothing more than the feeling of warmth on my body.
I am sure I was meant to be born in a hot country! I feel much better and look so much better with a little colour – or is is just mind over matter? As you know, I don’t just dislike the cold weather – I actually hate it so much so that I try and work my holidays around the UK weather so I can enjoying every second of the sunshine.

I thought you might like see some of my QVC favourites that I really can’t live without on my holidays. Mind you, it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit, hot hot hot every day and I certainly wasn’t complaining. I just love it.

Some of these beauty products have been favourites for many years and a few are new additions. I am lucky enough to have been passed on many great tips by our great guests so I hope I can pass them onto you and you enjoy them as much as I have over the last few weeks.

Needless to say Ultrasun has been and always will be my Sun saviour.When I first met Abby she was insistent I tried a higher sun factor for when I am in hotter temperatures. She is not only adorable but so generous with her advice. I took her advice and tried the SPF 50 for the face for anti-ageing and anti-pigmentation, as well as the SPF 50 for the body ( me on SPF 50? I cried “I’ll get no colour” – how wrong was I?)

The texture is simply divine. I expected it to be quite thick but my sensitive skin loved it. It felt soft and nourished and WOW what a difference in the areas where I would normally get pigmentation. I used the 50 sport for the body as I love the unusual texture.


The lip balm is a little bit of an addiction and I find it works well on my eyes, ears and nose to protect those sensitive areas and of course on the lips. Not only a great sun protector but also a fabulous everyday lip balm.

I have always used Decleor Aromessence Solaire for the face and for the body on holiday. It really protects my skin as well as caring for it in the hot temperatures. The Solaire night balm is my new addition and it completes the whole Solaire routine.

I had a few comments from some girlfriends at dinner one night on the condition and glow of my skin. It gives you that beautiful sun-kissed glow and I find my sun tan lasts so much longer. When I think of the heat my skin goes through and how beautiful my skin is after my holidays, I realise it’s worth investing in this sun range.



Decleor micellar water and Solaire for the face and bodyDecleor Micellar Oil is fantastic for holidays as it cleanses and tones plus removes eye makeup.

I do love my cleansing balms but when I am on holiday I want something quick and a cleanser that will do everything. This certainly does the perfect job without compromising on cleansing whatsoever.






Some of Jill's favourite hair productsProtecting my hair is a daily ritual that I am very strict with on and off holiday.Elastisizer from Philip Kingsley three times a week as a sleep-in mask and  Daily Damage Defence after every hair wash.


My hair always feels like I have been to a salon when it is blow-dried after using these products.





Tangle TeezerMy Tangle Teezer goes everywhere with me. I am a little bit obsessed and have them in every drawer and bag to ensure I am never without one. It’s perfect to ensure my treatments are distributed evenly in my hair.

I also love to use swim cap hair treatment form Philip Kingsley and I am desperate for them to bring it to QVC. I discovered it many years ago and it’s a fantastic mask for the hair to help prevent damage form chlorine & sea salt.


Also a new one to my routine is Ultrasun Daily UV Hair Protector. My hair was so glossy and in great condition every time I used it. If I slicked my hair back in a pony tail in the evening for a more chic look I used this for those nights as it worked a treat and I looked like I had spent hours doing my hair.

I was very strict this holiday with Hairfix Follicle +. Before I went to bed I rubbed a small amount of the gel texture into my scalp and around the forehead. I have noticed new hair growing though after just three weeks and will definitely stick with this one. Having very fine hair, every little bit of help I can get to creat thickness in my hair is invaluable.

Revitalash AdvancedI have always loved Revitalash and when you are on holiday you tend to have a little more time to yourself for a little pampering. I have always had great results with Revitalash and using it with my Mally Volumising Mascara I honestly look like I have false eyelashes on.

You need to be committed to see the results but it’s worth the time and every penny you spend when you see those crazy long lashes suddenly appear.




ABC Cleansing Gel Decleor Creme Exfoliante

My ABC face and body wash is always in my suitcase as it keeps the blemishes at bay especially when you sweat a lot with the heat and using more moisturiser than normal. It keeps the pores clean and tight.

Sitting proudly on my shower shelf is also the Decleor body scrub which is rich and creamy and very gentle on the skin, keeping it smooth after removing all the dead skin cells. I use this twice a week from the neck down.

Decleor body cream and Solaire for the bodyTo boost the moisture in my skin I add the Decleor Excellence body cream over the top every other night and use the Ultrasun After Sun on the other nights which keeps the skin cool and calms any redness.

Of course my makeup bag wouldn’t be the same without Nails Inc Porchester Square and their top coat. I have always been quite particular about manicured hands and it’s not easy keeping any nail varnish on after using all the lotions and potions everyday to protect ourselves from the sun.




Porchester Square is such a great colour and goes with any outfit and if I do a fresh manicure before I go out to dinner the Caviar quick-dry top coat ensures it’s dry when I need it to be.

Let me know what you’ve discovered you love to use on holiday? I may want to try it too..
Happy Holidays and stay safe in the sun!

Much love


  1. susan July 5, 2014 at 10:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi jill, i’ll have to read your blog again as so much in it! Just wondered is there any news on scruncher and did you get the new pup?? I have to say you looked great on birkie show tonight. Always do though but loved pink top and black trousers. How’s the pilates etc going? Saw pic of all julia’s equipment in gym. If someone took all that they’d be loaded! I’dbe happy with one machine! Just wondered about sruncher anyway. Love Susan x

  2. Beth Morton July 7, 2014 at 3:12 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jill,
    Thanks for all the info. in here – I’ve recently started a new – and just waiting for payday so methinks I’ll have to try some of these items soon! I’ve got very fine hair too and I caught on the QVC Beauty Channel you and Caroline talking about the Liz Earle Hair Oil so that’s something else I may have to add to my list!!
    Your hair does always look immaculate and from the first time I saw you on screen, I’ve admired your lovely nails. I am very naughty and am a nailbiter – I can go for months or even years without biting them and then “life happens” and it starts again. At the mo, I am trying to stop yet again!!! The Porchester Square really does suit you so I should be inspired so I can put on nice colours too!
    Lots of love and sending you a hug,
    Beth XXX

  3. Linda Binns July 8, 2014 at 9:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jill,
    I am also a huge fan of Ultrasun, Decleor and Philip Kingsley.
    I’m thinking the Decleor Micellar Oil may be something new as I haven’t heard of it before. Must check it out. I keep meaning to checkout what the Tangle Teezer does that an ordinary brush can’t do. ???
    Enjoying your blog with all the tips etc. Thanks.
    Love, Linda. xxx
    Still on the lookout for your precious Scruncher, and I’m sure most of us who watch QVC will still be being vigilant.

  4. Gail July 17, 2014 at 3:17 pm -  Reply

    Linda is absolutely right Jill; I for one am always on the lookout for darling Scruncher. Thinking of you, Larry and Mr B xxx

  5. Teresa giannandrea August 18, 2014 at 3:09 am -  Reply

    Jill what colour of nail polish are have you wore in the past few days on air. Teresa

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