The heat is on, with Michael Perry


Are you feeling hot hot hot??

I don’t know where we are with summer to be honest, it keeps getting switched on and off! It isn’t just us and our pets that suffer either, it’s our gardens too! But don’t worry, this month I’ll be giving you a few tips on heat-proofing your garden.

The lawn

First up, don’t panic.

Lawns are remarkably resilient and can look after themselves pretty well! In fact, when they go brown, it’s really only the top growth that has changed to that fearful shade of beige! Beneath that craggy mess you’ll see green joints. The grass plants have actually gone into self-preservation mode, and you’ll often find the lawn will bounce back after a good downpour.

Of course, if you’re a bit impatient you can find a few quick fixes. Soaking your lawn down to a couple inches can help it to green itself up. But make sure you’re not subject to a hosepipe ban!

Also, did you know that feeding your lawn under a good regime can actually help your lawn to see off those hot summer moments? A well-fed lawn is much stronger and able to survive drought.

Have a little peek on the QVC website for the Lawn Magic feeding packs, or even better, give Lawn Tonic a go? That’s perfect if you’ve got a party in a couple of days and really need to roll out the green carpet!

Patio pots

Before we begin, one big misconception about patio plants is that the rain waters them! It kinda doesn’t. The rainfall often misses the soil surface, as it bounces off the leafy canopy of your pots, especially if they’re growing healthy and strong. Make sure you get right to the root of the problem by using a hose end attachment – it’ll also cut down on water waste! The AquaJoe hose is totally fit for the job!

Don’t be tempted to rush outside in the heatwave and water your plants either! It isn’t good for the plants, and it isn’t good for you! Even if your plants are visibly wilting, they’ll actually recover when the temperature cools again. Chances are, they probably wouldn’t even revive in the daytime heat either. Watering any time other than dawn and dusk is a waste of your energy. Daytime watering simply evaporates before it has a chance to give any benefit to your plants!

Thinking different

Ok, so you’ve tried bedding and patio plants before and never quite got it right. You found them quite labour intensive, perhaps? Why not switch it up and give some succulents and drought tolerant plants a little test run?? Did you know that Trailing Geraniums are often a much better bet, as those succulent stems store a lot of water. They love them Mediterranean conditions you know!

Likewise, Osteospermums, with their origins in South Africa, are excellent for desert-like conditions, i.e. your garden border! Succulents are also getting a lot of press recently, but did you know there are some that thrive outdoors too, such as Delosperma and Sempervivum? Although, don’t be tempted to try your indoor succulents outdoors, that just won’t work!

The wildlife

Don’t forget our feathered friends during this time of year either! Bird baths and bird tables should absolutely be topped up. It isn’t just the winter when birds need that sustenance. Likewise, bowls of water for hedgehogs will be appreciated too. Lots of bright coloured flowers will also keep the bees and butterflies happy with rich nectar sources!

I hope a few of these notes help you to relax in your summer garden, however hot it may get…!

Until next time,

Michael xx

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  1. trevor cracknell August 4, 2019 at 1:13 pm -  Reply

    do i need to feed my tomato plants well fed now ive grown 2 very large plants in pots

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