The Hunt, gardening with Richard and Mother’s Day


Richard Jackson and DebbieThis week – the winner of the Julie Cohen novel competition, plus…
– Gardening season begins! Richard Jackson's ranunculus gets special treatment…(!)
– The Wotton Hunt spectacular – 21st century style
– Debbie Does Dating – the saga continues
– And Happy Mother's Day to my lovely mum
– Plus, QVC bloopers – Andrew from Gatineau comes over all unecessary, and Catherine the model's howler on Pearls by Diamonique show!

Garden glamour

Richard and DebbieNow if you're a regular to my blogs, you'll know that just sometimes I surprise myself with my ability to grow some stuff. And not kill it. So the words 'perennial' and 'hardy' have a special place in my heart!

So Wednesday night's show with Richard Jackson our gardening expert prompted me to firstly buy some fab One Time Only dianthus (can't kill 'em, the man said!), and also to hear all about some clever tips for dealing with slugs, and how the plant food has been a runaway success. I've started using it on my meagre tubs and borders but the plan is this year to have a very pretty garden. What's your plan?

Richard also wanted to point out that firstly his weekly blog page is packed full of info about the gardening year with lots of how to's and advice, including, in his latest blog, all about his ranunculus (ooer missus! Lol). And also that on Friday (16th) he's got two very special shows – Garden Re-Leaf – in aid of a charity dear to his heart. So do join him at 3pm and 11pm if you can!

Wotton Hunt spectacular
OMG, one of the highlights of my week was all of a sudden, when my pal Jo and I were walking the dogs, we heard a horn blow, and sensed a change in the atmosphere. It became charged – more electric – I can't explain it – except to say that it was one of the most amazing sights I've ever beheld, and so unexpected deep within the woods in Wotton.

Their pack was so well behaved, the horses were splendid, the outfits were stunning,and the whole thing is so much more than I'd ever expected from anything I'd ever seen on the telly. And I didn't even have to get on my high horse (excuse the pun!) about chasing foxes 'cos they don't do that any more, as you well know. So all in all, a superb experience and it makes me so grateful to live in the country! It may well count as my TiFFT for March! We'll see if I can find anything to beat it!

Debbie does dating update-ish!
Debbie's Wimpy dateOK, so I'm not discussing any of the latest developments in depth – suffice it to say there have been some! In fact, one date took me right back, due to a certain joke about where he would take me on the first date – he said this particular restaurant, thinking it was funny, so I made him take me there!

Luckily enough there's one in Dorking High Street (see EAT below). You can see his hands in the pic below, but I'm keeping him to myself for now – I promised I wouldn't tempt fate, if you recall, by sharing any news too soon – and until there's a retraction, it'll stay that way! Hehe! Let me know also if you have any developments your end!

And Happy Mother's Day
Cupcake flowers…to all mums out there, but particularly my mummy Lesley. Here's a cool 'bunch of flowers' – cupcake style – for all of you hard-working mothers out there, and a special big hug and a kiss to my own mum, who seems to get younger every year!

See what I mean! It wasn't even taken that long ago!
Lara and Lesley
Have a lovely relaxing Sunday – if you can! I'm off to Center Parcs for a few days to unwind, and I'm hoping to get some more writing done. Enjoy your weekend however you spend it! Back on air on Saturday 24th.

1) Andrew from Gatineau made us laugh on my last show with him when he began talking about not getting away enough – enjoy this little leg pull!

Serve him right for trying on a sob story! Lol. Love him to bits!

2) And Catherine the model stole the show on my Pearls by Diamonique show late last Friday – a great way to begin my four days off, and a real laugh we had! Thanks for all your compliments on Facebook and on here – if you saw it, let me know what you thought by leaving me a comment below! Hope we can do it again sometime – she's fab! Here's a taster as to what everyone was liking!

The Summer of Living Dangerously– Well done to Leo Robertson, the winner of the book competition to receive a signed copy of Julie Cohen's 'The Summer of Living Dangerously'! And thanks to the 40 or so people who entered – I've left some replies on the relevant blog! Another author interview coming next month.

– Just had to mention this week that my bezzie pal Craigy met his 'little brother' when Marcus Collins from the X Factor came in on Monday to Marcus Collins and Craig Rowepromote his album and talk to Jilly. Craig was made up! You can see it in his face, bless him! Lovely guy, Marcus apparently.

– Went to have an Elemis facial in Guildford – and a back rub with some amazingly relaxing hot stones – corrr what a treat! You know me, I love any type of pampering, and this was very memorable indeed! Even Elemis hot stones though the therapist had asbestos hands as some of the stones were very hot!

– On Saturday I went to my first writing group on the invitation of Chris from the Arvon writing retreat I went to in Inverness last August. If you recall the blog, he played the 'hero' of my novel when it was my turn to The Arvon writing groupread it out!

His London pals meet every few months, and it was great to revisit some of my work, which they kindly critiqued and seemed to like – roll on next week and I'll get stuck into finishing my first novel once and for all!

How many F's– Here's a little teaser I found in our local freebie Gazette  – thought it was quite interesting, so I've included it here! See if you can guess the correct answer before looking at my P.S. below for the solution! Then leave me a comment below to tell me what your guess was! Did you get it first time?!
View from the new dressing room

– How would you fancy having this view from the restaurant of your workplace!? Well it’s not far off that from our new dressing room area in the new studio complex! I went on the Grand Tour this week – and very nice it is too! More nearer the time we move for good (June).

– And finally, the 'Solo Cougar's Survival kit' #13 – Skype! What a great way to get to know someone, without even having to step foot outside! Especially handy when you finally get to see someone face-to-face, having spoken for hours on the phone, or PM'd (private messaged) on Facebook about 1200 times! Or both… 😉 What are your dating stories – has Skype come in handy? Or do you always recommend meeting face-to-face straight away?

Facebook and Twitter
Eleanor Roosevelt quoteLoved the saying to the left, doing the rounds on the social networks – especially for all those hard-working mums out there  and in time for Mother's Day on Sunday!

And also thought it'd be nice to include this saying too – since it's Mental Mental health awarenessHealth Awareness Week – or was – following up from my little piece on Marian Keyes' article, a few blogs back, I had some fabulous responses and shares on Facebook, and my thoughts are again with anyone going through it. You are indeed, not alone.

WATCH – best film this week – 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' – Hanks, B ullock and a new child star Thomas Horn give a heart-wrenching tale of hope following loss – so good, I can't tell you any more, other than please see it even if only for the breathtaking scene somewhere in the middle where the healing power of self-discovery leaves you suitably 'up', so it's worth all those tissue moments to get there – do take a box tho'! Excellent performances and an unpredictable plot made this a good 8.75 out of ten for me! What did you think?

A couple of other films I watched this week – 'The Ghost' (Brosnan, Kim Cattrell and Ewan McGregor – all with awful accents) and a couple of plot holes – 4 out of ten – lowest for a long time. Followed by 'Year One' – I love Jack Black but had to 'abort' (something I rarely ever do, but life's too short to watch 'eating poo' scenes, even if it was set in the Stone Age!), as I just wasn't in the mood to give them the leeway to wait for it to get better. A mildly amusing romp if you've got teenage kids I'm sure, but 4.5 out  of ten. Let me know if you disagreed tho' – I'm always interested.

A slap up meal at Wimpy!EAT – OK, so as mentioned above, it was a Wimpy meal this week that takes centre stage for my EAT section of the blog! So it was a nostalgia trip all the way, but what can I say?! It had to be done, and to be honest, the chicken and chips and salad meal was actually very nice! Retro dining, courtesy of a British fast food original!

QVC – a couple of things to look out for this week:
– Diamonique Veronese Today's Special value – you'll have seen us all wearing it? Well watch on Sunday night and through Monday for this pretty floral piece.

                                Diamonique Veronese 1.15ct TW Flower Ring                   Nails Inc 6 Piece Magnetic Attraction Collection

– Nails Inc TSV from midnight on Tuesday 20th and through Wednesday – one of the nicest sets of colours I've seen in ages on a nails pack – including the amazing metallic purple I've been wearing on my fingers and the snazzy metallic bronze on my toes! Plus magnetics – cool!

Debbie's 'door-drobe'This week I are been mostly using – my Grip To Me Hangers! I love the cascading ones – it allows me to do my 'Great Sort Out' with ease – and this pack is really brilliant value – you get 60 mixed ones – and they have the little hooks with which you can save space too. So whilst I'm still sorting out my wardrobe, my 'floor-drobe' has become a 'door-drobe'! Ace!

Next week – an update on my Center Parcs break – will my 'date' pop down to see me?… And an interesting Friday night seminar in London all about how eating raw foods can help your body stay healthy – have a great week and speak soon!


P.S. The answer to the 'How Many F's' teaser was 6! The brain doesn't usually see the 'F' in 'of'!! How did you get on? Let me know below!


  1. allison smith March 16, 2012 at 12:50 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, how very strange that teaser was!! i looked and read it at least 3 times and still came up with 2…..i didntsee the f in scientific, how strange though that the brain doesnt see the f in of……well mine didnt lol lots of love (and good luck with your mystery wimpy man 😉 xx

  2. Debs f March 16, 2012 at 12:26 pm -  Reply

    Allison –
    Haha! Well I had Rocker Nigel, so why not Wimpy man!
    Yes I agree about the brain teaser. First time I ever did it, I missed the ones in ‘of’, but a pal of mine who’s dyslexic got it first go. Interesting. Another trick is to turn it upside down then you’re less distracted by meaning.
    Thanks for writing – much appreciated! Xx

  3. Linda,Glasgow March 16, 2012 at 1:54 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    I love reading your chatty blogsx I know what you mean about seeing unusual – good and bad – sights when dog walking,my best one this week was a man,yes a grown man,dressed as an orange!! I had to ask him why? and he explained that he was doing a sponsored run but mainly walk for a childrens charity,i always carry a tenner when out without my handbag etc(for emergency munchies,spotting a bargain,things like that) so i signed his sponsor form and gave him the tenner – he was chuffed to bits,and he appreciated the rest!! Further on down the road a banana,raspberry,strawberry and another orange passed us by!! what a weird one but for a very good cause near to my heartx The hunt sounds fabulous,as you say hunting is good since they stopped hunting foxes, i love watching soldiers in full dress(what about the ones with nothing on you think? i know you Debs Flintx)marching in unison – this brings memories back from the royal wedding particularly when we got the first sight of the two princes coming out of Clarence House – both so handsome and a great credit to their lovely mumx Also did you catch any of the news coverage of the PM visiting America this week? what a fantastic show the Americans put on for us Brits – George Washington would have been proud.Your very right about keeping your love life under wraps – we all just want you to meet someone who will care for you and share with youx – but totally understand and agree with you,but,looking forward to hearing more when the time is rightx your a very special lady Debs and so deserve happiness and love – its just finding it eh!!x Your Wimpy meal looks delicious(i love those type of chips) at least you had a salad side to be a little healthierx I always remember Wimpy for the picture of the doughnut they sold as a desert – i was never allowed to get one it was always a burger and chips or a desert and i always chose the burger and chips. I’m so looking forward to the BE TSV tonight at midnight – i’ve just recently bought a load of Laura Geller(TSV and bits and pieces) by the way have you tried her Portofino baked highlighter with the brush with a sponge for the eyes and one for the face -my best makeup buy(and i buy a load of makeup) for a long time. I’m looking forward to her next shows in the UK as she and Ali Y hinted at a trio set of her body glows coming – i want that and her glow box – but i’ve got a BE list of wants to so we’ll see at midnight and all day tomorrow,i love mineral veil over my Liz Earle sheer tint(beige) great non makeup look for non work days and the likes. Thanks for giving us a heads up on the Nails inc TSV – it looks a good one with the two new exclusive magnetics included.I’m also loving Emma Hardie’s products at the mo,her items fit into my current Elemis,Decleor,Liz Earle routine just lovely,i couldn’t live without here Moringa balm now. I wasnt right with your puzzle – i guessed five. I hope you enjoy your break at Centre Parcs and you get a lot of writing done with,hopefully,a visit from someone special maybe(i know i’m a minx x)Your looking good Debs, whatever your doing suits youx Speak soon on here or Facebook. Look after yourself Love Linda,Glasgow

  4. Michelle Roberts March 16, 2012 at 2:53 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, I read the teaser a fair few times well ok five times and only came up with 2- hopeless!!!
    I loved the clip of the hunt I used to go hunting not FOX hunting but drag hunting where they leave a trail and you catch a human, fantastic fun we used to travel to Cheshire and you know we covered big mileage and jumped some pretty terrifying hedges, we used to get dressed up in the black coats- red ones for important people like the hunt master and I think anyone long serving could wear a red coats rules are rules but again you are bringing some great memories back just been chatting to dad about what we used to get up to on horses, I do think I was braver in those days the thought of it now scares me to death !!!! I loved the hounds too!!!
    Enjoy the Centre Park hon and have a great Mother’s Day by the way your mum looks more like your sister- how fantastic does she look!!
    Big hugs to the pogs and you of course
    Michelle x x x x

  5. Susan March 16, 2012 at 5:41 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    I thought it was lovely you flagged up Mental Health Week. Very nice. I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day! Enjoy x

  6. Susan March 16, 2012 at 5:46 pm -  Reply

    Oh and Debs I loved that clip of you and Catherine! She’s my fav model – so pretty, so real and what a cheeky sense of humour!x

  7. Nigel March 17, 2012 at 4:04 pm -  Reply

    Debs – Agree about living in the country – couldn’t live in town again – and it makes it even better when you see sights like that(they occasionally come down my road on the way to a meet with hordes of 4×4 spectators in pursuit !).
    Got 6 no trouble but read it very slowly since the clue was in the question.
    Liked The Deb and Cat Show blooper – at this rate you’ll soon have enough material for an Xmas DVD – that sublime mix of live TV/double entendre is bound to sell.
    Enjoy your mini break, Nige 🙂
    P.S IMO a Skype date = humane version of a speed date as salvation is only a mouse click away !

  8. debs f March 19, 2012 at 11:09 pm -  Reply

    Linda – yes you are a minx! lol! And yes, you may be right… we’ll see! Not that I’ll be spilling the beans! hehe! Glad you’re enjoying the shows,and the balm, and the Nails inc looks very good – i love the purple and have the metallic taupe on my toes too! Very durable so far here at center parcs! Lots to do but will be doing my book – that’s the plan anyway!
    Lovely long comment hon – must have taken ages – thanks so much! Always nice to hear from you!
    ps the story about the man dressed as an orange made me giggle!

  9. debs f March 19, 2012 at 11:11 pm -  Reply

    Michelle – nice to hear from you as always! Loved your tale about human chase – brill! and yes my mudda does look particularly young – you know what they say – if I just look half as good at her age, that’d be fine by me! Thing is she’s only 18 years older than me anyway!
    bug hugs

  10. debs f March 19, 2012 at 11:13 pm -  Reply

    Susan – hi hon – hope you’re well! Yes well I couldnt not, really could I? Considering the response I had when I mentioned that Marian Keyes feature on my facebook not long ago too! And yes Catherine is very funny and a delight to be on with – hope there are lots more!

  11. debs f March 19, 2012 at 11:15 pm -  Reply

    Nige – xmas DVD indeed – well at least you’d buy one! lol! Yes I think I agree about Skype – and I liked your quip about escaping it! hehe! The country is truly part of me now, for sure – I just love it. Where to live next will be a challenge – partly cos of the dogs too tho. Not planning to move for a while so will postpone worrying about it for now!
    nice to hear from you as ever!

  12. Mrs Sharon Windram March 20, 2012 at 10:25 am -  Reply

    Morning Debbie, 6F’s how can that possibly be? I’ve been going over and over the text searching, counting, adding up and still only get 5?! Like Catherine both my wrists are the same size 63/4″, loved the rapport between you two on the clip – very funny indeed. The picture at the begining of your blog with Richard Jackson and your beautiful, floral, springlike top reminded me that i need to get out into the garden and mow my lawn before heading out to work this afternoon. I can’t wait to get sowing and planting as i too have decided that i would like a pretty display this year. I think a cottage garden would be lovely although i live in a 3 bed semi built in the 1940’s……not exactly a cottage but hey ho. I will have to be more vigilant this season as like yourself Debs i have a black labrador who gets up to mischief when he thinks i’m not looking. He watches me planting and sewing and then follows behind in stealth mode digging up and eating my produce. Last year i had some STONKING runner beans, they were whoppers, i was sooo proud of them until my reject of a guide dog sauntered up very casually as he does and chewed the stems off to ground level, and then i wondered why the plants were dying – if it’s edible he will have it! Hope you enjoy your break at Center Parcs and that things with Mr Wimpy man go from strength to strength and he turns into SUPERMAN your hero. Speak to you soon love Sharon. X

  13. debs f March 20, 2012 at 10:45 pm -  Reply

    Sharon – hehe! Did you count the one in scientific and the two ‘of’s ?!
    Yes it was a lovely stretch mesh michele hope top – perfect for Richard shows eh! And your story about your labradevil is so funny – and resonates, considering Daisy’s currently digging through to Australia and ruining her pen! heehe!
    Center Parcs going well – am just sitting in by the bowling and taking advantage of the wifi, and catching up on some stuff. Not much on facebook – would take too long, so apologies to anyone reading this who hasn’t had a reply! But I know you’ll understand! And if a certain person came with me on holiday, then they wouldnt’ be to happy if I was on the computer for too long, would they…?! lol)
    hugs! And thanks for writing – appreciated!

  14. Nigel March 21, 2012 at 2:38 am -  Reply

    Debs – Thanks for replying even when on holiday – true dedication! Anyway don’t worry about your next abode as it could well be Prince Charming’s castle by then !lol!
    BTW wonder if you’ll see that same cheeky squirrel that you filmed last year at Elvedon ?
    Enjoy your R&R, Nige :))

  15. martin forbes March 25, 2012 at 10:41 am -  Reply

    hi debbie fit like how are you i am well how is your son brad settling in to his flat.hope your daughter is well too have you heard from paul lavers lately if you do please give him my regards.

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