The horse that needed a scratch! Funny sights in Wales


You may have seen this if you are one of those who follow my social media and website blog but this is one worth repeating! See below for the video of the horse with an itch … Plus the annual health check throws up a big surprise.

But first, here are this weekend’s highlights.

This weekend on QVC.

I was delighted this week to be given a sample of the Skinsense new Today’s Special Value offer for Tuesday – see below for info.

Today (Friday) Is fashion day, and the #TSV is from H by Halston – a two-pack of V-neckline essentials tops, great value. I will see you for Lulu Guinness at 9pm, possibly including a One Time Only offer, plus the midnight launch of…

Saturday’s Cordless vacuum cleaner from Gtech — the AirRam 2 is back with the K9 animal vac feature. Very popular and highly effective and you can your now here on this early bird link.

And on Sunday it’s time for Mally – the Cray Cray returns, with the new seven-piece collection. I am looking forward to her show with me at 11am! It will be followed by two hours of gardening with Richard celebrating 17 years on QVC. Then I’m back down to Devon! But here’s your early bird link to buy it now!

Don’t forget the Big Deals airing all week on our sister channels and only available until midnight on Sunday.

For fashion fans there’s the Antthony Designs pack to two tops, one plain, one printed. If you need to spruce up your bathroom, Northern Nights have a six-piece cotton towel collection and there’s also a three-piece Perricone Anti-Ageing Favourites collection.

Another exciting week ahead.

See below for next weeks sneaky peaks.

A trip to Wales to see Daughter’s new Home

Visited daughter Lauren‘s new home in Wales at the weekend, where we met those lovely horses – see below for the horse with itch! She is moving to West Wales where she and her husband Nick and his parents will run a holiday park with yurts and treehouses, eventually, and where she will have her baby in September. It’s the same distance from Devon to their new house as it is from Chiswick to their new house as it is from Chiswick to Devon. So lots more driving for me. It is an amazing place and I wrote all about it in this week’s blog on my own website, including when we were out in the fields and she saw what she thought was a buzzard!

I know they will be very happy there as they both love the countryside. And of course those lovely horses in a nearby field.

Plus it’s very reassuring that they’ll have company – Annie, Nick’s mum, is a sweetie and will be on hand all the time in those early weeks as will Derek his dad, so I know Lolly will be able to cope. I aim to go to her from wherever I am, as soon as she goes into labour- fingers crossed the timing will work out!!

Annual Health Check Time – eek!

It was time for the annual well-woman check again at the health centre, having missed the last one cos of my hectic stressful year! I am once again pleasantly surprised, and pleased on the whole. And the results? Well, obviously the usual got to lose weight thing, but all of my main measurements including bloods, heart, urine, poo, spine check, and ‘examine every orifice’ tests (!) were all up to par. The lung one was a surprise however. Look at this.

Look at the green one at the top, it’s almost off the chart good! That measures how much capacity the lungs have, so I’m well pleased! The doctor said to me in the analysis session that it is quite uncommon to see such good lung capacity in someone my age (56), and never smoking at all has obviously helped, she said. So with my usual low blood pressure and quite low pulse rate, and a good VO2 max (fitness) score, I came away smiling. Mostly. For another year anyway!

It’s part of my annual insurance and lots of us get this done. I do think the swimming since Xmas has helped; I go when I can when I am in London, to the gym opposite QVC. But of course I walk a heck of a lot when I am in the retreat looking after the guests and walking the dogs et cetera. Sometimes up to 19,000 steps a day when I do the lawn as well. It’s just over the last year or so my fitness was up-and-down, e.g. when I did my knee and ankle in, playing netball, (first time in 37 years! Serves me right.) Regulars may recall that! It still swells up a bit, now and then, even now. After that, I got a bit sedentary. And of course it was a very stressful year with one thing and another – weddings, babies, house move shaking down, learning how to run a writing retreat, covering all the aspects that that entails, disastrous near miss relationship, putting on a very stressful concept which I enjoyed but was unbelievably stressful! Et cetera et cetera. Glad it’s all over to be honest! This year so far has been so much more enjoyable!

My aim next year is to get back to my regular fitness and weight, and I know that Bodyblade will play a big part in that. It’s amazing how much stronger I feel when I have been doing the regular sessions. Bruce is coming over again but not till September so here is the bodyblade in the meantime – don’t worry if you do not have a DVD player because there are dozens of workout videos on YouTube which you can use, and so quick and easy to use as well.


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes at in our presenters’ lounge this week, June who heads up our make-up team from Make-Up Junkies, sitting having a gossip with our beauty expert Alison Young in a very sunlit area – they could have been abroad, boy was it hot that day! We often sit and have a chat in between shows, and it’s not just about make-up although if you love Mally see Above!

Debbie Dries with Dyson

Great news! Not only did the supersonic from Dyson dry my hair in 5’03”, but if you’re quick there a just a few left with the Platinum storage case here! Great product, as are the fans – so efficient for a good night’s sleep. Anyway, the hair was dry enough after just TWO minutes (notice the pause in this video?) I could have walked out the door. Talk about a timesaver!

Great show too with Abi – she’s not got long now till HER baby’s born either – about the same time as Christina from Elemis who had her last show this week on air – she had a really nice send off. Lots of babies this year eh?! I also bought one of the hairdriers for my son and his wife to use on little Blake Katherine as it’s so gentle and doesn’t get too hot or scare her – can’t wait to see her on Friday this week – yay!

T-T-T-Tea for T-T-Two!

Over on my QVC Facebook page where I post lots of updates and early bird links for upcoming deals, this little Boomerang cropped up! (Click the link below to see the actual post I mean, and ‘like’ the page to see the updates as they happen.) I am a ‘tearooms-a-holic’ for sure! Little Lara is no so little any more and flew off for a hol with her mate in Croatia for seven and a half weeks! The first few without mum and dad – she’ll have the time of her life with her pal’s family. Also she made it there for the fireworks and celebrations when Croatia won the football too – must be such an amazing mood there now. Good luck to them on Saturday!

Facebook Vlog of the Week – check out this post I did on my QVC Facebook page.

Book of the Week

Since the lovely Julia came down last week I am making her novel Alice in Theatreland, my book of the week. One of the ladies who came to my Wednesday tearooms event last week when Julia was there, mentioned that she really enjoyed her book! ‘Which one,’ said Jules – ‘there are four!’ Well there will be five when she’s finished the next one of course – she did ten thousand words about it whilst she was staying with me! It’s wonderful how so many of us presenters have managed to be so prolific over the last few years. Anyway Alice in Theatreland is a nostalgic trip back to the mid-70s and one young dancer’s struggle for success in the London dance world. Highly recommended.

Watch – Haha! Had to put this one on here after the trip to Wales last weekend – what do you do if you’re a horse and you’ve got an itchy rump….!?

Next week’s highlights

Monday – Vercella Vita Return with a medium control lace pattern camisole pack of two

Tuesday – Skinsense five-piece set. I’m constantly amazed by this fabulous range from Abi Cleeve of Ultrasun fame. This is the five piece hydration kit. It is brilliant value around £8 – £9 per item – with seriously premium ingredients but an amazing budget cost. It incudes for the first time in a TSV, the famous Neck Cream – check out the reviews! And also a full size of the most highly concentrated product – the Serum Concentrate. So worth a try at this price. Look out for Abi Cleeve’s Skinsense Social Media explaining more.

On Wednesday we get technical with Panasonic 18 megapixel bridge camera, join Mat Trim and the gang through the day for some wonderful high-tech offers.

And an early bird order link will go up early next week on my Social Media (see below) for the Lock n Lock 20-piece container set for around £20 – it’s fantastic – beware looky-likeys! It’s Thursday 19th) TSV.

Then on Friday you will see Nina Leonard back with a super long line duster cardigan.

Next week on the blog – in an English country Garden… in Devon.

Have a lovely week!

Best wishes



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  1. Tania E July 14, 2018 at 2:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs

    Those horses are Absolutely gorgeous!

    I love the horse vid. When ya gorra itch y’av gorra scratch!

    Hope things work out well for your daughter and family. The place looks amazing and their plans sound ace.

    Wish I ha d your get up and go. x

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