The clear-out is almost done!


LJ helps clear out Debbie's dressing roomThis week…
– To keep or not to keep? Clearing out the clothes continues on the eve of our big studio move.
– Reminiscing on the eve of our studio move – before QVC there was BSB! Remember squarials?
– And one of the best sit coms ever – award-winning Matt LeBlanc's 'Episodes' is my top tip this week.

Back to normal blogging this week after last week's double whammy! Hope you entered the bareMinerals comp – it was indeed an amazing prize and we had the most entries ever for one of my comps – 225! Well done to our winner, Jacqueline O'Connor from Port Glasgow.

Charity, chuck or Chiswick?!
LJ and a whole load of clothesNow what's your advice for having a clear out? Any good tips? My pal LJ has got it down to a tee, so I had to draft her in for the final stage of 'Debbie Does Dressing-room Decluttering’ – and she didn't let me down, despite being faced with a monumental task!

We agreed – mostly – and LJ helped me be harsher on my choices (very necessary given I had double the amount of clothing I'll have space for in the new place in west London!). And the end product was one very much more orderly, compact version of my wardrobe, ready to be transported by the removers to Chiswick Park after my last shift in Battersea on June 5th/6th.

Debbie in her Print Fusion dressWe did disagree on one thing though – and I'd like your opinion to help me make up my mind! Look at the outfit left and tell me what you think I should do – send it to charity, Chiswick, or just chuck it!? Lol. (when I say chuck I don't mean literally, although some tatty well-worn items have gone to the recycling points!). I mentioned it on air during the Entice show on Wednesday, when we had a lovely bracelet to match, and the dress is highly reviewed Print Fusion too! Lol

Your comments will help me decide! And just in case you wondered, the only difference you'll notice about our move is the background – the new sets are fab! But shhhh! Can't reveal any more till the 7th! Mind you, if you'd like to have a peek at our brand new surroundings go see the link about Chiswick Park, just across from Gunnersbury Tube station in west London – it's an amazing place to work!

Three pogs and a pool – Had to post this pic of my lovely labradors all having a little fun in the hot weather in the paddling pool. Holly the eldest is the water fiend, bless her, but Daisy has now learned what 'plosh!' means and joins in – sister Gracie also wanting to get in on the act.

Patch was sat in the shade – she's not silly! (by the way, for those that asked, Holly's back leg is getting weaker so am going to take her to the vets gain soon for another check up.)

Debbie's collection of writing books – Went to another of my favourite author Julie Cohen's writing courses on Saturday – for advanced novel writing tips – and very interesting it was too! There are a lot of books about how to write and goodness knows I've got loads of them! But only at Julie's clever course did I finally realise a flaw in my novel.

And why Mills & Boon must have decided it wasn't for their imprints here in the UK – it's due to the lack of suspense from the hero – he likes the girl too early. How do we know? Because of the point of view issues in my book. Hah! And with Julie's help, it's easily fixable! And fix them I will – am off to see Alix my writing group mate in Devon – in the motorhome actually! – over the Jubilee weekend to polish it up before I submit it for a second reading to the Romantic Novelists' Association new writers' scheme.

Blaze book cover– P.S. Not all bad news though – the M&B editor did, however, think it was worth sending to the editor of the Blaze imprint in North America (which is a bit saucy! Ooer!). Will keep you informed if anything becomes of it, and ditto re the couple of other publishers it's currently out with! Otherwise it will have been good just to finish it and maybe even just stick it on Kindle as a downloadable ebook, if anyone would be interested!

Kingfisher diving – An amazing pic circulating on the web this week – taken in that clever mode which gives you several snaps per second – and just look at what someone managed to recreate – fab!

– Oh dear, another 'senior' moment to report to you! Lol. The latest mention is nothing to do with my age, of course! Honestly! Hehe! Merely how rubbish my brain is early morning!

On Saturday, I had to get up really early for my writing course, and went to make a cuppa. The water from the tap wasn't in the right place for filling my kettle, so what did I do? Most normal people would move the tap, but no, muggins here tried to move the actual water stream… 'oh dear mother!', as my daughter would say!

Debbie tries to move water!Can you beat that? If so, leave me a comment below – and if you’re new, go HERE (see the P.S. section at the end) to find out how to leave a comment!

It's an 'end of an era' kind of clip this week – considering we're about to move from the Marco Polo building to our new west London home in Chiswick Park. Now 'not a lot of people know this', but if you didn't realise, prior to QVC, BSB was based at the studios, and more specifically a nightly entertainment show called '31 West'.

I was one of the half a dozen or so co-presenters who interviewed guests and just sat and laughed most of the way through it! One of my earliest blogs when I returned to QVC mentioned that the programme was broadcast on the old squarials – did you know someone who had one? – and the actual studio we used for the show was studio 3 – it was to later become the rehearsal and guest audition studio for QVC for the next 20 years!

How poignant then, to show the final episode highlights of '31 West' – a cracking little bit of telly and such fun to work on! Rupert Murdoch's early Sky TV merged with British Satellite Broadcasting, and became what we know today as BskyB. Yes, that's why! And all the BSB series ended.

See if you can spot how many celebrities are featured in this fab little video of some of the best bits of one of the best shows I've ever worked on – and where I met my good pal Shyama. Two babies and marriage and two divorces later, we're still best mates! 🙂

And hi to any of the other team here if you know where they are now! Some are Facebook or Twitter pals – and this was more than 21 years ago – how fashion changes! Spot the giggle!

By the time you read the next blog, we'll be all moved out of Marco Polo building! And if anyone knows what they're going to make of it, do let me know!

WATCH – it's TV this week – and I've been raving for a while now to whomever will listen, about an hilarious show that has been making an even bigger splash with its second series – 'Episodes'. It's sooooo funny! And clever, and compelling, and three dimensional and… a groundbreaking sitcom that made its mark across the pond and won a well-deserved Golden Globe.

Stephen 'Green Wing/Barclaycard ads' Mangan and Tamsin 'Black Books' Greig are the two scriptwriter characters who get head-hunted to go to the US to do a remake only to find it's not all as it seemed, especially when they get involved in the Hollywood machine! Here's the general promo – have a look, then tell me what YOU think!

The crucial difference for me about this TV comedy – compared to so many predictable, run-of-the-mill ones – is the amount of pathos and fabulous emotion also to be found – not just from the two UK leads, but ex-Friends star Matt LeBlanc. He is honestly a revelation. No wonder it won him an award!

A Golden Globe no less! And he excels even more in series two – well worth a catch up on BBC iPlayer! And an easy recommendation for me to make as you'll find it for free on the internet! Yay! Let me know if you agree that it's fabulous! I like that it’s totally not PC – in fact the second series comes into its own in cringe-worthy moments of comedy genius, and a very rounded cast of superb actors who complement the main team and create a very addictive programme! Can't wait for Friday nights – love it!

Debbie's macrobiotic pea and leek risottoEAT – macrobiotic update! Just a quickie – to say that my 'antibiotic diet', as my daughter calls it (!), is going well still, and I ventured into the world of pea and leek risotto, made from scratch! This was the end product – yumm!

I added a couple of chestnuts and some spring greens for good measure and very tasty it was too! I haven't made many dishes just yet but I already think this one will be a signature dish! I'm even making it for my pal Alix when I stay at hers in Devon. If you'd like the recipe let me know and I'll post it as a comment below!

Boki and Glenn check out the new QVC sun loungersQVC – this week I are been mostly using – the new loungers I bought as a Today's Special Value recently – and fab they are too! Here's my brother Glenn and his missus Boki relaxing in my garden during the recent sunny weather. I love how these loungers adjust and stay there, and the headrest is in just the right place!

Well what a massive summer this is going to be – and the Best of British celebrations kick off on QVC to mark the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee. Watch out for some of our biggest home-grown brands including a new Richard Jackson gardening pick of the month on his two-hour June launch show on Saturday morning, plus a premiere Links of London show on Sunday at 7pm with Dale.

Kim & Co Tropical Hibiscus Sleeveless A-Line TunicAnd on Monday, my Juniper Hill home décor show with pal Victoria Showers, straight after my New CID make-up show at 7pm. Then don't miss the final few shows from our Battersea studios – my Kim & Co Today's Special Value is Tuesday night at midnight – and Julia will, of course(!), be the final person hosting the last hour on air on Wednesday night at midnight (she was the first face on air in '93), before we go live with our brand new look – new sets and backgrounds – from our new Chiswick Park west London studios at 9am on 7th – book your place in front of the telly for The Morning Show! Exciting! And very end of an era!

That's it from me, except to say that my TiFFT for May has to be the huge number of people who sent me kind birthday greetings on my 50th birthday – on 10th May – almost 1000! And all the wonderful things I did to celebrate it! What was your 'try it for the first time' event for May 2012 guys? Something fabulous I hope!

Next week, more about my writing week in Devon, and Jubilee celebrations including my first 'estate barbeque' on the ancient Wotton estate in Dorking. How very 'poshe'! Have a fun time – and don't forget to share what YOU got up to for the Jubilee!

Best wishes,


  1. K June 1, 2012 at 5:29 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs-really do not like that outfit-too messy—chuck—literally!!! I have been trying to find out about Marco Polo house because I really liked the building very much–I found an article–called BARNFLAKES???? It stated—“it regularly gets voted as one of the ugliest buildings in London and has been threatened with demolition for over a year now——–it’s an imposing monolith overlooking Battersea Park—– and Power Station. Designed by Ian Pollard—it was built in 1987 when postmodernism was in full swing—–there are plans to demolish the glass and marble structure to build, inevitably, blocks of bland, ugly luxury flats”. My daughter called it worrying and sad when I said “I’ve found out about what’s happening to the QVC building”—-yes it is sad ‘cos I really liked the building and felt a connection the day I came to spend time at a fashion show. Please say”‘bye” to M.Polo house when you leave Debs.At least you have shown concern for it too. Love K.XXX

  2. Susan June 1, 2012 at 7:56 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs,
    Hope the move goes smoothly for all of you! What lovely weather to move…and probably better it’s cooled down for the removal men! Lovely photo of the doggies. And you lovely sunloungers in your garden!! Could have done with those…though I get restless in the sun so I probably wouldn’t have sat lol.
    Chat soon Debs,
    Susan x

  3. l wood June 2, 2012 at 11:24 am -  Reply

    Keep the dress!!

  4. jayne fawley June 2, 2012 at 2:57 pm -  Reply

    debbie send it to charity you got plenty of other ones to wear

  5. Michelle Roberts June 2, 2012 at 9:10 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie What a great blog again. When it comes to reading your great stories I have to take a deep breath and try to absorb all that you have got up to in one week!!
    Honest opinion on the dress Debs I’m not over keen I have seen far better dresses on you this one hides your great figure hon, only my opinion !!!!
    How lovely to spend time with Julie Cohen as you know I’m a massive fan of this lady thanks mainly to you. Her latest book ‘ A Summer of Dangerous Living ‘ is another great read I particularly like the Regency theme to this story but it’s done in a very clever way, the details into this part of our history is amazing I felt I was living in that time but there’s more to it, I have to be careful not to spoil it for people. Then the love element is very passionate and spicey Rengeny Alice has her work cut out and I’m not saying anymore. This book is a real treat to read and one that I found really hard to put down I highly recommend.
    Debs I loved the photo of the pogs in the paddling pool!!
    Well I hope your move to the new QVC headquarters goes well, look forward to seeing the new shows there.
    Boring month for me not back to the hospital until the end of June have to live in my splints until then and they are already driving me mad, all good fun !!!!
    You have a good week sending you a big hug from North Wales x x

  6. Angie Squire June 2, 2012 at 11:16 pm -  Reply

    You always write the best blog Deb, don`t know how you find time to post so much each week, keep it going, we love you.

  7. patricia cochrane belfast June 3, 2012 at 1:43 pm -  Reply

    the dress .. to keep or not to keep : my mum always said “if in doubt, don’t”

  8. Nigel June 3, 2012 at 2:01 pm -  Reply

    Debs – Chiswick site looks good – found a decent watering hole there yet? (emphasis on the ‘water’!!).
    Re the last blog:-
    Collective Spirit – One of the wooden items donated which made me smile was a clothes peg (in memory of someone’s mum who put them on important documents) as I use them to stop my paperwork ending up god knows where when the oscillating fan is switched on !
    Caravanning – See the latest term for posh caravanning is Glaravanning (which follows on from Glamping) and there was even a retro 1950s caravan called Doris in one of the Chelsea Show gardens(won a Silver-Gilt).
    BTW the L’Occitane Immortelle garden was deemed the most bee friendly of the big gardens at the show by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.
    Haven’t liked Episodes but did like Green Wing/Black Books although fav sitcom is Larry David’s Curb your Enthusiasm.
    Re your ? – 51 at the last count and its a 60-70 hour a week job this time of year if weather allows(should be working now but its raining yet again).
    Have a fab time in LA but please don’t forget to come back !lol!, Nige:))

  9. David Warren June 5, 2012 at 1:49 pm -  Reply

    Hope your move to new premises goes smoothly and without incident. Although using my limited experience of such events, these things rarely do. I dare say you will be a tad sad on leaving your old “home” but I hope its only a short-lived feeling.
    Give my regards to Goody.
    Regards and best Wishes….

  10. Lynn June 6, 2012 at 8:00 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    I love your blogs, they always make me smile, you really do live a full on life which is great to hear about. I am afraid I have to say I think you should send your outfit to charity, just because it doesn’t show off your lovely figure. Good Luck with the move and the new studios, I will certainly be watching. Kind Regards Lynn xx

  11. debs flint June 8, 2012 at 4:40 pm -  Reply

    K – ta for your comment hon. 1-0 against dress!
    Yes it wouldnt surprise me at all if in a few years’ time, we pass the old M Polo site on the train to victoria and there it is, a whopping great block of luxury flats in the gap right between the other two blocks! When i first went there, the gap nearest the river was a big open space, boarded up down the road side – with a crane that did bungee jumps there. Will hve to ask my old mate michael lavers if he still has a video he shot from the top of it when he did a jump. End of an era indeed eh! your daughter is right! d x

  12. debs flint June 8, 2012 at 4:42 pm -  Reply

    Susan – I know the feeling – I’m not good in the sun. Altho I did spend a few hours sunning my legs on the loungers when the sun was out. Altho the good weather seems a million miles away now, having just been blown to pieces by the gales today! lol Ta for your comment as ever hon!

  13. debs flint June 8, 2012 at 4:43 pm -  Reply

    l wood – 1-1! lol!
    ta for ‘voting’! hehe

  14. debs flint June 8, 2012 at 4:44 pm -  Reply

    Jayne – yes I know you’re right – that’s what LJ said! 1-2, dress is losing…
    ps nice to hear from you – do write again!

  15. debs flint June 8, 2012 at 10:42 pm -  Reply

    michelle – 1-3 down for dress now! lol. Glad your hands are healing well hon – end of june will come real fast! Soooo looking fwd to reading julie cohen book – probably start it just before I go away on Thursday to LA! Sounds fascinating – I love period stuff too!
    big hugs

  16. debs flint June 8, 2012 at 10:44 pm -  Reply

    Dave – thanks for your comment and good wishes! I texted Goody to take a look at this blog as she got a mention! lol. best wishes
    debs 🙂

  17. debs flint June 8, 2012 at 10:45 pm -  Reply

    Angie – ah how lovely – thank you hon! I do enjoy writing them I must admit. If only I spent as much time writing my book eh! lol. Do comment regularly and let me know your thoughts on things – always nice to get a two way street going and the more regulars, the better, as far as i’m concerned! lol! best wishes

  18. debs flint June 8, 2012 at 10:47 pm -  Reply

    Patricia – ta for your comment on the dress! Your mum may be right – I think I make that 1-4 against! It’s not looking good for the dress…! lol

  19. debs flint June 8, 2012 at 10:51 pm -  Reply

    Nige – gosh yours are getting as long as mine! lol!
    Glaravanning! Not Glamavanning then? Sounds cool! I’ve also booked for a funny weekend in a ‘yert’ i think it’s called – which is camping that’s a bit glam – have to wait for better weather tho eh! And it’s stopping you working by sound of it – hope you’re doing more than surfing the web and watching ‘curb your enthusiasm’! lol – not seen that one myself, yet.
    And don’t worry – I am only going out to see Mr Back of My Tandem in LA for 8 days or so – and I’ve got an absolutely packed July so I’ll definitely be back! But thanks for being concerned, bless ya! lol.
    best wishes!

  20. debs flint June 8, 2012 at 10:52 pm -  Reply

    Lynn – well that’s a concensus then – about 1-5 against the dress, so LJ was right – it goes! lol.
    Have you been watching the new studios then? What do you think?

  21. karen hales June 12, 2012 at 12:11 pm -  Reply

    hello Debbie,
    this is just a comment on your love of ‘Episodes’ – you are not alone, I am rather partial to Mr Le Blanc and so the first series was a must watch and had me hooked. I have yet to see any of the second series (all recorded though) but am reliably informed by my youngest (also a Matt fan) is better than the first, if that is possible.
    Your blogs are just fab and so down to earth!
    Karen xx

  22. Debs f June 17, 2012 at 9:10 pm -  Reply

    Karen – ooo ooo! Glad you lovel it! It’s been fab so far, the second series so do let me window what u think once you’ve watched it!
    Fun being out here in LaLa land at the moment too ( at time of writing), soaking up the atoms. Now all I need is a studio tour and I’ll be well away! Lol.Ps do come back and comment more often, soooo nice to hear from you guys! Xx

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