The songs are chosen at last, plus a huge Decleor Deal!


…it’s here at last, apologies for the delay due to technical issues with all the blogs. Hopefully some of the below is not out of date! Watch out for the latest one due soon, and don’t forget to subscribe to the email at the top of this page, in order to get sent each of my blogs just after they are published automatically. Happy reading!

What a lovely get together we had last weekend, when niece Chloe came home from her travels (albeit only for two months) and loads of the fam, fam came over to hers for a lunch party. She’s the one who’s been travelling the world for over a year and has done a fab blog with tons of pics and adventures. They’ve been literally all over including spending five weeks volunteering at a school in Suva, Fiji. Am very proud of her!

Chloe’s mum Nicky has done very well this year using Richard Jackson’s Flower Power plant food – just look at her hanging baskets! She’s taken a few pics and emailed them to him which has made him very happy! I must say nothing works as well as Richard’s clever garden products, and plant food is one of the best. I enjoyed seeing her lovely garden and it was a smashing get together.

Winner  – the winner of last week’s Taxco competition is Margaret P Baker – go here to see the range as several items are on clearance! Great if you want a unique hand made range from Mexico.

This week on QVC.

It’s been an amazing week on QVC!

Friday – was the beautiful Ashwood leather triple compartment large workbag – wish they’d name them something glam! Lol!

SaturdayAmazon Echo – the Show was back! This is the Alexa speaker you can talk to, but also see things on! The best, IMO, since you can drop in on it when you’re out (and see the dogs, in my case!) Plus you can hold up a product you have just run out of, scan it, and get it the next day with Prime. It’s blimmin marvellous! My guests down in Devon marvel at being able to just ask Alexa to play their favourite music or answer a fact dispute, or – for me – add things to my shopping list – just by talking to it! I have a couple of these now, at home in Devon and in my bedroom at my brother’s house when I’m in London and they are magic! Don’t miss it with Lee and co or go here to see and buy it now! (I’m not in that day as I’m off looking after my grand-daughter Blake Katherine!)

Decleor Deal Ahoy! Finally on Sunday I was delighted to help to present this incredible offer from Decleor. Why? Because their Aromessence is one of my ‘must-haves’. Whenever I test a new product, I’m almost always including my beloved serum still – can’t resist! Plus the brand new eye gel! My skin feels so much better for it, and I’m grateful to be able to bring you this superb set. Go here to see and buy it now!

Big Deals

Here are this week’s Big Deals, our regular super-bargains that last for one week, but end Sunday at midnight, usually featured on our sister channels. There are a pair of Peter Kaiser boots available on Easy Pay instalments, a five-piece top-to-toe Sea Lavender & Samphire Collection from Elemis, and a five-piece set from Price’s Candles, in a choice of four lovely scents. Go here to see and buy them before Sunday.

See below for the rest of this week’s highlights.


Song List for the big concert in Devon

Well Wednesday isn’t that far away and we’ve finalised the song list! Too bad I couldn’t work out how to create a CD to burn for the audio CD machine! In the process of doing it right now as I type… lol. Where’s Lee Hohbein when you need him?! Anyway this is the list we’ve settled on – and as I was practising away in my lovely vaulted kitchen at home in Devon, one lunchtime I realised just how loud it must be – I looked around and all the guests had gone back to their rooms! Lol. Hopefully I won’t have the same effect next week in Sheepwash church! Haha! At least it’s only about an hour and a half so not too many cats should be gathering by the time Barry the ‘singing councillor’ and I have finished! Wish me luck!


Was looking after guests on my lonesome again this week – and seems I can’t be trusted. One lot of burnt flaked almonds later… At least I had enough to do the second lot to go on the trifle dessert. One guest came out and said ‘I thought you were making popcorn’… lol! Silly Debbie strikes again!

Facebook – lots of videos this week – video blogs – vlogs – do go and check them out! (Social media links below) And at the same time, look at this Panasonic camera from Mat Trim – it’s designed to work from the app on your phone so you should be able to take amazing selfies – and vlogs! Go here for more.

Blooper of the week – Chloe funnies – she’s a devil is my roommate!

Book of the Week

The Rooster Bar by John Grisham. Ever since The Runaway Jury I’ve tried to get through as many of his as possible. The latest one is set in the world of student lawyers and the scam three mates hatch after a tragedy. I’m always a fan of the way he keeps the plot pacey. I could add that sometimes the audio book sounds like an abridged version – and it’s not (unless I’m an idiot!) But it’s obviously written for it to be made into a screenplay, which it so easily could be. No spoilers, so go read it yourself! Any Grisham fans out there?


Ant Man and the Wasp. I just LOVE Paul Rudd. I haven’t seen Ant Man one yet, however, and am wondering whether to plunge in and watch this sequel. The trailer is hilarious (YouTube it to see it) so I’m going to try to see it soon anyway, I think. Bout time I used up my monthly cinema pass! ALSO – looking forward to 42nd Street at the theatre on Saturday night – been ages since I’ve been – or seems like it!

This week’s highlights on QVC

See above for this weekend’s highlights (ending Sun) and these are this week’s offers including some sneaky peeks!

Monday (20th) – a set of three outdoor giant lily garden stakes. No, not steaks – not a Barbecue! Three lovely ornaments to add drama to your garden. I’m looking forward to having this in the lunchtime show I’m presenting as an extra instead of Saturday (babysitting!)

Tuesday – a fascinating offer from Gill Gauntlett – she’s back with a set of FIVE pairs of reading glasses including a pair of computer spectacles! Looks like I’ll be getting these! I wake up in the morning and can’t focus easily and my dear ones are always somewhere else! One for every handbag maybe? Lol.

TODAY – Wednesday – It’s party time! With Home Reflections mains operated Outdoor Party light and extras. Go here to see and buy them now.

ThursdayWomen with Control is back with the reversible trouser including in petite. Looking forward to a Ronnie Nicole hour at 11pm too – with lovely guest Ouida – (one time only maybe…?!) Then get ready at midnight for the wonderful Alpha H launching a supersize favourites trio! Love their Essential hydrating day cream, amongst others.

Next week on the blog – looking after baby Blake all day – I said ALL DAY! – on Saturday! Plus the theatre, plus family lunches, plus… nearly concert time! Very nervous! Have a great week!

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes



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