The return of winter


I remember, back in October, the weather forecasters predicting a really cold winter with four months of snow. Really?

I know some parts of the country have been harder hit than others but I would have said it’s been a pretty mild, albeit wet, winter, which is a blessing for us as we still haven’t sorted out what we are going to do about our pretty, but single-glazed, windows. We think we may now have found a small, independent window company who are prepared to try and replicate the intricate pattern but in a double-glazed version. I’ll keep you posted.

We are also going to have to replace our boiler, which is ancient, and some of the radiators plus, finally, we are having a new staircase made to replace the metal spiral one that currently leads up to our loft room. I’m hoping the work will start at the end of the month, so I can envisage a few trips to Wales for peace and quiet to get on with my writing. Poor old Chris will have to cope with all the mess! I told you last week, he is a bit of an angel!

Speaking of Wales, I was down there last weekend and, without planning it, had managed to be there for St. David’s Day for the second year running. In celebration, I tried Welsh cakes for the first time – I might have to have a go at making them. I think they would be lovely made with spelt flour.

I had a really productive few days of writing, managing 7,000 words rather than the 10,000 I had been hoping for, but I also did some editing of previous chapters so I was happy with what I achieved. It had rained for most of St. David’s Day but on Wednesday morning I woke up to sleety/snow – not ideal conditions for the drive back.

Snow on windscreen

I squeezed in a quick trip to the dentist, just a check-up thankfully, and then wrote another 1,000 words. By the way, I’ve been asked to let you know that my first book, ‘Life’s a Beach and Then…’ has sold out completely on our QVC website and no more will be available.

If you did want personally signed copies of either of my novels please check my webpage for information on how to order through Chapter One bookshop, where I did my book signing last year. They have been nominated for an award for Best Independent Book Shop so fingers crossed for Mary and John as they are always trying new initiatives to encourage people to read. They had a very successful book signing there yesterday – 350 people queued up to get Mary Berry’s signature on her new book, a perfect Mother’s Day present.

Unfortunately, I am working this Mother’s Day so won’t be able to go and visit my mum in Nottingham. I will, however, be spending the day with my daughter, Sophie, as she is coming in to QVC to be one of the model’s for the bareMinerals TSV, during my 5pm show.

bareMinerals make-up products

She is a big fan of bareMinerals so it seemed appropriate that she should come on. I think SJ’s mum is appearing on one of the shows as well to keep the theme of mother and daughter. I’ll list the rest of my shows below although please remember these are subject to change.

So, I’ve left Focus on Fashion to last as both of the shows I want to draw attention to are later today. Fashion on Friday at 5pm is only the second show of FDJ Jeans after a hugely popular first show. There are three basic styles: Suzanne is a high rise slim leg, Olivia is a straight leg with a regular fit on the legs, and Peggy is designed for a pear shape, with more room around the bottom and the thighs.

The feedback from customers so far is that they are fairly generous so you may want to order down a size. They come in two lengths, 30 and 33 inches, and there is a new colour this time called Delight, which is a mid-denim. Sadly the guest is unwell so I hope you’ll join me to keep me company!

Later this evening, at 8pm, there is also a second show of a newer brand for us. I had the pleasure of presenting the first Nick Verreos show and this is the new Spring/Summer collection. If the recent runway shows are any indication of popularity you may want to get in early as all the featured styles sold out.

Lola Rose wrap

I’m on today at 4pm with Lola Rose (including the TSV wrap) so I’d better make tracks. Happy Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday) to Mums everywhere.

Much love,

Julia xx


My hours this week:-


4pm Lola Rose
5pm FDJ Jeans (Fashion on Friday)



3pm three-hour Diamonique Spectacular with Alison O’Reilly



3pm Bibi Bijoux
5pm Beauty Loves ( including bareMinerals TSV)



4pm Clarks
5pm Michele Hope

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  1. Eileen Mahoney March 4, 2016 at 9:00 pm -  Reply

    Before I even read your blog I thought what a pretty window. I do hope you can replicate it or else I’d be tempted to keep it (them), even if only single glazed – its too pretty to get rid of!

    • Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:04 pm -  Reply

      Hi Eileen
      Well we had some bad news about the windows – looks unlikely we will be able to get them replicated in double glazing but I will persevere. The problem is that they are really thin glass and I’ll-fitting too.
      Will keep trying though cos I love them
      Julia x

  2. TINA S March 5, 2016 at 12:17 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    I’ll keep this short in case I have problems posting it again.
    Saw Max Boyce tonight . Fantastic!
    He had us doing the Haka to Humpty Dumpty!
    Best wishes, Tina x

    • TINA S March 5, 2016 at 12:20 am -  Reply

      Glad you liked our Welsh cakes. We use a Bakestone to make them as they’re made on top of the cooker. Much nicer homemade, not so dry as shop bought ones.

    • Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:06 pm -  Reply

      Hi Tina
      Both your comments got posted so hopefully the little hiccough is now ironed out.
      So pleased you had a good time watching Max Boyce – even I know what the Haka is!!
      Haven’t tried making Welsh cakes yet – maybe when Dan is back at Easter.
      Speak soon
      Julia x

  3. Janet Morgan March 6, 2016 at 9:26 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia I’m Welsh & my Mum always called Welsh cakes round cakes Why not try some made with cranberries instead of currants or reheat them on the griddle in a little butter , they turn out really crisp and Mum used to brown some really well just for me As today is Mother’s Day this brings back some happy memories

    • Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:09 pm -  Reply

      Hi Janet,
      I’m so pleased that me mentioning Welsh cakes brought back some happy memories for you.
      I’ll probably try a traditional recipe first before I try with different ingredients but I will give them a go with cranberries too at some point.
      Julia x

  4. Janet skelhorn March 6, 2016 at 10:04 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia, I enjoy reading your blogs each week. Very pleased you have written further chapters for the third book, loved the first two and can’t wait to read the next! I am enjoying the story so much am disappointed that a trilogy is only three!! Jan x

    • Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:12 pm -  Reply

      Hi Janet,
      What a truly lovely thing to say about my books. Here’s an exclusive for you – I am contemplating doing a prequel to the trilogy. An idea came to me the other day! I’m supposed to be getting 15,000 words done on this nine day break from QVC – have only done 3000 so far so have a bit of ground to make up.
      Thanks again for your kind remarks
      Julia x

  5. Jean Pugh March 6, 2016 at 7:17 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia,
    What lovely Windows.
    Yes they did say we were going to have a long cold spell. Down here in the South West we have had no snow, lots of rain which seemed to go on for months. A few frosty mornings and nice sunny days, but cold winds. Looking forward to the summer as the winter seems to be going on and on.
    You have been doing well with your writing, looking forward to your book.
    Sophie’s skin did look lovely on the show with you. I liked your eyebrows. Bare Minerals is great, I use there products everyday.
    Love Jean xx

    • Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:17 pm -  Reply

      Hi Jean
      The windows are so pretty but totally impractical – we have been so lucky not having freezing winters since we moved in two years ago.
      No luck as yet on finding someone to replicate them in double glazing but will keep trying.
      Sophie’s skin did look amazing – she does have issues with her skin so it was a real confidence booster for her.
      SJ experimented with my eyebrows – I liked them but don’t think I could achieve the same look myself!
      Just having a quick break from writing book 3 to do my blog replies – 45,000 words in now so sort of on the home stretch.
      Julia x

  6. Hefina Mitchell March 7, 2016 at 2:58 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia loved the bare mineral show also Sophie what a beauty she is like her mother,about bare minerals love it it suits my aging skin but i am tempted to try the bare skin but can you improve on what i am using now your advice would be most appreciated,what are you using at the moment on your skin it looks amazing thank you

    • Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:21 pm -  Reply

      Hi Hefina
      I will pass your comment on to Sophie she will be really pleased.
      I like Bareskin but if you’re really happy with the original I would be tempted to stick with it.
      I’m out of Bareskin at the moment so gave been experimenting with the Laura Gellar liquid make-up mixed with Becca skin perfector.
      For light coverage though there is little as good as Bare Minerals original.
      Julia x

  7. Joanna Downey March 7, 2016 at 8:15 pm -  Reply

    Hello Julia, I too remember the warning that we were facing the harshest Winter for a century or was it so far this century? Either way it’s just been an extremely wet one, especially for the people in the Lake District, York and parts of Wales, punctuated by a few frosty days. I don’t have much faith in the forecasters and listened in amazement to the news reports from an international meteorologists conference three years ago; they said that they didn’t know why the planet had weather but could say that the UK would have at least ten consecutive Summers that would be “poor”. It turned out to be a lovely Summer and my garden tan was as long lasting as any acquired in Italy. I love your windows and how wonderful to have them recreated. I also love welsh cakes and can imagine eating them now, i enjoy baking but have never made them so that’s a plan for this weekend and I may borrow Janet’s mums idea of using cranberries to replace currants. We are also having our boiler replaced, it’ll be done during the school holidays at Easter and I’m not looking forward to it, especially trying to keep Sox safe which I think will mean the two of us holed up in a room for three days. In your last blog you asked about my choice of jumpsuit, I bought the Kim & Co Byzantine one in black and oyster and I love it as it’s the perfect balance of comfort and style. I thought that you and Sophie looked beautiful on Sunday evening and she looks very much like her dad from the photo you showed in your last blog. Enjoy your week, Jo x

    • Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:28 pm -  Reply

      Hi Jo
      I’m just relieved we haven’t had the predicted freezing temperatures as not only are the windows single glazed they are very ill-fitting too. Bad news is that I don’t think we can get them replicated in double glazing – I’m not one to give up easily though. We have a date for the new staircase, just after Easter, with the boiler the following week I think – mayhem! I know what you mean about the cats – they love exploring. It’s particularly awkward when, like ours, they are house cats!
      Glad you got the Kim & Co jumpsuit – it’s been very popular.
      Thanks for Sophie & my compliments – people normally think she looks like me but I think she has a bit of both of us in her!
      Let me know how your Welsh cakes turn out
      Julia x

  8. Marian Bolton March 8, 2016 at 5:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Julia
    I don’t envy you having all that work done, good plan to get out of the way! We’re just about to have some new bedroom furniture fitted. It will only take a couple of days though but then we’ll have to decorate, urgh!!
    I love your windows, not surprised you wanted to keep that design, they’re utterly charming.
    I had a busy but lovely Mothers Day with both Mums and Chris’s Nan. I’m sorry I missed the NV show with you as I would have tweeted that photo in of me wearing the top and trousers set. Maybe Nick would have invited me on to model for him. Never give up on the dream Julia! Speaking of which, look out for me on the gardening event on Saturday!! And maybe you’ll see Chris too!

    • Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:34 pm -  Reply

      Hi Marion,
      So pleased you had a good Mother’s Day – we managed to get up to see my mum on Wednesday as you’ll see on my new blog.
      I didn’t present the Nick Verreos show – it was on at 8pm & I no longer work beyond 7pm.
      I’ll try and catch a glimpse of you on the gardening show although technically I am on annual leave at the moment as I have so much writing to catch up on. Love the new gardening set.
      Hope your bedroom furniture works out as well as ours did – we still haven’t decorated though.
      Julia x

  9. Becca March 9, 2016 at 4:49 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia I love your windows. You really must keep them even if only by having them replicated. They are so lovely and unusual to see such quality in workmanship these days too. Love the little Ginger Puss looking out of them too. Take care love Becca xxx

    • Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:36 pm -  Reply

      Hi Becca
      The other half took three pictures of the window for me – of course I chose the one that Milo had snuck into!
      The windows were one of the things that attracted me to the house in the first place but we will have to do something to them and it’s looking less likely that we can get them replicated in double glazing.
      Julia x

  10. David Dighton March 9, 2016 at 9:56 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia You must be on about a National Newspaper they are always going on about the Weather ! round here in peterborough it has been wet rather than cold but hardly seen the gritting lorry over the winter ..won”t be long before they tell us we are going to have one of the hottest summers on record lol ..Wishing you loads good luck always Julia Best wishes David x

    • Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:39 pm -  Reply

      Hi David
      I think it was an online newspaper while we were away on holiday last October.
      Let’s hope we do get a gorgeous summer – has to be better than last year which seemed to come and go in a flash. We only sat outside for dinner once in four months.
      Thanks for your good wishes and to you too
      Julia x

  11. Gail March 10, 2016 at 10:51 am -  Reply

    Hi Julia,

    I’m very disappointed that there isn’t any ‘news’ re leap year!!! I really thought there was going to be some news on this blog, but then I am a romantic at heart. More importantly, how were your blood test results? If I remember rightly, you should have had them by now. Fingers and everything else crossed for you xx. I too saw Sophie and have to agree that she is a very pretty young lady; obviously runs in the family.

    I don’t mind the cold weather Julia, in fact I rather like it, but hate the rain and the muddy conditions it has left. My garden is like a mud bath and the park and fields I use to walk my dogs are, too, a muddy mess to say the least. Roll on Summer.

    I, like so many on here, adore your window. So very, very unusual and pretty. I must say that if they were mine, and assuming they are original, I would be tempted to put in secondary glazing. I wouldn’t want to part with the windows at any cost. Think hard about that one Julia, cos when they’re gone, they’re gone as they say.

    I envy your many trips to Wales. Many years since I visited, in fact for our honeymoon we did a tour of England. Remember Wales fondly, but not least because it was here, in Tenby, that we were unable to find accommodation and had to sleep in the car – happy days!! The only time on our honeymoon I have to say, thankfully, but a lot younger then so everything was just one long, happy journey. Thank goodness for ‘memory’ I say.

    Lots of love and hope everything well health wise.

    Take care

    Lots of love

    Gail xx

  12. Julia Roberts March 11, 2016 at 4:47 pm -  Reply

    Hi Gail
    I was considering ‘proposing’ on the 29th but then decided that it should really come from him indoors – I haven’t given up hope!
    There was a very slight rise in levels on my last blood test which I was disappointed with but the Prof said was nothing to worry about. My next bloods are in April so fingers crossed for more positive news. I’m feeling okay which is the main thing I guess.
    Thanks for your kind words about Sophie – proud mummy moment.
    We have to have a rethink on the windows cos I don’t think they can be replicated – I haven’t given up hope yet though.
    I am a fairly new visitor to Wales but I do really like it. Had to laugh at you sleeping in a car many moons ago – we did that once on Beachy Head – what it is to be young!
    Julia x

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