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The lowdown on beauty tools


Today, I want to share my knowledge and experience on the use of technology-based tools and products, and the benefits and drawbacks in incorporating them into your hair and beauty regime at home.

Firstly, I think that something really exciting about these tools is that many of them come from the professional beauty, physiotherapy, medical and private clinic industries. While these tools may utilise penetrative rays or frequencies such as galvanic, high frequency and electrical impulse, be assured that these technologies have been used and proven in their field for many years.

Due to QVC’s strict testing and checking procedures, we go above and beyond to make sure that every product is FDA and EU compliant. This extends to knowing, not just about the brand name and the company that is supplying the product, but also the original manufacturer, and the name and qualification of the head scientist or engineer that developed the product. We do this to ensure that you are getting a professional tool to use at home, that has been developed using modern-day manufacturing methods, and comes in a convenient and easy-to-use size.

If you are a qualified therapist, or are training in beauty or hairdressing, then you will probably recognise that these products are offering the same results as a larger salon size (that I and my peers would have spent thousands of pounds on), but in a portable and more convenient size.

While I am against gadgets for gadgets sake, I am absolutely for technology that delivers a deeper, quicker, and, in many instances, a better result – and that is where these devices come into play.


Firstly, skincare: there are varying technologies, and the easiest to use or add into your skincare regime would be the Magnitone. This tool offers the ease of an electric cleansing brush with its vibra-sonic technology. This increases the cleansing effects of washes, oils, balms and lotions – as long as your chosen skincare product can have water added, then you can use it with your Magnitone.


You will see visible benefits if you use it daily, and within a week, you will be able to remove dirt, grime and oil more efficiently from your pores – plus, the stimulating massage from the device increases the glow and brightness of your skin. This also helps to keep your skin fresh and alive, because circulation/stimulation is the source of natural food for the complexion. The Magnitone can be used before make-up application, which is often when teenagers and youngsters love using it.

The Magnitone is also brilliant for men as it makes shaving an easier experience, by helping to keep stubble areas free flowing and clean of oil and debris. My only proviso would be that obviously using a Magnitone involves physical stimulation of the skin, and although the tool is an ergonomically designed brush, if you have a sensitive, high-coloured or inflamed skin, then any type of stimulation is not beneficial. This even includes facial scrubs, so I would not use it at that time or if you have a long-term condition.

If you have a spotty, oily, or congested skin, it can certainly help to improve your deep cleansing ability and release debris and blackheads from pores, preventing the need for squeezing which can cause spots. Remember, problematic skin should always be followed with a moisturiser or calming treatment gel from brands like SBC or Australian Bodycare, because if you only ever clean problem skin, it will stay unbalanced.

Professionally, in salons, we would use the Magnitone as an intensive treatment, but you can decide for yourself how to use it. It comes with a great shower hammock, which means you can keep it in the bath or shower where it is easiest to use. It can be used daily, especially if you either have long nails or you are not good at cleansing with your hands.

If you are really good at your own manual massage, then use the Magnitone for your weekly intensive facial treatments, or for an intense course if you feel your skin has gone downhill and your routine a little haywire, to bring the vibrancy, life and clean freshness back to your skin.

The Magnitone also comes with different heads that you can also use on the body, and if you have other family members who want to use it, then you can always buy more facial heads and simply colour code them with nail varnish, so that other members can use the same machine.


We can also look at the anti-ageing benefits you can receive from a beauty device, as well as a thorough cleanse, by using a multi-function machine such as the LAB Pro-Lift. If you have ever had a galvanic micro-current therapy or a light therapy facial in a salon (such as Renegino, LaTherapy or CACI), then you will be familiar with the concept. The LAB Pro-Lift is a mini pro technology machine that allows you to customise and increase results of existing topical applications, through an electrical technology that penetrates below the epidermis into the dermis, where collagen and elastin production takes place.

LAB Pro Lift Edited

The LAB Pro-Lift also helps to improve muscle tone, and the galvanic and light benefits in the device help increase penetration of serums, increase cleansing of pores, provide natural anti-bacterial support for reducing blemishes. The LAB Pro-Lift is an incredibly complex machine, in that it mixes several different technologies into one hand-held gadget. It is definitely one for those of you that want to be your own therapist or skin clinician at home.  It will take a little bit more sitting down, reading and learning, and it’s almost like taking yourself to skin school! With this wonderful tool, you’ll be able to customise which science your skin needs all year round, and write your own electrical skin programme.

Hair removal

We also have some fantastic hand-held devices which mimic fractional laser technology. Originally, these laser technologies were only available through clinics, and were the trick of celebrities and A-listers. Now, with brands like Tria you can use this technology in your own home. In these systems, the laser is geared to the wavelength of cell renewal, which gives you a more noticeable result than if you were only using topical anti-ageing creams on the surface.

It’s totally up to you if you want to take your skincare routine to the next level, and get these deeper effects. It’s certainly not worth buying an electrical beauty product if you aren’t prepared to use them regularly, because you won’t see the results. So, you do need to commit to using them often – on a daily basis for a period of many months at least – but once you see the results, you can move onto an updated regime, and a course of treatments only a few times a year.

We can see that innovations in hair removal has given us access to incredibly effective products, and made the process much more flexible and easy to do at home. Whether you are looking at combined shavers and epilators for speed and ease, or more long-term hair removal tools with thermal technologies, there is going to be a product to suit your needs. There is the no!no! range, which works on the bulb of the hair that you use as more of a daily application, through to laser hair removal tools like the Tria, which offers the same result as pricey treatments at private clinics.

The Tria features a patented diode laser technology, which requires pigmented hair (this means that it does not work on grey or white hair), and gives permanent hair reduction. Using the Tria is an attractive alternative to having a time consuming, costly and potentially embarrassing beauty appointment at home. However, I appreciate these machines do require a financial investment.


Many of our electrical beauty products such as the Tria have extended money back guarantees and after reading the instructions thoroughly, you will have already trained yourself to be an expert. This tool can be used by many different members of the family, and is certainly an investment in your long-term face and body confidence. Hair growth and hair removal need not be a pain and shouldn’t cause you embarrassment and shyness when there are so many options of professional home removal.

As a qualified therapist, I was trained in all these facial and hair removal systems, and I never envisaged the opportunity for these technologies to be incorporated into hand-held devices, that clients can now use for themselves in the comfort of their own home.

Hair tools

Something that has really surprised me over the years,  is that something as simple as a hair dryer, flattening iron or styling brush, can make such a difference to not just the style of your hair, but also its condition and shine. We have a great range of hair styling tools with some really fantastic prices here at QVC.

We also have some great products that we have recently launched, such as the Babyliss Smoothing and Straightening Brush. This is perfect if you have ever struggled on a daily basis to section and blow dry your hair properly with a hairdryer and brush, or you run out of time, and maybe only sit down and do this when you are going out.  Although it doesn’t give you a flat-iron finish, this used on dry, frizzy, wavy or even curly hair, creates a smooth, blow-dried effect, with lots of volume. This tool works best with medium to long hair, and isn’t the best option for short layers.


Give yourself time to learn how to use it – the main trick is that you stroke it through your hair; making sure there is a little bit of tension so that your hair goes down through the fingers of the brush. Another tip is to brush your hair slower than you would with a regular hairbrush. It’s incredibly quick to use, and a real benefit to dry or course hair.

Babyliss are a global pro favourite, preferred by top session and editorial stylists and are very good at creating home-care hair products that give your hair an editorial look – so good in fact, that you should be able create a professional look for your own hair, not just for special occasions, but for every day.

If you are no good at blow drying, Babyliss Big Hair is really quick and easy to use.  Choose which barrel you need for either short or medium/long hair and use it on damp hair at the end of a rough blow dry. You can also leave your hair to dry naturally for a while and then quickly finish off with this, and it looks like you’ve had a blow dry appointment.  This will give more shape and oomph to your hair and mimics the round brush shaping of a stylist, compared to the Dafni Straightening Ceramic Brush, which mimics the smooth flat brush blow drying of a stylist.

We also have many curling products which you can check out on our website from other big brands, but the new one to mention would be the Babyliss Pro Large Hot Brush, which revisits the look of an old favourite but with active ionic technology for a frizz-free shine and ceramic heaters with 5 digital temperature settings.

Beauty tools for men 

The final one – don’t forget the men! Flattening irons and hair dryers are now used daily by the guys too and many of our brands offer products that come in different colours, such as black, silver, white and grey. One of my favourites for men is the Emjoi MicroPedi. These gadgets give a really quick result on hard and dead skin on the heels and balls of the feet, and always create a smooth finish. This is especially important not just for the look of your feet, but also for your comfort and health through the ages, or if you are on your feet all day.  These can make really thoughtful, practical gifts.


For me as a qualified expert, I often think that tech-based health and beauty products offer quicker and more dramatic results. Some of the machines and technologies aren’t suitable for everyone, but this will always be explained on air and if there are any restrictions, they will be clearly listed in the information brochure. As you are often purchasing technologies that previously were only used by qualified practitioners, allow yourself to read through the brochure thoroughly, follow the instructions and get to know your device to get the best long term results.

For more beauty products and the latest launches, check out our QVC Beauty page.

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