The Big Move!


I have just popped my first load of washing into my brand new washing machine (more on that later) and have taken the opportunity to sit down and have catch up with you all.

As some of you may know I have been endeavouring to buy my first ever home. A somewhat daunting task giving that I am a purchasing alone and compounded by the fact that I am trying to purchase in London!

Well, about two weeks ago, five years of budgeting, saving, mortgage applications, flat viewings and surveys all culminated in me finally moving into my brand new, first home! It is small and compact and needs a lot of work done to it, but it’s mine, all mine, and I love it!

The whole process took so long to come together I was beginning to believe it was never going to happen. I viewed my little place the first week in January and made an offer the next day. It took seven months for it all to work itself out.

In fact many of my colleagues at QVC have either bought, sold, moved house or done a combination of some or all of the above in the time it took me to complete my purchase. Still, we got there in the end. In fact completion arrived quite unexpectedly with a rush, so much so I was taken aback after all that waiting and calling of estate agents and solicitors and banks and trying to corral them together on an almost-daily basis. I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that it had finally happened. Then, when I did, I couldn’t get my head around moving in. I didn’t know what to do first?

Fixing a faulty tapShould I decorate first? Should I start fixing things that needed fixing? Should I move in first then do things as I went along? So many questions!

This all sounds quite silly to anyone who has bought and moved home several times but when you do it for the first time it is all new territory.

I opted for painting the place and freshening it up before moving in, and in so doing allowed myself some breathing space to figure out about packing. I booked a man with a van one day before going to work, schedule to come around lunchtime the next day. I didn’t get home from work until about 11pm that night and was exhausted, so went to bed, set the alarm for 5am, and just got up and got stuck in.

My man with a van turned out to be a Polish cage fighter with missing teeth and quite a gruff temperament. Needless to say I didn’t get stroppy with him when he dropped stuff – I decided that I’d rather have a few broken things and actually live to spend at least one night in my new home! He was actually a very nice guy – appearances can be incredibly deceptive!

In the end I had two full truck loads – GULP. How had someone who has never owned his own place and only lived in London for seven years acquired so much stuff? I asked myself. Honestly there were a lot of boxes!

After a full 14 hours of packing and moving (we didn’t even stop to eat), I finally had everything moved in. By that stage it was getting late into the evening and I was beyond exhaustion. I did manage to find a couple of bottles of wine and some beers that I had taken out of my fridge at my rented flat and believe it or not they were still sort-of cold, so my Polish van man, a hired painter who stopped by the lend a hand, and I had a couple of glasses of something cool, and toasted my new place. It was the best drink I think I have ever had, and after two drinks I was ready for bed. I was filthy, sweaty, hungry, tired and a little bit giddy from the wine, but I was the happiest I had been for a long time.

So many boxes!The next morning, as I looked around at all the boxes (I could swear they had multiplied in the night, I realised the move was just the start of it. Where was I going to put everything? I should point out that at this stage I didn’t have any furniture (I have always rented furnished flats) – I didn’t even have a fridge or a washing machine. Where to start? ‘One box at a time’, I thought to myself.





Cable spaghettiQuick question – can anyone explain where all the charger cables, extension leads and general pieces of electrical wiring come from? I now have a drawer filled to the brim with cables which looks like a pit of vipers all coiled together in a seething mass.

I am slowly working my way through the boxes. The fridge, a bed and the washing machine arrived at the end of last week, and very slowly it is all beginning to take shape. What’s great about it being my flat is that, if I don’t like the look of things, I can just change it all around!



Peony faux flowersOne thing I have been grateful for though are all my Peony arrangements as they have been a godsend, enabling me to dress various rooms instantly so they look more homely and lived in (even if they are balanced on a stack of boxes!!).

Oh, I hear my new washing machine beeping so I’ll have to pop off and get that hung up to dry! Is it wrong that I stand in my kitchen and stare at my fridge and washing machine with unashamed admiration?

Until next time…

Miceal. X


  1. Marie August 21, 2014 at 7:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Miceal
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Moving is a very stressful thing to do especially on your own.
    I hope you will be very happy there and have lots of happy memories to look back on in the coming years. I enjoy your presentations on qvc and am sure you will be tempted by lots of goodies on air that will make your new home feel even better.
    Marie X

  2. Susanne Fitzpatrick August 24, 2014 at 12:22 pm -  Reply

    How very exciting for you, Miceal – congratulations on what has been a long time coming, I imagine, but you won’t regret it. Do remember to budget for bills, of which an ever-increasing amount will suddenly start plopping on your doormat (if you have one!) – but I’m sure you’re clued up on that.
    You don’t say whether you’ve bought a house or an apartment but if you have anything resembling a garden, I urge you to shove some hardy evergreen shrubs in NOW (Richard Jackson will be your best bet there!) because while you are spending months and months doing the interior of your home up, the plants will be rooting themselves, ready for next year. (If you leave it ’til next year, you’ll have a bare garden and a lot of work ahead of you). If you have an apartment, do this for window boxes – nice heathers, for example.
    I bought my first home aged 18 (Dad nagged me!) and I’ve never regretted it. Also, if Life or work or relationships ever gets you down (as all three do at some point), your home is where you go to close the door on the world, rest and regain your sanity.
    Good luck to you. Hope you’ll be very happy where you are.

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