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Well the big one is here… the one loads of you have been waiting for and it IS a big one!

Elemis, you’ve done it again! Oh and QVC of course with brilliant value of £46.96 plus P&P and brilliant maximum Easy Pays, which are four monthly instalments with NO added interest in case you’re not a regular QVC shopper.

Watch my unboxing video below to find out… what’s in the box funnily enough!

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There are two choices this year, although let’s not be silly both are delicious and if you can and if you should then you could and you would and you will!

Gift yourself and others, split them up give them individually. So many people I know do this with all our amazing Christmas offers from the big brands. I am going to make sure all of my friends and family know that this offer is available now ahead of the launch of Sunday’s Today’s Special Value.

I will TELL you what’s in the box of course, and my thoughts on the delicious and comforting new Warm Tonka and Vanilla bath and body products, however let’s start with the Micellar Water. This incredibly easy yet efficient cleanser is in a whopping supersize of 400ml. Once your face is cleansed you apply Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, it’s the first time we’ve had both the 30ml size day and the 15ml size Oxygenating Night Cream to be in a set. I have always loved the texture, the smoothness of my skin and how the Night Cream really does seem to add the extra boost overnight making my skin look more refreshed and ready for action!


The bathing (always my preference unless I’m hair washing, you can’t beat a bath, though I’m not a soaker, more a speed bather!!) is a gorgeous experience as the 300ml size of the Warm Tonka and Vanilla feels like a sophisticated milk bath, though even more luxurious, more caramelly (word made up I’m sure) nurturing and warm. I absolutely loved trialling it ahead of this week. I found the body cream (120ml size) so rich and softening, I preferred to use it in the day as I’m having warm nights let’s just say! So to be enveloped in this scent meant I chose no perfume on top, I just trapped the glorious aroma in with my clothes!

My nails and cuticles are RUBBISH at the moment so I need to up my care and the 50ml size of the matching hand cream will have to live with me at all times I think.

The alternative, or ‘as well as’ option, the Frangipani Monoi is a revisit to exotic climes for me, my honeymoon in the Maldives… so if it’s an escape from the November mood required then head to this choice and close your eyes and dream… or book the next holiday! The same skin are is in each box, the same sizes, the same amazing value… you are saving over £115.00 which is astonishing and also a Buy More Save More option is available, basically £4 off if you buy two, £8 off if you buy four etc etc. I wonder which you will choose? And for whom? …

Oh and don’t forget the extension to the normal and wonderful 30-day money back guarantee is extended to the 25th of JANUARY if you are gift giving which is marvellous and confidence-giving I say.

Kim & Co jacket

Talking of confidence giving… THIS! Isn’t it super cool, a little biker style and in Kim’s newest pleather fabric which she’s featured now in a number of items very successfully. This jacket will be Friday’s Today’s Special Value with colour choices and the sizes from XS up to 3XL. It’s lightweight, edgy… yet so wearable and can add a little punchiness to a pretty dress making it feel a bit more trendy or youthful dare I say. Perfect to top off the jeans and shirt or sweater look of course and so many leather look or leather jackets can be rather bulky, I think this can be slung on rather as you would a cardigan, an extra layer but a fab, fresh way of doing it… love it! And I love the choices of colour Kim has for us, which shall I choose for Fridays show…

Half term was a quiet one here, well quiet for me… aside from facilitating their plans as Maddie and Joe were perfecting their social lives. Madds was taken to Devon with a friend… lucky lucky girl. Jealous… moi?! Joe alternated between seeing his girlfriend, band practise, long lie-ins and… a little (in my opinion) revision!

Tom had a full time table, I know he needs to be occupied and thrives in others company so he had a mix of group activities which we tap into in the holidays. This heralded a lovely invite to a new friend’s home for an afternoon, it was a huge success. Both boys enjoyed their time together so I feel really positive that good friends will be made here for the future.

Claire Sutton

I took Tom and Maddie with me to visit my gorgeous Momie, ahead of her birthday. We had some lovely quality time together and she was thrilled the children took the time to come and stay with Grannie. We chatted, shopped and had a delicious meal out, I only got this one picture, even though Maddie lives on her phone and takes outrageously amazing pictures all day every day… I only got this one. Still one is better than none! Happy birthday to my lovely Momie, I love you.

Claire Sutton

In other news, I succumbed… it was just too perfect for my hair. The Dyson Airwrap arrived today… yes it’s outrageously expensive but the condition of my hair is so important to me. I’m going to blame a lovely lady who I met on Instagram first of all, Charlotte Broadbent (pictured below), and then when she visited QVC. Keep your eyes peeled for her expertise coming soon to QVC Style… anyway she said the words: “Your hair is your USP”. Whilst I sometimes think crikey it’s too much, maybe I should chop.

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube’s Help page]

I’m told there’s plenty of time for that so I’m justifying my purchase and blaming my USP!!! Just don’t tell Dan.

Claire Sutton and Charlotte Broadbent

Right, my gorgeous Gus needs to bound around in this autumnal air, actually me too as a walk outside is a good mood lifter… I’m feeling a little ploppy at the moment and cross with myself for doing so as I have no reason. My friends say I should be kinder to myself and remind me that I’m busy, I’ve been poorly etc etc and that right now I’m at a new stage in life that is one to embrace. I feel kind of redundant and yet constantly needed and tested as a mother (a contradiction in itself I know!) I think it would be a good idea to try to find a few odd random days or hours where I can learn new things or revisit things I used to love. I joined the choir for the Christmas Carol Concert which I’m loving rehearsing for, so that’s a start. I do of course love my dance and ballet class… actually as I write I’m recognising I need to visit the wonderful Goodey who is a Chinese Five Elements Acupuncturist. I’ve mentioned her before as she manages to improve things for me with her skilful use of needles… yup that’s it, I’m in need I’m now going to call her.

I shall look forward to writing joyously all about my latest endeavors next time… but I won’t put pressure on myself. Having the intention is a very good start.

Sending each and every one of you my love and I’ll see you on air on QVC and QVC Style.

Claire xxx


  1. Lyn shortman November 8, 2018 at 2:20 pm -  Reply

    Hi Claire i enjoy reading your blog about what you have been doing and your lovely family you are amazing lady what a lovely photo of you with your wonderful mother enjoying her company on her birthday hope you and your mum had a lovely day together its so nice to spend time with people you love love and best wishes to you and your family Claire.Lyn and Pip the cat xxx

  2. Anne Lewis November 8, 2018 at 5:35 pm -  Reply

    Lovely blog. I thought I would lose some weight walking my dog four times a day but instead it just makes me hungry!

  3. Anita November 9, 2018 at 9:22 am -  Reply

    Hi Claire
    Lovely to se Mummy hope her hubby is well too. I see you are embarking on the warm nights – a and can be days too. Just to say my dear this can throw you all about emotionally, health, how you feel about yourself so I say as long as there is a normal healthy reason for feeling ‘all about’ it’s ok. Not nice but ok. You are among friends here. I’m looking at 60 in March it’s not always an easy journey. My Mum used to say – this too will pass, time doesn’t stand still through good and the not so good! Hope this helps.
    I’ve ordered the Dyson hair wrap thingy. My hair is similar to your but my hands are damaged by arthritis and managing my hair twirling tools and dropping them not good so I use many hair pieces – QVC of course! As I won’t have to twist the tool I’m hoping this will be my salvation here. Yes expensive, yes not telling the hubby but I’ve spent so much on Dyson through QVC to make my life easier with the easy payments and return policy allows me to try before committing to large purchases. That’s my get out clause with Him Indors!! Much love
    Anita x

  4. Joanna Downey November 11, 2018 at 8:27 am -  Reply

    Hello Claire, It’s been a long, long time since I last wrote to you but we had a lovely experience yesterday evening that made me think of you. I read your blog & looked at your tweet about having an allergic reaction, horrible things but please don’t mix an antihistamine with alcohol, I did it once & never again… I am sorry to read that you’re feeling the way you do & many of us know the contradiction you described. I’ve loved every age & stage of our girls & even though I’ve never thought the early years were better than the rest I did have Empty Nest Syndrome when Eliie went to university. She only returned for a few months before moving into her own home, albeit close to ours & shared with her lovely boy, & it meant spare rooms instead of girl’s bedrooms & a complete inability on my part to only shop for two. The world keeps turning, we had given them roots & wings & life took on a different tempo; we go out to all sorts of events, have holidays when we like, now have guest rooms – not empty bedrooms & thoroughly enjoy being a couple in the way we were before being parents. I strongly believe that happinees is an absolute that can only come along every so often & that being contented is the way I have to live my life. As you said you’ve been ill & however glorious an autumn we have it’s still the slowly darkening time of the year which can be hard – you will bounce back & you will be fine. Finally, you’ll be glad to read, the reason for thinking of writing to you. We follow a football team that play quite a distance from where we live, a home match takes up Saturday, so we go to a wonderful Italian restaurant on the way home. Last night we sat next to a party of special needs adults, for the record I don’t like that term & I don’t want the following to sound condescending. They were the perfect dining companions, lovely manners, fun company & obviously great friends; a number had hearing issues & their sign language was so fast it almost blurred! The man nearest to us was DS, imagine this ever-smiling man who was so proud of his bow tie, shaking hands with us & signing questions about whether we were married & what car did we have – that took some signing I can tell you. What a lovely group who lived for the moment & radiated joy. Take care, look at the sky & breathe. Love from Jo

  5. Claire Sutton November 14, 2018 at 11:32 am -  Reply

    Lyn ,
    You are so kind and think you for reading and commenting ! Yes we had a lovely visit with my mummy -hope you’re getting organised for the festive season ahead ? I need to get cracking!!! Much love to you and Pip xx

  6. Claire Sutton November 14, 2018 at 11:34 am -  Reply

    Yes but think of all the calories you must be burning Anne!
    These crisp sunny autumn days are the best arent they ? Love Claire x

  7. Claire Sutton November 14, 2018 at 11:43 am -  Reply

    Hi Anita/ your mums saying is just right – it keeps on changing for sure!!
    So how long does this hot stage last I’m wondering!!!!
    I’m really enjoying my air wrap, I’m getting speedy now and like the look of the hair the next days – the curls aren’t as intense but still lovely shape- I do hope it works out for you but what a godsend to have the chance to try it properly- they’re like gold dust too! Good job we got in quickly ! Maddie asked me about it and unfortunately Dan was in ear shot!!!!!!!!!

  8. martin forbes November 20, 2018 at 2:22 pm -  Reply

    Hi claire as we say in aberdeen fit like which means how are you iam not bad.

  9. Claire Sutton December 6, 2018 at 2:42 pm -  Reply

    Jo.. I’ve just looked and my response to your lovely post to me is not here …the powers of technology have failed me .
    Your reply really made me mull things over and in my latest blog I spoke of looking differently at things …thank you so much you made a difference with your words.
    I loved hearing about the gang you came across and laughed at the thought of the chap and his bow tie and you guys signing crazily to communicate…though clearly his smile and warmth was communication itself …
    Wonderful to hear from you Jo,
    Take Care ,
    Love Claire x

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