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Share The Love logoHi there!

Hope you're all enjoying QVC's special Share The Love campaign. When I was asked if I could pick a few products that I loved on QVC my first response was, "how many do you want me to mention?!"

Joking aside – if you walk round my house you'll see QVC in every room, from the Northern Nights and Kelly Hoppen bedding and Peony flowers in my bedroom, Yankee Candles and Kelly Hoppen accessories in the living room, endless beauty ranges in my bathroom, and solar lights, Thompson & Morgan flowers and lots of QVC garden implements in the garden!!

But here are five of my favourites…

Decleor Hydrotenseur Eye Contour Firming Serum
1) Decleor Hydrotenseur Eye Serum

I adore this eye product! I have to admit over the years I have endlessely been hunting for an eye product that really works. I often suffer from dark circles under my eyes and also when I'm tired I often get very puffy eyes – both these symptoms worsen when I am tired, stressed or working weird and wonderful shifts!

Fiona from Decleor introduced me to this eye serum and I'm forever in her debt. When I first tried the serum I thought it was way too light to be effective, as I am used to using a heavier gel or cream, but I stuck with it and within days noticed a real difference.

The only down side is that you have to limit yourself to using it for a month at a time to keep its ultimate efficacy. The results are so good it's tempting to just keep on going! For me it has made my eye area appear brighter and more refreshed, and has had an amazing tightening effect. I'm looking forward to also trying it on brow lines and nose to lip lines next!

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial2) Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial

I first discovered Sarah's range when I had a facial at her London spa – having to wear make-up on TV really plays havoc on my skin (so ladies, I know how you feel having to wear it everyday!) so I do go for a facial a few times a year for a really good, deep cleanse.

I was impressed by the quality and the feel of her products on the skin, and it was there that the therapist suggested I try the overnight facial… I love the fragrance, the feel on the skin and the massaging techniques that can be used with the oil… but what about those all important results?! Well, I can safely say you wake up in the morning and your skin looks glowing!

I'm actually shocked when I look in the mirror, especially if it's been a late night or I've been working late – I expect to see this face which is sallow and lacklustre but actually I see a face which looks bright and awake. As men we (generally) don't wear make-up, so we have no way to disguise a tired, washed-out or sallow-looking skin.

If I'm having one of those mornings I add a tiny amount of Overnight Facial to my regular moisturiser and use this all over the face – I find it adds instant brightness to the skin, nobody will ever know what a late night you had! The key here is to add just a small amount, but don't be afraid to try this – even with my oily T-zone skin I find it works a treat!
Cook's essentials Coloured Stainless Steel 16cm Universal Pot with Trivet3) Now into the kitchen – one of my favorite places!!

A pan I reach for pretty much every day is my cook's essentials Universal Pot – which I actually call my jug pan because of its useful, practical handle!

Why do I use it everyday? Because it has the fabulous non-stick that all cook's essentials pots and pans boast, it's easy to pour anything from milk, soups or sauces and it's the perfect size for when I am just preparing a simple lunch or dinner for myself.

I giggled to myself last week as I used it at breakfast to make porridge for myself which I topped with nuts and maple syrup; then at lunch I stir-fried some onions, veg and nuts then added a carton of fresh soup and poured it easily into 2 bowls for me and a friend; then at dinner I did scrambled eggs using no oil or fat and added smoked salmon and spring onions and had this on granary toast; and finally before bed I warmed up some hot milk in it for cocoa (I find milk stays warmer for longer when you heat it in the pan)… so there you go, a day in the life of a Universal Pot!!!
Yankee Candle Set of 3 Spring Fragranced Large Jar Candles4) Yankee Candles

Well, it'll be no surprise to you that Yankee has to be in my top 5! The new Spring Collection is really stunning – I'm not normally that into floral fragrances but I think these are so sophisticated, relaxing and just make you feel all spring-like whatever the weather is like outside!!

I had fun trying out these new season candles all over my flat; fragrancing the bathroom for a relaxing bath; dotting the candles among my Buddhas in the living room for a calm atmosphere and even as a centre piece when my flatmate made me a lovely roast dinner!
I really like large jar candles, they are my favourite – I like the generous amount of colour as well as the abundant fragrance released into the room! Out of the collection, my favourite is Beach Flowers – reminds me of standing on Studland Beach with the lush green countryside on one side and the expanse of clear blue ocean on the other, makes you just go aaaahhhhhh!!!
Hide ID Self Inking Security Stamp with Refill5) Hide ID Self Inking Security Stamp
This is a more rece nt purchase of mine and I'm really glad I bought it. I've sadly been the victim of identity fraud a couple of times, so I'm much more thorough now on making sure my bills, address details etc. all get shredded.

I'd been using a shredder that I bought from an office store, which was fine but rather cumbersome and time consuming, I then moved onto shredding scissors – again great but I kept losing them as I also used them in the kitchen. Then I got introduced to this when I saw Debbie Flint showing it on QVC one evening.

It's so easy, I keep it on my desk on the living room and then as post comes in that needs to go to recycling I simply stamp over the address and in 2 seconds it's done, no shredding no cutting no fuss, love it!

Let me know your fave products by popping a comment below!

Love Craig x 


  1. Peter March 13, 2012 at 12:07 pm -  Reply

    Craig what is the watch you wear?

  2. SUE GREEN March 18, 2012 at 7:41 pm -  Reply

    Craig i watched you on qvc this morring and you had a pink heart badge can you tell me were you got it from and how much it was please
    Sue Green

  3. Raj April 3, 2012 at 10:38 pm -  Reply

    Hi Craig, I went to pick up my son from Bristol and I saw you there in some ones wedding waiting outside a hotel.WOW!! You looked absolutely handsome in your outfit and very smart! I just had to write in and tell you ! I wish I had the time to come up and say hi to you but you had to go inside. It was so nice to see you even though it was from a distance.I hope you had a good time! Raj. Birmingham.

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